Cucina Andare: The First Food Truck Market in the Philippines! (Part 1)

If you've been following our blog, you would probably know that we've been to a lot of food markets around the metro.  But, there's none like Cucina Andare, the very first food truck market in the Philippines.  

Cucina Andare is not just purely food trucks because it also has a food bazaar in between the food trucks.  I've divided my post in two parts.  For this post, I'll focus on the food trucks.  

Food Trucks

Shawarma Bros
shawarma bros
Shawarma Bros  (Facebook Fan Page | Twitter)
Shawarma Bros promises to bring you a different shawarma exprience through their shawarma plate meals.  I find their orange and yellow truck to be eye catching especially with their easily visible menu matched with product pictures and big and bold wordings.  Their LCD screen featuring their meals is also a creative way to familiarize curious passersby about their offerings. 

beef shawarma plate
Beef Shawarma Plate (150 php)
The Beef Shawarma Plate is a generous serving of beef shawarma strips with garlic yogurt, hot sauce and a cup of biryani rice.  (The Biryani rice was temporary unavailable since it was only their first day).   I totally get why this is their best seller.  The beef shawarma is so tender and succulent that chewing on them is such a pleasure.  I highly recommend this!

Guactruck (Facebook Fan Page | Website | Twitter
Guactruck offers Filipino-mexican options that will surely win over your taste buds.  I loved their see-through glass concept that allows you to watch their neat food preparation environment.

mini tacos
Mini Soft Taco (80 php) and Mini Taco (80 php)
I had the Mini Soft Taco while my friend Jonel Uy of Nomnomclub has Mini Taco.  He was delighted to find two mini crispy-shelled tacos with ground meat, tomatoes and corn.  

mini tacos
Mini Soft Taco (80 php)
Guactruck's Mini Soft Taco had soft yet chunky bits of tasty and saucy meat with chopped greens and salsa.  It was a great mix of textures and flavors.  I enjoyed it to the last bite.  

guactruck menu
Guactruck Menu
Its cool that they've included Vegetarian Tacos in their menu.  I look forward to trying more of their offerings in the future.

Mio Gelati
mio gelati
Mio Gelati (Facebook)
I've tried Mio Gelati's Mochilato in Madison Square before and loved it!  But, I've yet to try their gelatos so seeing there truck filled me with excitement.  

mint truffle gelato
Mint Truffle (100 php)
I ordered the Mint Truffle while my friend tried their best-selling Pistachio gelato.  Upon first bite, we both agreed that the Mint Truffle is delicious!  The truffle was bitter-sweet with the coolness of minty subtleties.  On the other hand, the Pistachio was too light and delivered nothing special.

Q Kebab
q kebab
Q Kebab (Facebook
chicken shawarma
Chicken Shawarma 10 Inch (150 php)
Q Kebab's Chicken Shawarma is 10 inch long so I'd consider it a hefty meal in itself.  To be honest, I couldn't finish it myself so I shared it with Jonel and Alex of
chicken shawarma
Chicken Shawarma 10 Inch (150 php)
The Chicken Shawarma is served with garlic yogurt and hot sauce.  It's a bountiful shawarma with chicken, greens, onions and tomato bits.  This is the perfect bang for the buck meal especially for those who are looking for something to eat on the go.

q kebab menu
Q Kebab Menu
If you're looking for rice meals, they also have rice bowls.

Hungry Rover
hungry rover food truck
Hungry Rover (Facebook | Twitter | Instgram
The Hungry Rover is one of the newest food trucks in town.  The Hungry Rover offers a wide range of food options but their US Beef Tapa is their best selling product.  Aside from participating at the food truck market, they also cater to private events so contact them at (0917) 508-3346 if you're interested.  

hungry rover food truck
What sets the Hungry Rover apart from other food trucks is that you could actually dine inside their truck which is pretty cool and cozy!  But, take note that it can only accommodate eight dinners at a time.  
The window side is good if you want to take a souvenir photo from the outside.  But, the more comfty seats are the ones in the middle.  

us beef kofta sliders
US Beef Kofta Sliders (110 php)
A serving of the US Beef Kofta Sliders contains two sliders and crunchy potato chips.  Since Koftas are of Middle Eastern influence, these patties are more tasty that usual.  These sliders also contains greens, tomatoes and oozing cheese sauce. 

hungry rover menu
Hungry Rover Menu
Dining at the Hungry Rover is a cool experience you shouldn't miss out on.  Since I love beef tapas, I'll try their US Beef Tapa on my next visit.

Brothers Burger
brothers burger
Brothers Burgers (Facebook)
Apart from their numerous branches, Brothers Burgers also has a food truck.  Brothers Burgers is one of my favorite burger chains.  I'd normally recommend their Angus Beef Burger and Brothers Lamb Burger but their half pound Big Brothers Burger is also good especially when at 50% OFF. =D

brothers burger
Brothers Burger (110 php at 50% OFF) 
What I love about Brothers Burger is their soft and moist oatmeal buns and their wholesome and tender flame-grilled patties.  


Just when I was going to call it a night because of my exploding tummy, we spotted the super cute red Mexikombi retro mini van.  It's super cool with a pop open top.  I sure hope I can try it out next time.  By the way, can spot the difference between the van front and the miniature van print by the door aside from the mexican hat? =p 

I also missed out on trying another truck called Chef Broosy (Facebook) that offers Filipino and Japanese fusion dishes.  Any suggestions on which of their dish I should try out on my come back?

Cucina Andare
Business Address Glorietta Park (In front of Glorietta 3, Landmark, Makati Shangri-La Hotl & Ayala Ave), Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 4pm-3am
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 80-300
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact for interested vendors (0917)  840-1152
Other  Facebook Fan Page | Twitter 
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