Disappointment over Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss Angry Birds Cupcake and MetroDeal

My family thought of surprising my little sister who is a huge fan of Angry Birds like the rest of us by buying a set of  Angry Birds Cupcake.  They also thought of giving another set of  Angry Birds Cupcake to my nephew for Christmas.  So, we bought two vouchers from MetroDeal.  

Claiming Frsutrations
My sisters birthday is on November 20 so we texted five days ahead but receive no reply.  We tried calling them but no one answers.  Everyday my brother would call and fail to reach them.  After a month, I decided to take matters into my hands and tweeted  MetroDeal.  They gave me Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss email.  I emailed them immediately and again receive no response.  I tweeted MetroDeal again who asked for my mobile number.  After a week, there was still no news from  Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss.  During the first week of January, I again texted  Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss.  A person replied and asked for our voucher codes.  She said she will forward it in the morning to their office.  Come the next day and the next day after it, still no news.    I then texted again and received a call.  Finally, our reservation was confirmed.   We picked it up during the weekend.

The Angry Birds Cupcakes
angry birds cupcake

angry birds cupcake

After almost two months of waiting, we received a substandard product.  The characters didn't look like Angry Birds.  

angry birds cupcakeangry birds cupcake

angry birds cupcake angry birds cupcake

angry birds cupcake angry birds cupcake
The characters looked messy and lacked consistency in terms of looks.  Even the butter icing was not consistent.  It's a good thing we got it late so we couldn't give it as a present to my nephew.  Otherwise, it would be a shameful incident.

The original flavored cupcakes tasted dominantly of margarine.  It was dry and unrefined in texture.  We didn't like it.   On the other hand, the chocolate cupcakes were moist and bitter-sweet.  It was good but nothing special.  Although the chocolate cupcakes were better than the original flavor, they were smaller in size.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss lacks the professionalism in handling customers.  I feel the same way with MetroDeal.  What they're doing is also false advertisement by posting attractive photos that are not really theirs.  I don't know how Mitchelle's Sweet Kiss still continues to sell their products.  I would not recommend them.  The savings offered by the voucher is not worth the hassle for their products.  I am very disappointed with the Angry Birds Cupcake.

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