Mr. Korea BBQ: Unlimited BBQ and More (Market Market Taguig)

Bonifacio Global City is one of the most progressive places in the Metro.  Malls continue to be bigger and better.   Market! Market! has recently opened its new C5 Wing where Mr. Korea BBQ established its pioneer branch.

mr korea unlimited bbq
Mr. Korea BBQ is a sister company of Jin Joo Korean Grill.  While we enjoyed the Chesse Deung Galbi (치즈등갈비) of Jin Joo we have yet to try the unlimited k-bbq with 10 flavors there.  So, imagine how thrilled we were to discover that Mr. Korea BBQ offers 14 flavors!

mr korea market market
The interiors of Mr. Korea BBQ is modern, hip, colorful and creative.  It has the industrial feel with grilled pipes, steel wallings and neon lights.  It gives a comfortable feel that let's you dine as long as you want.

self service juice bar
Mr. Korea BBQ is the first unlimited korean barbecue concept we have encountered to offer an unlmited self-service juice bar.  

mr korea flatlay
Each table is provided a set of side dishes or banchan (반찬), three dipping sauces or ssamjang (쌈장), cheese sauce dip  and lettuce wrap or ssam (쌈). Yes, like its sister company Jin Joo, it also has the awesomecheese sauce and its refillable to your heart's content. 

Banchan (반찬)
korean banchan
banchan (반찬)
Since we dined for the first time, we assumed the banchan may vary as it is the usual practice in korean restaurants.  Nevertheless, we give a full thumbs up for the banchan we tried (in clockwise order):
  1. Cabbage Kimchi (양배추 김치)
  2. Gamjachae Bokkeum (감자채 볶음)
  3. Yangpa Jangajji (Soy Pickled onions) (양파 장아찌)
  4. Sigeumchi Namul (Seasoned Spinach) (시금치 나물 반찬)
  5. Gamja Salad (Mashed Potato Salad): (감자샐러드) 

beef bulgogi
On the grill were additional complimentary dishes: Beef Bulgogi and Tteokbokki (Sticky Rice Cake) (떡볶이).  The Beef Bulgogi is exactly the same as one of the flavors so we recommend that you just have this replenished from time to time.  Small serving is better.  Its best to remove the Tteokbokki from the grill so as not too overcook it.  

Three Dipping Sauces or ssamjang (쌈장)
koream dipping sauces

1. DoenJang (Korean Soybean Paste) (된장) and Gochujang (Korean Chili Paste) (고추장)
  •  This is the main sauce for grilled unmarinated meats such as the Samgyupsal (삼겹살구이) and Woogyupsal.
2. Gireumjang (Sesame oil, Salt and Pepper sauce) 기름장
  •  This sauce goes well with the marinated grilled meats.
3. Wasabi and Soy Sauce (간장 와사비 소스)
  • This sauce brings out the flavor of  grilled meatseaten on its own (without being wrapped by lettuce)
Under Mr. Korea's Rules, you can only order 2 kinds of meat for 4 full paying adults and 3 kinds of mats for 6-full paying adults at a time.  We suggest that you order a variety of comabinations (i.e. rolls, unmarinated and marinated pork and beef).

pork teriyaki enoki roll
Pork Teriyaki Enoki Roll
The Pork Teriyaki Enoki Roll is one of our favorites!  Try dipping this with Mr. Korea's cheese sauce.  The flavor is akin to a cheesy bacon dish.

dry rub woosamgyup
Dry Rub Woosamgyup
The Dry Rub Woosamgyup is so flavorful that you can enjoy this better with lettuce wrap or ssam (쌈) or rice.  
korean chili pepper woosamgyup
Korean Chili Pepper Woosamgyup

The Korean Chili Pepper Woosamgyup is suitable for those enjoy powdery and pepperish dishes.

Korean Hotpot Set
korean noodles
Unli Hot Pot Set (Add 50 php)
We don't recommend the Unli Hot Pot Set since the broth even with all the ingredients lack flavor.  If you opt to avail of this option, you can try to add some cheese sauce into it for a more wholesome umami flavor.  

mr korea unlimited bbq
Unlimited BBQ plus Unli Hot Pot Set (Add 50 php)

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Mr. Korea BBQ offers an enjoyable unlimited Korean BBQ experience for a reasonable price.  With 14 flavors of meat and unlimited cheese dip, we guarantee that you will have a very fulfilling Korean BBQ meal.

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Mr. Korea
Business Address Ground Floor, C5 Wing, Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Business Hours 10am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 400-600
Free WiFi No
Contact (0927) 688-9555

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