Robinson's Magnolia Public Eatery: Sharing Some of Our Food Finds

Though we've been finding ourselves in the constant race against the clock, it is still important to take a break from chaos once in awhile.  Thus, on a typical Thursday, I took the chance to candidly invite my sisters for a quick lunch at the Public Eatery - where the neighborhood meets to gather over good food.

hanging truffle chicken shish kebab
Hanging Truffled Chicken Shish Kebab (550 php)

Public Eatery stands as a bustling and vibrant food hub, reminiscent of a bustling subway station's concourse. Here, people converge to engage in lively chatter and indulge in the masterfully crafted creations conceptualized by celebrated chefs. Just like each subway train leads to a different adventure, each and every one of the 16 food and beverage station offers its own unique culinary experience.



We had a fun experience navigating through the different Public Eatery stations : 1) Seafood and Oyster Bar (SOB), 2) FRNK, 3) Samyan Thai Street Food, 4)Konbini Karaage, 5) New York Cubao, 6) Bad Bird, 7) Ono Poke, 8) Anyhow,  9) Tsukemen, 10) Bookoh, 11) Morse Coffee,  12) Ok, Bob 13) Thomson Road, 14) Le Chon, 15) The Bev Bar and 16) Merry Moo.


We're happy to share some of what we've tried! (Check our IG for more!)

 1) Seafood and Oyster Bar (SOB)

Seafood and Oyster Bar

Seafood and Oyster Bar (SOB) which started out as a cart concept in Public Eatery is now a full-scale bar.  It serves Aklan Oysters in various innovative forms.  We got to try the Oyster Kinilaw with Pani Puri (400 php) and it really left a lasting impression upon us.   The delicately crisp pani puri truly elevated the kinilaw oyster experience. It added texture to the sweet and succulent fresh oysters, bathed in sinamak and adorned with cucumber and peppers.



FRNK Milk Bar

FRNK milk bar has always been one of our top comfort drink considerations.  It definitely deserves the hype and followings for living up to its literal name - frank and honest.  It offers guilt-free drinks and baked goods that's made of authentic plant-based ingredients such as teas sources from Morihan - Japan's largest Uji Maccha exporter and raw fruit honey.  The drinks are also customizable for your dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly preference.  

This FRNK branch is special because its the first one to offer coffee-based drinks.  We highly recommend the Kyoto (Dirty Maccha) Latte (230 php).

3) Samyan Thai Street Food

Samyan crab pad thai
Crab Pad Thai (720 php)

Samyan Thai Street Food is owned by Chef ThiTid Tassanakajohn, the culinary master behind Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023 champion and Michellin-Starred Le Du Bangkok.  Certainly the Crab Pad Thai topped with generous crab meat is a must-try!


4) Konbini Karaage

konbini karaage

Konbini Karaage offers Karaage (189 php) and Kokokke in take out boxes.  You can spice them up with your mix of powder (such as yuzu salt, cheese powder, shichimi togarashi) and sauces (which include curry, hickory bbq dip and cheese).


5) New York Cubao

new york cubao

With New York Cubao, celebrity chef, restaurateur, best-selling cookbook author Chef Myke “Tatung” Sarthou takes you on a new experience - American breakfast meals infused with down-home Filipino influence.  

kwek kwek fried chicken
KFC or Kwek-Kwek Fried Chicken  (335 php)

Take a look at this KFC in crisp orangey batter served with Tokneneng garlic rice, pickled vegetables and two (2) kinds of sauces.


6) Bad Bird

bad bird chicken tenders
Chicken Tenders (390 php)

Bad Bird menu has expanded since we last time we tried it.

bad bird fish and chips
Bad Bird's Fish & Chips (450 php)

As an alternative to chicken, you can try the Bad Bird's Fish & Chips which is a huge slab of battered cobbler fish served with fries and tartar sauce.


7) Ono Poke

ono poke public eatery

We're so thrilled that Ono Poke opened another branch.  

spicy tuna crunch bowl
Spicy Tuna Crunch Bowl (420 php)

Our long-time poke craving was satisfied by this Spicy Tuna Crunch Bowl


8) Anyhow

anyhow public eatery
Boneless Chicken (350 php)

Anyhow let's you enjoy your choice of meat, grilled in the way you like it with your choice of staple and sides.

9) 10 by Tsukemen

tsukemen roku kushiyaki
Roku Kushiyaki Platter (945 php)

10 by Tsukemen's Roku Kushiyaki Platter with six (6) assorted sticks of our best-selling Kushiyaki: 1) Baby Tako & Bonito, 2) Beef & Truffle, 3) Salmon & Mentaiko, 4) Yakitori & Miso, 5) Kakuni & Leeks and 6) Sausage & Cheese is a must order for your get together.  

10) Bookoh

boo koh robinsons magnolia

Bookoh introduces a new and fresher take on buko shakes.


boo koh ube coconut milk
Ube Cococnut Milk (205 php)

Tried the Ube Cococnut Milk with creamy coconut milk, pearls and nata de coco.

11) Morse Coffee

morse dirty chai late
Dirty Chai Latte (220 php)

No matter how stuffed we were, we still had to grab a cup of the instgrammable Dirty Chai Latte which is a combination of signature Morse blend and organic blue chai.   Morse Coffee is owned by Mike Holaschke of Making It Happen Vlog.


12) Ok Bob

Ok Bob is a Middle Eastern concept by Chefs Decker Gokioco and Jorge Mendez.  We had the  Hanging Truffled Chicken Shish Kebab (550 php) which had a presentation and flavor that won us over.


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