BOA Kitchen + Socials: Best Food and Drink Hangout (Scout Rallos Quezon City)

I have never been mystified by a food establishment until I encountered BOA Kitchen + Socials.  Like an abstract art, there are so many aspects of it that requires to be deciphered. 

boa kitchen and socials
The name BOA was conceptualized from the boa in the book by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry called "The Little Prince".  Ironically, my mom who is not a book reader at all, loves that book so it was one of first books that I have read. 

boa kitchen and socials
Although there are many philosophical interpretations to the boa in book "The Little Prince", what BOA Kitchen + Socials wants to depict is written on the wall (in what seems to be reptillean scales) "always change". 

For breakfast and lunch, it serves Australian-inlfuenced dishs.  Then, at night, it transforms (symbolized by the revealing a hidden wall with an enchanting lady and a boa) into a social place with drinks and Asian-inspired dishes.  

Small Plates 
tinapa cream cheese toast
Tinapa Cream Cheese Toast (175 php)
You'll find that every dish presented by BOA is a masterpiece.  I never encountered an open-faced multi-grain toast as sophisticated as the Tinapa Cream Cheese Toast.  Ah... how I love the comforting savory flavor of the tinapa-cream cheese...

Sandwiches & Waffles
chori burger
Chori Burger (295 php)
BOA's interpretation of the Chori Burger offers a full meal in itself.  See there's the peppery chori patty, black brioche bun, coleslaw, fried egg and crispy potato chips on the side.  I would definitely prefer this over a longsilog.

steak and eggs
Steak and Eggs w/ Fries (495 php)
BOA's Steak and Eggs w/ Fries is a highly recommended steak meal.   For such an affordable price, you get tender rib-eye steak with creamy mushroom gravy, double fried runny eggs and potato chips.

english breakfast
English Breakfast (325 php)
Even in hotels, I always opt for an English Breakfast amongst other offerings.  I can always expect it to be heavy and fulfilling.  BOA's version is no different.  It comes with 2 pcs. of toast, 2 pcs. of breakfast sausage links, roasted herbed tomato, potato hash, 2 pcs. bacon and 2 pcs.of fried egg. 

alfredo pesto pasta
Alfredo Pesto Pasta (285 php)
Calling all pesto lovers!  If you're searching for one of the best pesto dishes in the Metro, I present to you BOA's Alfredo Pesto Pasta.   I really like the harmony of the pesto and alfredo sauce.   The ricotta cheese, fresh cherry tomatoes and sun-dried tomato are also my favorites.

pasta vongole
Pasta Vongole (285 php)
The Pasta Vongole is another well-executed dish.  All quality ingredients (al-dente spaghetti,  baby clams, garlic and lemon) are balanced in a way they are evident in every mouthful.

banana pie
Banana Pie (175 php)
This is my first time to encounter a Banana Pie like this one.   At first sight, I even mistook the caramelized banana for apple bits.  At first bite, I was able to distinguish the wonderful texture the banana bits had to offer.  The crumbs and vanilla ice cream tones down the sweetness of the caramel to a soothing level.

Small Plates
sisig croquette
Sisig Croquettes (225 php)
The dinner menu is just as facinating as the lunch menu.  The Sisig Croquettes was a creative idea.  I especially commend the innovation for the toyo-mansi aoili.

wonton nachos
Wonton Nachos (245 php)
Looking for the perfect finger food to share?  Then order the Wonton Nachos with fried wanton, pulled teriyaki chicken, sriracha mayo, cilantro aioli, shredded cabbage, onions and cilantro.

salmon tartar
Salmon Tatar (345 php)
 I like how Asian flavors from the oriental dressing, wasabi mayo, furikake and ebiko were infused in the Salmon Tatar.  It offered a more explosive flavor than the usual Salmon Tartar dish.

Pulpo (Grilled Octopus) (345 php)
Hands down my most favorite dish in BOA is the Pulpo.  This Spanish tapa dish had a very tender and deliciously smokey octopus.  Together with the potato puree, chorizo crumbs, paprika-thyme oil, it was overall a savory and comforting dish.  

char kway teow
Char Kwaey Teow (365 php)
There are only a few places that serves quality Char Kwaey Teow like this one.   Enjoy this hot for best experience!

pad thai
Pad Thai Chicken (375 php)
For noodles, I personally prefer light and refreshing Pad Thai Chicken.  It has the usual pad thai fare: stir fried glass noodles, tamarind sauce, egg, tofu, bean sprouts and chicken strips.
beef rendang
Beef Rendang w/ Cococnut Lime Rice (425 php)
This has got to be one of the best Beef Rendang w/ Cococnut Lime Rice I've had in awhile. 

thai fried chicken
Thai Fried Chicken
Funny how I have tried several Thai restaurants and yet this is my first time to try a Thai Fried Chicken.  Because I enjoy tumeric and curry flavors, I trully enjoyed this together with the sweet chili sauce and curried mashed potato.

crispy pork sambal
Crispy Pork Sambal (445 php)
I've never appreciated pork sambal until I tried BOA's Crispy Pork Sambal.  The pork belly cooked like cripsy lechon kawali is good on its own.  It is even better when it comes with the sambal sauce and slaw.

deconstructed star anise cheesecake
Deconstructed Star Anise Cheesecake
Surely, when you see the Deconstructed Star Anise Cheesecake, you'll think that it's a basic dish  you can whip up on your own.  That is, until you try it!


Bar + Shots
boas kitchen and social drink
I'm not much as a drinker as I am a foodie but BOA's drink are as equally interesting.

boas kitchen and social drink
Aside from the usual blends, there's some color changing element too.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
BOA Kitchen + Socials is a chillout place that will definitely leave you a lasting impression.  I really had a great time and would definitely love to come back.  I hope Quezon City warmly welcomes concepts like this as it progressively evolves.

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BOA Kitchen + Socials
Business Address Mezzanine Floor, 45 ABDC Building, Scout Rallos Corner Scout Tuazon, Laging Handa, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 9am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 290-3103

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