Cucina Andare: More than just a Food Truck Market (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my first post, Cucina Andare is not just food truck market, it also has a food bazaar with a mix of new and old food, drinks and pastry vendors.  

cucina andare
Tents were setup for the food bazaar.  I like the way it was organized because the isles were quite spacious and there was a good ventilation.  

What I've Tried
As expected, there were some familiar food stalls which we've tried already like Carlo's Kitchen, Chef Resty's Roastbeef, Big Bob's Burgers, Merry Moo Ice Cream so you can just refer to our previous reviews.  But, there were a lot of new comers too.  

b wings
B.Wings (Facebook)
As a buffalo wings fan, B.Wings is one of the food stalls that caught my attention.  There's variants are quite innovative.  They have also have a store in Loyola Heights in Quezon City where they offer more than wings.  
p noy wings
P-Noy Wings (200 php/5 pieces)
For those who prefer their chicken wings simple and crispy, you should try their P-Noy Wings.  It's their original and default variant.  The pinoy has a sweet, sour and salty flavor.  Looks can be deceiving as it has a lot of ingredients blended in.  I detect that there's a caramelized ingredient and kafir lime.    The chicken skin is thin and crispy and not battered or floured which is nice.  The chicken meat is so juicy too.
black mamba
Black Mamba Wings (200 php/5 pieces)
Since I'm more into spicy stuff, I enjoyed the Black Mamba Wings more.  The Black Mamba is a spicy and tangy wings coated in cocoa.  I just love how the cocoa is able to tone down the spiciness a bit and make it quite addictive.  

Taclings (Facebook | Website)

Taclings offers two kinds of bite-size tacos: Taco Beef and the Tuna Mushroom.  I tried the Tuna Mushroom with the taco shell made with malunggay.  It was pretty good since its easy to eat and complete with salsa and garlic sauce in very piece.  You can really taste the malunggay in the tacos as the end taste that lingers on your mouth a bit.
Petra & Pillar
petra and pillar
Petra & Pillar (Facebook Fan Page)
I got to sample the sausage offerings of Petra & Pillar.  The flavors of the Salsiccia Di Roma, Chicken Curry and Schublig & Cheese were interesting.  The sausage meat were tender, succulent and not too compact. 
crack pie
Crack Pie (75 php)

I liked their Crack Pie.  The sweetness and the saltiness is in perfect harmony.  The texture is pleasurable and the thickness of the crust is just right.

petra and pillar menu
Petra & Pillar Menu
Top Dog (Facebook | Twitter)
Winterfell (140 php)
top dog gourmet sausages
Italian Job (140 php)
Top Dog Gourmet Sausages makes their own sausage.  I got to try their Country Sausage and loved it!  Its filled with the right spices to tickle your taste buds in every bite.  The consistency is superb too.  I find their food quality at par with those sold by established gourmet shops. 
top dog gourmet sausages menu
Top Dog Gourmet Hotdogs Menu

Paj Grill
paj grill
Paj Grill (Facebook)
The Chicken BBQ at Paj Grill is tender and juicy.  I find their barbecue sauce a bit more on the honey-sweet side.

Bundaberg (69 php/bottle)
Bundaberg (69 php/bottle)
Bundaberg is a carbonated drink from Australia.  You can now purchase them in groceries stores.  I tried the Peachee flavor which is so good!  It was lightly sweet,  fruity and fragrant.  My friends tried the Apple Ale and were raving about it too.  There's famous and best-selling variant is the Ginger Beer so I'm gonna try that next time. 

Update: (Tried on my second visit on December 23, 2012)

Chicken + Waffle Haus (Facebook)
C + W Sandwich (Half 80 php / Whole 150 php)
 The C + W Sandwich is a waffle sandwich topped with syrup and margarine then coleslaw and the chicken fillet.  According to the Korean owners, the concept was inspired from America.  This sanswich offers a fulfilling new experience mainly because the sweet syrup and the light spiciness of the chicken fillet complement each other. 

Famiglia e Amici

Famiglia e Amici (Facebook)
Chicken Alfredo (125 php)
Famiglia e Amici offers bang for a buck meals.  For just 125 php, they meal includes a chunky and lean grilled chicken fillet with gravy and your choice of pasta.  I chose the Chicken Alfredo which had a right blend of cream sauce and the pasta was cooked al dente. 

What I'll Try Next Time

Balamban Liempo Cebu
balambam liempo cebu
Balamban Liempo Cebu (Facebook)

Cakes By K
cakes by k
Cakes by K 
Cheryl's Cuisine
cheryls cuisine
Cheryl's Cuisine
As a Tsinoy, I liked the food concept of Cheryl's Cuisine.  They are offering the special Chinese dishes (my favorites!) that are usually offered at luxurious restaurants for an affordable price.
jelly fish century egg
Jelly Fish and Century Egg
pecking duck
Pecking Duck
Hong Kong Chicken Liver Chorizo and Chorizo Macau
oyster omelet
Oyster Omelet
fried pigeon
Fried Pigeon
Chicken + Waffle Haus (Facebook)
k pop
K Pop (80 php)

chicken waffle haus menu

Schimdt's Gourmet Hotdog
schmidts gourmet hotdog
Schimdt's Gourmet Hotdog (Facebook)
Schmidt's claims to be the best hotdog in the world.  Agree or disagree?  I have to try it out soon! 
schmidts gourmet hotdog
Schmidt's Promo of the Day
schmidts gourmet hotdog
Schmidt's Menu
Casa Goñi (Facebook)
casa goni wagyu paella
Wagyu Paella
My family loves paella.  I was thinking of buying some for take out but the idea of the crowded public transportation took me aback.  So all I could do is wish I could have a chance to try Casa Goñi's paellas next time.  I'd go for the Wagyu Paella and their Paella Negra.

three chorizo paella
Three Chorizo Paella
paella negra
Paella Negra
Overall, Cucina Andare has an extensive offering that will keep you coming back for more.

Cucina Andare
Business Address Glorietta Park (In front of Glorietta 3, Landmark, Makati Shangri-La Hotl & Ayala Ave), Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 4pm-3am
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 80-300
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact for interested vendors (0917)  840-1152
Other  Facebook Fan Page | Twitter 
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