Golden China: Seascape Village's Luxurious Chinese Restaurant (Pasay City)

While many would go to Seascape Village to buy fresh seafood and have them cooked ("paluto system"), we go there the lauriat set meals that the Chinese restaurants there offer.  Golden China is one of the most luxurious Chinese Restaurants we have tried to date. 

golden china vip room
Because Golden China is pricey, the family only dines here during special occasions.   For casual dining, we prefer Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant

golden china seascape
Although both restaurants occupy a significant portion of both ground and upper floor of Seascape Village, Golden China has a more upscale ambiance similar to a five-star hotel.  The second floor is entirely reserved for private rooms with its own marbled rest rooms.  The dinning style is like Glorias Mari's Sharkfin Restaurant in Greenhills but since this is newer, the design is more modern.

wine decanterred wine
You have dedicated staffs allocated for your table.  It also offers fine wines that is well-aerated through a decanter.

When we first dined at Golden China, we found it to be too pricey and the food was not impressive. 

Complimentary Peanuts
But, from our second and subsequent visits, the price has been adjusted and the menu was improvised to sooth the typical Tsinoy (Filipino-Chinese) taste or at least our taste.

sharksfin with shredded chicken soup
Sharksfin with Shredded Chicken Soup
During our first visit, we just trusted the server to serve us the best set meal offered.  We were served a clear soup with what we thought was ground chicken but turned out to be a baby shark.  So on our second visit, we went for a more eco-friendly option and chose the one with Sharksfin with Shredded Chicken Soup.

The highlight of our dining experience is the North Pole Shell Sashimi.  It was a large rectangular plateful of assorted shells.  Some of those were unfamiliar to us.  All the edible mollucs served were so clean that there's not a sight of sand from it. 

roasted goose hongkong style
Roasted Goose Hongkong Style
The Roasted Goose Hongkong Style was perfectly cooked.  The hot plate was an excellent idea.

steamed live lapu lapu
Steamed Live Lapu-Lapu
We appreciate the Steamed Live Lapu-Lapu which tasted so sweet and fresh and also de-boned for our convenience.

stewed abalone with red beans
Stewed Abalone with Red Beans
The Stewed Abalone with Red Beans requires an excellent technique to accomplish.  We are very impressed!

baked shrimp with plums
Baked Shrimp with Plums
We are glad to discover the Baked Shrimp with Plums.  We will probably order this again.
sauteed asparagus with black fungus and chinese yam
Sauteed Asparagus with Black Fungus and Chinese Yam
Our bad recollections of Chinese Yam exuding earthy flavors were extinguished by the delight brought about the Sauteed Asparagus with Black Fungus and Chinese Yam.  We didn't expect that this simple dish could be so addictive.

baked crab with salted egg yolk
Baked Crab with Salted Egg Yolk
The Baked Crab with Salted Egg Yolk was wiped clean.  No further descriptions need!

birthday noodles
Birthday Noodles
This is the best Birthday Noodles we've tried yet.  The noodles were light and there was no evident oiliness upon eating it.

snow fungus
Snow Fungus Soup
This the first time that a Chinese Restaurant here in Manila served us Snow Fungus Soup for dessert.  It has a resemblance with the bird's nest soup but it was blander with a more solid form.  Taste-wise, it wasn't outstanding but when we were told that this has tons of health benefits then we did not hesitate to finish it.

egg tart
Golden China Egg Tart and Puff Pastry
The Golden China Egg Tart was really good!  We'd even prefer these over Lord Stow's.  The texture was superb.  There was no oiliness that would stick to your hands and it was so light and crisp that the crust crumbles gently in every bite.  The puffs were also delicious!

mixed fruit platter
Mixed Fruit Platter
The previous Mixed Fruit Platter we've had were more extravagant but since this was only complimentary so no complaints here. 
golden china restroom
See every inch of the place is so grand!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The price range at Golden China is the same as a fine dining hotel restaurant.  You can also expect the top-notch food quality, ambiance and service that justifies the cost.  Thus, it is one of our top considerations for intimate family occasions.  

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Golden China Menu
Ambiance NA
=Favorites or Recommended 
Golden China
Business Address Seascape Village, Pasay, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-2:30pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge no service charge
Budget/Person 1,000-2,500
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 8-856-1999

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