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Tsinoy Foodies is your guide to discovering the best food experiences in Manila.   Let us help you decide where to eat in Manila

About the Tsinoy Foodies
Tsinoy literally means Filipino-Chinese.  Being born out of a cultural mix, a typical trait of a Tsinoy is their appreciation of different cuisines, flavors and taste.

Tsinoy Foodies originally began as a personal food memoir to remember our food adventures. We wanted to remember what we loved so we could order it again upon our next visit and what we could recommend to our friends and family.  Incidentally, it also made us realize on how much we've gone through our food adventure.  To date, we've published more than a thousand food stories and food reviews.  

As we gained more readers, friends and followers, we've noticed that
Tsinoy Foodies has evolved into a foodie community.  Through our blog, Facebook fan page and Instagram, we're continuously interacting with fellow foodies through a fun and supporting exchange of comments, remarks, questions and suggestions about recipes, food products and restaurants.

P.S. Notice how we used use "we" in all our articles because we want to invite everyone to join in on our food adventure.  

We now aim to be a reliable guide in finding the best food experience in Manila and soon other parts of Asia as we share our food stories, food features, restaurant reviews, recipes and more. 

Main Writer
Atty. Stacy Liong CPA  is proud to be a Tsinoy Foodie since birth.  She and her family has ventured around food restaurants ever since she has learned to chew. Because of her love for food, she has become involved deeper into food blogging, food photography, cooking and all sorts of food-related activities.

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We own 100% of what we post on our Instagram feed.        
*No reposts nor curations from other Instagrammers.  

**Stacy being a lawyer also understands and respects the concept of Copyright Infringement, Fair Dealing Principle and Instagram's Terms of Use well.
       *Instagram Food Shots Our tagline "Warning: Tempting Food!" truthfully expresses our  
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About Tsinoy Foodies Logos

Logo 2019 and beyond

Old Logos

Our Tsinoy Foodies logo is created by Kate of Picsis Photo.

Personal story behind the logo: It was inspired by the childhood photo of Stacy.  It had two characters because it was originally intended to be a couple food blog but the relationship didn't work out.  Apparently, Stacy's love for food prevailed and she continuously dines with the company of family and friends.  Thus, it eventually evolved into a foodie community blog.

Feed Our Appetite
For restaurant recommendations, suggestions and comments, invites (provided that we are free to post based on our own criteria and objectivity), queries and requests or if you want to share your experience, please contact us at crumpyliciousblog(at)gmail.com  We'd love to hear from you!

If you appreciate our reviews, you could also treat us for some snack or desserts. =)

Food Photograhy Cameras and Gears
We have no brand preference for our gears.  Our choice depends on its functionality, convenience of size/weight and more importantly, our budget. (We're not very techie as most of our budget goes to food.) Here's our gears:

        *Fujifilm XT100 (June 2018 - Present)               
                *We loved our former Fujifilm X-A1 so we decided to stick with Fujifilm.  However, the 
                  experience has been rocky and has yet to be as comfortable as its predecessor.  To date,   
                  we  are still having issues with the Fujifilm XT100 such having pixelated images upon 
                  resize for web upload. (Let me know if you can help!) 
                 *Nevertheless, we have purchased several lenses to aid our shoot: 
                    (1) Fujifilm Fujinon XC 15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ (June 2018 - Present) - This is    
                          our first lens with the Fujifilm XT100.  While we loved the size and weight, we  
                          feel that the electronic zoom isn't as sharp.
                    (2) Fujifilm Fujinon XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS  (August 2019 - Present) - This is 
                          now our default food shooting lens.
                    (3) Fujifilm Fujinon XF 35mm F/2.0 WR (January 2019 - Present) - For isolated 
                          product shots, this is our favorite lens.  
                    (4) Fujinon XF 23mm F/2.0 WR (August 2019 - Present) - Have yet to explore much 
                          with this lens.
          *Sony RX 100 V (August 2018 - Present) - This is our main video, travel and workday camera 
            because of the conevient pocketable size.  This is very reliable during day time shoots or 
            when dining in well-lit food establishments.
          *Xiaomi Blackshark 3 (June 1, 2020 - Present)  -  We use this for all Instagram postings

          *Huawei Nova 3i (October 2018 - Present) -  We use this as back up for Instagram postings

Food Photographer
All photos are taken by Stacy.  She considers food photography and writing as a left brain exercise.  Only late in life did she discover that she can delve into the artistic world. 

Food Photography Styles
We don't claim to be Food Photographers or Food Stylists (we'll gladly give such entitlement to the professionals we look up to).  Our shots are made for fun and as a form of expression exhibiting both our artistic and foodie perspectives in one.  Most of them are inspired by other food bloggers and Instagrammers.  Although we explore our artistic bounderies, our dominant food photography style is naturalist and minimalist.  We apply no styling of any sort and minimal post-editing on our food photographs. Since the purpose of our blog and photography is a memoir, we want to remember everything based on actual experience.  We try our best to depict actual food presentation and serving portions and make our  photos as informative as our text.   What you see is what you get.  If the food isn't prepared by us (for our recipe posts), then that is exactly how it was served.   Culinary is an art which includes food presentation so we really respect the chef's interpretation of it.

Food Photography Milestones 
*June 20, 2015: Tsinoy Foodies attended the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Picture Perfect event sponsored by Canon Philippines and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where we were taught the basics by the Master in Food Photography Mark Floro.  We learned the difference of a food blogger (shares the actual   experience and impressions) and a professional food photographer (takes food styled photos to sell the item).  I will definitely apply my learnings on the lighting and composition.   
It was like a dream come true when our Instagram entry was critiqued by Mark Floro.
*September 25, 2015: We met food stylist and professional Instagrammers and discovered what flatlay is.  We'll be using @TsinoyFoodies Instagram as a food photography outlet from hereon.
Tsinoy Foodies Values, Policy, Terms and Conditions
Tsinoy Foodies believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity.  Tsinoy Foodies selectively accepts invites to food tasting events, forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid link insertions or other forms of compensation provided that we are free to post based on our own criteria and objectivity.  We fully disclose all those mentioned above even though we can assure you that our own conviction and objectivity will never be compromised.  Sponsored posts are categorized as "Features" where we opt to omit our review ratings.

About our Reviews
Although Tsinoy Foodies make reviews with ratings, our primary goal is not to rate but simply to keep and share the food experience as ordinary customers.  Our main goal is to provide a reference for ourselves and close friends although an expanded audience is much appreciated.  We do not claim to be experts in making our reviews.  We do not have any formal educational attainment when it comes to food or writing (Please feel free to correct our lapses).  All our reviews contain descriptions and basis leading to our ratings.   In our advocation to share the experience, we also provide the necessary information about the establishments.

For our rating guide and to browse by rating check it here.

We are not formally part of any exclusive community or groups.

Privacy Statement
Tsinoy Foodies respects your privacy and does NOT in anyway collect your personal information or your internet behavior.

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