Holy Cow! Sizzlers: 7 Reasons to Go For the Meat All You Can for 399 php

With all prices hiking up, people are continuously in search for the best meal offers.  Well, we Tsinoy Foodies, recently discovered Holy Cow! Sizzler's Meat All You Can for 399 php.  

holy cow sizzlers

And, we're going to give you our Top 7 Reasons to Go For the Meat All You Can for 399 php.

1. No Lines

Holy Cow Sizzlers has  two spacious branches that offers the meat all you can for 399 php.  Both of them are so spacious, they can even cater to parties and functions.

holy cow sizzlers trinoma
We prefer the one in Ayala Trinoma Mall because we find its mall location to be quite convenient. 

holy cow sizzlers events
2. Ready to Eat 
Although there is a time limit of 2 hours, all the dishes that you order are served fast (within 5 to 10 minutes), cooked, ready to eat in a hot sizzling plate.  Yes, in essence this adopts a sit down and  "order all you can" concept which is rarely offered.

Chinito (chicken na prinito?)
How great is that?  You save time from 1) lining up and 2) cooking that you can spend all that time for eating.  In fact, we were able to eat here during our work lunch break.

chicken fillet
Chicken Fillet
3. Smokeless
Although the dishes here are served hot on a sizzling plate, it does not involve cooking the food on the table so its smokeless.  Thus, you won;t have smoke sticking into your clothing.  You can eat here on a lunch break and not worry about taking the smell of smokiness back to your office.  You can take clients here for meeting too.


4. 5 Premium Meats
Aside from the full service experience, they also offer an expansive selection with many types of premium meat (with sauces!) and side dishes.

pork belly
Pork Belly

There are 5 types of premium meat dishes:
1.) Beef

2.) Pork Belly
3.) Chicken Fillet
4.) Chicken Chinitos 
5.) Fish Fingers
fish fillet
Fish Fillet
You see, others are limited to just pork and beef so you couldn't really eat that much.  But, here they offer four kinds of meats so you can bring along even your non-meat loving friends because they can still be satisfied with the chicken, fish and side dishes.

Fish Fillet
5. 5 Flavorful Sauces
Don't we love to eat our rice dishes with sauces?  Holy Cow knows this so well that it offers 5
signature sauces:
1.) White Sauce (for the Fish Fillet)
2.) Soy Garlic (for the the Pork Belly)
3.) Spicy Barbecue (for the Beef, Pork Belly or Chicken Fillet)
4.) Peppercorn Gravy (for the Beef, Pork Belly or Chicken Fillet)
5.) Trio Mushroom Gravy (for the Beef, Pork Belly or Chicken Fillet)

Garlic Rice
6. 10 Side Dishes
1.) Garlic Rice
You can simultaneously order any premium meats and side dishes that you want.  I'm sure those who cannot eat a meal without rice will order the Garlic Rice first.

Mashed Potato (the signature sauce works for the side dishes too)
2.) Mashed Potato
Who could resist Mashed Potatoes

Macaroni Salad
3.) Macaroni Salad

French Fries
4.) French Fries
The French Fries were thick cut and mushy just the way we wanted it.

5.) Mojos
If you want potato in crisp and crunchy form then the Mojos is for you.

Sweet Potato
6.) Sweet Potato
The Sweet Potato is an addictive choice for those with sweet tooth.

Cheese Croquettes
7.) Cheese Croquettes
If we were to order just one side dish, hands down it would be the Cheese Croquettes.  This is our first time to have this item for eat all you can.  In fact, croquettes are usually offered in a Spanish restaurant for an expensive price.  Take Terry Bistro's cheese croquetas for example, an order of 6 pcs. is already 480 php (as of the time we wrote this).
Corn & Carrots
8.) Corn & Carrots

9.) Coleslaw

Buttered Vegetables
10.) Buttered Vegetables

7. 399 PHP All Inclusive Price
You get everything presented in the Meat All You Can Menu for an all inclusive price of 399 php.  The published rate is clear and simple unlike others who will present the lowest price only to find out that you have to add more for more options.

Unlimited Iced Tea (70 php)
Bonus Tip: The Unlimited Iced Tea here is also affordable as it is offered for only 70 php.

With those 7 reasons to try Holy Cow! Sizzlers' Meat All You Can for 399 php, we, Tsinoy Foodies, guarantee that you will feel that you get your moneys worth for it!

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