Rasa Pura: Authentic Singaporean Dishes in Bagiuo City

I've always loved Singaporean cuisine but it's rarely available even in Manila.  It's a good thing that Rasa Pura has opened in Baguio City so that residents of the North Luzon Province can now experience authentic Singaporean dining.

rasa pura
Rasa Pura's kitchen is headed by a Singaporean master chef and makes use of imported spices from Singapore so you can be assured that of the authenticity in their dishes.  

rasa pura
They offer a superb fine dining ambiance which is elegant and spacious.

rasa pura
They have the typical round tables with lazy Susan for lauriat style dining and also square tables for smaller groups.  The Baguio Food Tour 2014 (#BFT2014) dined lauriat style so we chose the big round table.  This was actually our last stop on our trip and it was the one that my companions loved the most.


Cold Dish Platter
singapore assorted platter
Singapore Assorted Platter (1,200 php)
For starters, we had the Singapore Assorted Platter.  This is similar to the typical Chinese Cold Cuts Platter.  It has Century Egg, Kikiam, Singapore Prawns Salad, Asado and Egg Foo Yong.  

seafood tofu soup
Seafood Tofu Soup
The Seafood Tofu Soup is something new for me.  It's a clear soup that's very flavorful due to its abundant ingredients.

seafood tofu soup
Seafood Tofu Soup
It has beef strips, tofu and all sorts of seafood.

kangkong in spicy singapore shrimp pasta
Kangkong in Spicy Singapore Shrimp Paste (350 php/Large)

The Kangkong in Spicy Singapore Shrimp Paste is crunchy kangkong in sambal belacan which is a combination of chili paste and shrimp paste. 

steamed pampano in tausi sauce
Steamed Pampano in Tausi Sauce
One of my favorite local fishes is Pampano.  But, I've never thought of it as an alternative for expensive fish variants.  This Steamed Pampano in Tausi Sauce is delicious because of the nice clean taste of the Pampano complemented by the tausi sauce and loads of fried garlic.

cereal prawns
Cereal Prawns
Cereal Prawns is so good that we didn't spare any bit of this!  It was perfectly crunchy that you wouldn't want to spare even a tiny part of its shell.

singapore chili crab
Singapore Chili Crab
I have always been a lazy crab eater.  I usually skip or ignore shelled crab dishes.  But, this Singapore Chili Crab is definitely one of the best I've ever tried!  I just couldn't stop myself from indulging this huge platter till its empty.


I've always loved Mantao (fried buns).  I ate this with the sauce of the Singapore Chili Crab.  Yummy!

singapore famous satay
Singapore Famous Satay (Pork BBQ) (40 php/stick)
No doubt, the Singapore Famous Satay (Pork BBQ) was well-loved by all of us.  Everyone was praising how tender and tasty it was.  This is also one of the best satay I've had.

hainanese chicken
Authentic Singapore Hainanese Chicken (600 php/whole)

The Authentic Singapore Hainanese Chicken is one of the most popular Singaporean dishes.  This version is pretty good.

hainanese chicken
Authentic Singapore Hainanese ChickenSauces
Rice & Noodles 
hockkien mee
Simgapore Fried Hockkien Mee (300 php/Large)
The Simgapore Fried Hockkien Mee is mixture of yellow noodles and thick rice vermicelli with egg, prawns, squid, pork and chives. 


singapore ginger milk tea
Singapore Ginger Milk Tea (70 php)
I've tried Singapore Pull Tea before but never tried one with ginger.  The Singapore Ginger Milk Tea is really good!

Other Reviews in Baguio City Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Rasa Pura is a must stop for authentic Singaporean dishes in Bagiuo City.  The price is a bit steep but that's because you're guaranteed the best authentic Singaporean fine dining experience with the finest quality and cooked by a Singaporean master chef.  I suggest you dine in groups as serving sizes are intended for that. 

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Rasa Pura
Business Address 42 CM Recto cor. Leonard Wood, 
Baguio City, Philippines
Business Hours 10:30 am-10:30 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 500-1,500
Free WiFi No
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Contact (0998) 984-8158
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