Sentro 1771: Modern Filipino Dining at Its Best

As my previous experience with 1771 Group of Restaurants was impressive, I decided to join eat out with my long missed foodie friends at Sentro 1771

sentro 1771
Sentro 1771 is a modern Filipino themed restaurant with two branches: Greenbelt 3 and Serendra.  Since we're on our way for a Christmas spree shopping, we decided to drop by their Greenbelt 3 branch for lunch. 

sentro 1771
Sentro 1771 offers a casual and cozy ambiance with its well-cushion mismatched Filipino style chairs and wooden tables.  It's beautiful lighting brings a yellowish brightness to the place.


sizzling tofu
Sizzling Tofu (250 php)
We started off with a plateful of Sizzling Tofu.  At first glance, I'll admit that this gave me an impression that this is just a plain tofu dish with some soy and mayonnaise dressing.  But, upon trying it out, I just couldn't stop munching on those chewy diced tofu with the right blend of tasty soy and mayonnaise dressing.  Like many, I like the classic sinful sisig.  But now that I've tried the Sizzling Tofu, I'll pick this over that any time.  It's a healthier option too.

fried kesong puti
Fried Kesong Puti Sharing (320 php)
I recommend you order the Fried Kesong Puti for sharing like we did because this little fried poppers are out to dominate your taste buds making you want them until the very last bit.  I mean it!  This are insanely addictive that my friends and I lost our shyness emptied this plate in a flash.  This is served with two dips: sweet chili guava and the garlic dip.  I liked them both.

fresh smoked fish spring rolls
Fresh Smoked Fish Spring Rolls (270 php)
The Fresh Smoked Fish Spring Rolls must be inspired by the Vietnamese spring rolls.  It's wrapped in a thin lumpia wrapper with tinapang bangus, salted egg, mustasa, onions and tomato.  What's great about this dish is that the tinapang bangus is highlighted by the other ingredients so the savory flavors explode in your mouth.  This dish is pure genius!

Salads & Vegetables
beef pinoy tapa salad
Beef Pinoy Tapa Salad (180 php)
Among all our food choices, the Beef Pinoy Tapa Salad was my least favorite.  It is made up of lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, dried tapa bits and tuyo vinaigrette.  The tuyo vinaigrette was a nice twist to the usual vinaigrette because it adds a bit of saltiness to the usual tangy taste.  But, I wasn't able to grasp the idea with the dried tapa bits.  I have always been a fan of tapa for its savory and pleasurable chewiness.  However, the dried tapa bits were tough to bite and lacked the intensity in flavors. 

Rice & Noodles
spinach and glass noodles
Spinach & Glass Noodles (220 php)
I've always found eating spinach to be plain and boring.  But, the Spinach & Glass Noodles made spinach an enjoyable dish.  The slippery smoothness of the vermicelli mung bean noodles complements the spinach well since it neutralizes its strong leafy taste and the mix-match of textures just brings a superb chewing pleasure. 

Specialty of the House
sinigang na corned beef
Sinigang na Corned Beef Sharing (595 php)
I just don't understand why others don't like sinigang.  It's my favorite!  What I liked about ordering the Sinigang na Corned Beef is that Sentro 1771 understands that each person has a preference in its sourness level so they give sample for approval before they serve it.  This warm sour soup with chunky corned beef short ribs and a generous amount of native vegetables brings comfort to the taste buds and to the tummy. 

rated gg
Rated GG Sharing (445 php)
If you think that galunggong is just an ordinary fish.  The Rated GG will change your perspective forever!  These boneless galunggong fillets are not only easy to eat, they are also wonderfully crispy and tasty.  I don't know if its the garlic oil or the garlic bits but in totality, this surprisingly got me hooked.

tinapa fillet in coconut milk
Tilapia Fillet in Coconut Milk Sharing (360 php)
The Tilapia Fillet in Coconut Milk is a tilapia fillet with bathe in coconut milk and spiced with garlic and ginger laid on a bed of spinach leaves.  What I like about it is its nice mild coconut milk flavor and the soft and juicy fish meat that almost melts in your mouth. 

pinoy osso bucco
Pinoy Osso Bucco (380 php)
If there's a dish that I could never resist, that would be the Pinoy Osso Bucco.  Sentro 1771's version does NOT disappoint.  The bone-in-beef shanks were cooked slow until tender and topped with lots of caramelized shallots and sliced potatoes.  I loved this especially the beef shanks in the bone marrow. 

lamb caldereta
Lamb Caldereta Sharing (880 php)
The Lamb Caldereta is Australian boneless lamb cooked perfectly in its mildly spicy tomato based sauce.  The lamb tastes clean without any hint of gamey taste.  I think it can even pass as beef for some. 

Everyone just had this huge smile plastered on their faces when it was time for dessert.  We ordered practically every interesting item on the dessert menu.
coffee pie
Coffee Pie (220 php)
The Coffee Pie has three indulging layers:  Cream cheese top drizzle with toffee sauce, the chilled rich melt-in-your-mouth coffee fillings and the crunchy chocolate-cashew crust.  This slice is to die for!  In fact, one is not enough for us, we had to order another one!

fried suman and mangoes
Fried Suman & Mangoes (180 php)
I've always loved the classic suman and mangoes.  But, this Fried Suman & Mangoes has certainly brought this dish into a whole new level.  The light crispy suman together with the cool sweet and tangy mango slices and sweet coco jam is just awesome!

maja blanca crepe
Maja Blanca Crepe (180 php)
The Maja Blanca Crepe are small thin rice crepes topped with corn kernels and chocolate syrup with coconut milk custards with corn inside.  The crepes are so thin that it easily breaks inside your mouth unleashing the light and creamy coconut milk custards with corn. 
creme brulee
Creme Brulee (180 php)
This is one the best Creme Brulee I have ever tried.  Beneath the sweet caramelized crystal layer is a light, silky and creamy chilled custard gently sweeps your tongue.  

mango jubilee
Mango Jubilee (195 php)
Compared to the rest of our desserts, the Mango Jubilee was a bit overshadowed since it was only plain vanilla ice cream with mango cubes swirled with mango jubilee sauce

coffee beans sans rival
Coffee Beans Sans Rival (205 php)
The Coffee Beans Sans Rival is another must try!  Not only is it aesthically adorable, its taste and texture is also as captivating.  Each sans rival layer is delicately crisp. Together with its bitter-sweet coffee filling, this is sure to leave a lasting impression.

keso flan
Keso Flan (220 php)
The Keso Flan is an odd mix of my favorite food options which is to my discovery a great match with each other.  The saltiness from the red egg and queso de bola cheese were able to neutralize the sweetness of their rich and creamy leche flan and highlight its rich egg based flavors.

sentro drinks
Manggang mangga (120 php), House Iced tea (110 php), Sago't gulaman (110 php), Pandan Lemon Cooler (110 php) and Green Mango and Dalanghita (120 php)
I got the Pandan Lemon Cooler which had a dominant lemon taste.  Another drink you can order is their bottomless Sago't gulaman.   My friend just can't get enough of it.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Sentro 1771 is one of the best modern Filipino restaurant around.  Although I rarely eat at Filipino restaurants, this is one of the few where I'd gladly go back to anytime.  Their food quality is great and the pricing is reasonable.  Their idea in offering some of their dishes for solo and for sharing is another plus.  They also have a Take Out Menu for a group of 6 or 10 that's worth checking out.   

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Sentro 1771 Greenbelt
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