Bakers Fresh: Freshness that will Kick Start your Appetite

What usually awakens your appetite?  Is it the looks?  Is it the price ? In most cases it's probably the aroma that lures us to try something that we're not yet familiar with.

Upon entering Shangri-la near the Shaw MRT Station entrance, Bakers Fresh will definitely be one of the stores you'll notice.    You're sure to be enticed with its mouth-watering aroma that you'll feel like Hansel and Gretel going towards a house full of sweet goodies.

bakers fresh shangrila
Bakers Fresh Shangri-La
Bakers Fresh offers a wide variety of breads from your typical loaf of bread to the all time filipino favorite Ensaymada.  But,  they have a few breads varieties that stood out from the rest like their best selling dome shaped bread and Melon Bread which I have been looking for since I've seen it in an anime series.

The Melon Bread or the Melon Pan as most anime series calls it, has always been lingering on mind ever since I've watched Shakugan No Shana and Lucky Star.
Shana eating a Melon Bread
Bakers Fresh Melon Pan
Bakers Fresh was able to create the Melon Pan as a wonderfully light bread with a thinly crisp outer layer which was what it's suppose to be.  It also had a light custard cream filling which makes it more delightful.

Melon Pan, Coffee Dome, Chocolate Chip Dome, Blueberry Croissant  
and Garlic Parmesan 
Other than the Melon Pan, you can also check these breads which I bought for my sister.  They were much appreciated.

Overall, Bakers Fresh is a great store which offers quality goods at a very affordable price though it might need to step up a little bit more to be considered one of the top brands in the bread industry.

They also give out a 20% discount if you buy them 30 mins before their closing time.
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Bakers Fresh
Business Address 5/F, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall, 
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am - 9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
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