Le Chef: Superb Breakfast Buffet at The Manor Hotel

I've been to Baguio on almost every summer of my life but could you believe that I've never stepped upon The Manor Hotel.  If wasn't for Baguio Food Tour 2014 (#BFT2014), I wouldn't have discovered the elegance of The Manor Hotel and the gastronomic wonders of Le Chef's breakfast buffet.

the manor hotel camp john hay
 It was a chilly morning  when we arrived at The Manor Hotel

the manor hotel camp john hay

I couldn't help but fall in love with the beauty of the place.

the manor hotel camp john hay
It's very in line with nature and it is kid-friendly too.
le chef the manor hotel
Le Chef adopts a strict dress code.  It requires a  smart casual attire.  And, sleeveless shirts, tank tops and slipper sandals are not allowed so be sure to take note of that. 

le chef delicatessen
Le Chef is connected with Le Chef Delicatessen so you can expect a wide range of freshly baked pastries among the buffet selections.


They have the basic pastries like bread rolls, tasty bread, whole-wheat bread (for health-conscious ones like me) and croissants.

I noticed that the pastries vary on every refill.  The pastries are offered with warm butter and jams: strawberry, mango and orange marmalade. 

danish puffs
Danish Puffs

Who could resist this luscious fruit-topped Danish Puffs?

le chef breakfast buffet
Pancakes, Waffles, Danish Puff, Brownies
I had Pancakes with maple syrup, Waffles with blueberry and raspberry toppings, kiwi and peach Danish Puff and bitter-sweet Brownies with cashew bits (just the way I like it).

le chef breakfast buffet
Cereal with Milk
Cereals has always been a popular choice with kids.  Well, two of my three (third being rice crispies) are available: corn flakes and coco puffs.

monggo soup
Monggo Soup with Roasted Garlic, Chili Flakes and Onion Leeks
I don't think I've ever appreciated the comfort of a hot bowl of healthy fiber-rich Monggo Soup with Roasted Garlic, Chili Flakes and Onion Leeks as I've had on that cool morning.
mediterranean vegetable
Mediterranean Vegetable
For something healthy, the Mediterranean Vegetable is a great choice.

tuna flakes
Tuna Flakes

 My friend enjoyed mixing the Tuna Flakes with their Garlic Rice.
spicy seafood salad
Spicy Seafood Salad
The Spicy Seafood Salad has tomatoes, bell peppers and cuttle fish.  It reminded me of kimchi but this is an extravagant rendition.

cold cuts
Assorted Cold Cuts
The Assorted Cold Cuts is composed of salami, proscuitto ham and salami.

le chef omelet station
Omelet Station
You can see from the way Kuya tosses the omellete that you're in good hands.

mushroom omelet
Mushroom Omelet, Orange Marmalade and Blueberry Jam Smeared Raisin Bread and Banana Bread

I just couldn't resist the fragrant smell of the Egg Omelette kuya was making so I requested an extra mushroom-filled one for me.  I also had their delicious Raisin Bread with Mango and Orange Marmalade Jam and Banana Loaf.

corned beef
Corned Beef

smoked bangus
Smoked Bangus
salted egg tomatoes
Salted Egg with Tomatoes

Almost all my favorite breakfast options were offered: Salted Egg, Corned Beef, Swordfish (danggit) and Smoked Bangus.

Longganisa is quite popular in the North.

grilled chicken
Grilled Chicken
I enjoyed the Grilled Chicken the most.  It was tender and juicy.
The Embutido is good!

Plain Yogurt, Strawberry Yogurt, Blueberry Yogurt and Muesli

If only I wasn't stuffed already I would have indulged myself with their yogurt offerings. But since I was, I only got to try the Plain Yogurt which was really good
apple compote
Apple Compote

You can add the Apple Compote or Peach on your yogurt. 

creamy fruit salad
Creamy Fruit Salad
My friends loved the Creamy Fruit Salad.

mixed fresh fruits
Mixed Fresh Fruits
They have a wide variety of Mixed Fresh Fruits: Papaya, Longgan, Banana, Pineapple, Watermelon and Honeydew.

pineapple juice orange juice four seasons juice
Pineapple Juice, Orange Juices and Four Seasons Juice
Aside from brewed coffee or hot tea, they also have Pineapple Juice, Orange Juices and Four Seasons Juice for beverage options.

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I highly recommend Le Chef's breakfast buffet spread.  The price you pay is well-equated with the food quality and service that it offers. 

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Le Chef at The Manor Hotel
Ambiance Breakfast Buffet: 550 php
=Favorites or Recommended 
Le Chef at The Manor Hotel
Business Address The Manor, Camp John Hay
Loakan Rd, Baguio City, 
Benguet, Philippines
Business Hours 6am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (074) 424-0907
Other  Website
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