Ketchup Food Community: Filipino Comfort Food at Rancho Norte and Thai at Happy Tummy

Ketchup Food Community is a food community composed of five different restaurants specializing in different cuisines: Canto (American), Rancho Norte (Filipino Comfort Food), Happy Tummy (Thai), Rumah Sate (Indonesian and Malaysian) and Green Pepper (Gourmet)

It is located along Romulo Drive near the Wright Park Horse Back Riding Stables in Baguio City.  They offer a nice native but cozy ambiance so you can enjoy your meal in the cool climate of Baguio City.

What I really like about the concept is  that its a very friendly community that allows you to order in any of the restaurants regardless where you dine and you will be billed separately.  As part of the Baguio Food Tour 2014 #BFT2014 organized by my friends Ramil and Edgar of, I was able to try Rancho Norte and Happy Tummy.  I'll definitely come back for the rest. =)

Rancho Norte
Happy Tummy

Rumah Sate
Green Pepper
Rancho Norte

The Appetizers are also great as beer match or "pulutan"
Tapang Kabayo (168 php)
I'm not sure if I've eaten horse meat before but this has definitely won me over.  Woo!  I never thought that Tapang Kabayo could be so addictively spicy, clean tasting and tender.  This is a must try at Rancho Norte!

Tapang Usa (168 php)
As far as deer meat goes, I've tried Kalderetang Usa before but it's a first for Tapang Usa.  Regardless of the type of cooking, I could sense that distinct smell and texture of the deer meat.  I personally prefer the Tapang Kabayo by far comparison.

Pinakbet with Bagnet (188 php)
My mom being a native of Ilocos, we have been cooking Pinakbet with Bagnet at home all my life so you could say I set the bar high when it comes to it.  Yet, here I am with nothing but praise for the crisp of the bagnet skin, the soft and tender fatty meat that almost melts in your moth and tasty vegetables.

Sinigang na Baboy (168 php)
I've noticed that there are two types of Sinigang: clear soup and thick soup.  The Sinigang na Baboy is of the latter which I'm not too fond of.  But, the tender pork is the one that made me appreciate this dish.

Combo Meals (Served with Pinoy Salad and Drinks: Rancho or Red Tea, Gulaman or Brewed Coffee)

Crispy Sisig Meal (148 php)
What sets their Crispy Sisig apart from other sisig is the bagnet component.  You get to enjoy crunchiness in every bite instead of bouncy thick skin and fats.  I really liked this version.

Happy Tummy
Crispy Tilapia in Tamarind Sauce (200 php/M)
The Crispy Tilapia in Tamarind Sauce is crispylicious!   We all enjoyed it with its not-so-sweet and wonderfully tangy tamarind sauce.

Sticky Rice with Mango (80 php)
If you're a regular reader, you'd know that I'm always raving for my favorite dessert dish: Sticky Rice with Mango.  Yes, I'm raving for this too!

Other Reviews in Baguio City Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Rancho Norte serves affordable but very delicious Filipino Comfort Food that's great for sharing!  I'm rarely impressed with Filipino dishes and this is one of those moments.

Happy Tummy offers authentic Thai cuisine also at a budget friendly range.  I highly recommend it.  In fact, I want to try more of their dishes soon.

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Ketchup Food Community
Business Address Romulo Drive, Barangay Lualhati (Near Wright Park),
Baguio City, Philippines
Business Hours 10am-9pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 150-400
Free WiFi No
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