The Bistro Group Premiere Card

Since I'm a fan of The Bistro Group Fan Page, I've been hinted that they've got a new kind of card.  It made me curious because they already have "The Bistro Circle Card".  So, what's this "The Bistro Group Premiere Card" about exactly?  

Just when my mind was boggling like a curious cat, I received one!  And, as I opened it, I felt like singing "Tis the season to b jolly! Fa la la la la, la la la la"  because I got my very own "The Bistro Group Premiere Card" as a Christmas present.  So cool!

the bistro group premiere card
 "The Bistro Group Premiere Card" is a limited edition card issued by The Bistro Group.  It's limited because they will only issu 5,000 pieces of these so get one while supplies last!  But, before you do let me help you decide.   "The Bistro Group Premiere Card" expires 1 year from issuance. It is not a replacement for regular "The Bistro Circle Card".  The two cards can co-exist so that's good news for "The Bistro Circle Card" holders.  And for those who aren't holders like me, I think this is more worth it!  And besides, they have stopped issuing "The Bistro Circle Card" at the moment.

Comparison Between The Bistro Circle Card & The Bistro Group Premiere Card
tbc v premiere card

the bistro group premiere card

Upon availing "The Bistro Group Premiere Card" for 2,500 php, you will be issued your card plus a booklet of vouchers.  You can only use 1 voucher at a time.  But, some of the perks of the card entitles you to discounts without the need for vouchers.  f you exceed the limit of the 3,000 spend for the 40% off, you can use the regular "The Bistro Circle Card" for the remaining value and that is why I previously said that they can exist together.

Update: My friend posted this out to me on their Bistro Group's FAQ sheet.

Can I use my complimentary APPETIZER VOUCHERS and use my 20% Discount?
  •  Yes. You may use ONE appetizer voucher, per table, per visit. Present your Appetizer Voucher with your Premiere when you redeem. (refer to TERMS & CONDITIONS behind voucher).
  • The other items you order will be given the 20% discount.
So I tried using my The Bistro Group Premiere Card with the appetizer voucher and I was indeed given my FREE appetizer, coffee and a 20% discount.  =D

Perks Without Need for Vouchers
  • 20% OFF on your total bill
  • 30% OFF every Monday
  • Complimentary Coffee or Tea for Every Visit
  • 25% OFF on your total bill on your birth month
  • 2 pcs.  40% OFF Dining vouchers up to 3,000 off spend
  • 6 pcs.  Appetizer Vouchers up to 400 value each
Notable Terms:

  • Lost cards will not be replaced.
  • The Bistro Circle Card cannot be upgraded to The Bistro Group Premiere Card.
 "The Bistro Group Premiere Card" is valid for all The Bistro Group restaurants.  Since they have more than 10 restaurant concepts and more than 50 branches, I think you'll find the card quite useful.

Here are The Bistro Group restaurants I've blogged so far (since I've tried others before I started blogging):
I'm sure I'll be bound to try more of their concept in the future.  I hear the Modern Shanghai is opening soon at SM Mall of Asia.  

the bistro group premiere card
So if you're convince then, what are you waiting for?  Avail one now at any Bistro Group Restaurants while you can because its the right gift this Christmas whether its for yourself or your loved one.

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