MoMo! Cafe: More Food and More Drinks at Ayala Triangle Gardens

Last Christmas, the family went to watch Ayala Triangle's Symphony of Lights.  Since we were already there, we took it as a chance to try out some of the restaurants we haven't tried before.  While some of the establishments there we only half occupied, we decided join the waiting line to dine at MoMo! Cafe

momo cafe
After around 30 minutes, we were called in and led to the mezzanine area.  It's yellow dim lights gave-off a warm and cozy ambiance.  It's stylish mirrors hanged on its vertically printed walls gave it a unique artsy impression.


Big Bowl Salad
momo gourmet salad
The MoMo! Gourmet (295 php)
We decided to start our meal with a big bowl of healthy salad.  We ordered The MoMo! Gourmet trusting that it would be their best offering since it had their name on it and its also marked as recommended in their menu.  Upon first bite, all of us agreed that it is one of the best salads we've tried!  The MoMo! Gourmet had roasted garlic, shitake mushrooms, candied walnuts, fresh white cheese, arugula mixed greens, sliced oranges, hard boiled egg and a delicious raspberry-balsamic vinegrette. 

Homemade Soup
NOTE: The photos of the soups below are only half serving since I wanted to try them all. =)

soup of the day sausage
Soup of the Day (Sausage Soup) (150 php)
The Soup of the Day is a savory Sausage Soup.  It was my first time to try this tomato based broth with diced sausage and it was pretty good.  

tuscan onion soup
Tuscan Onion Soup (150 php)
The  Tuscan Onion Soup is a delicious creamy soup with generous amount of onion bits served with bread topped with a thick layer of mozzarella cheese. 

wild mushroom truffle cappucino
Wild Mushroom Truffle Cappucino (175 php)
The best soup I've tried for that night was the Wild Mushroom Truffle Cappucino.  It's frothy cappuccino followed by the rich wild mushroom truffle is a superb experience.  This has definitely upped my expectations from mushroom soups. 

Jumbo Platters (Great for Sharing)
slow roasted herb us roast beef fingers
Slow Roasted Herb U.S. Roast Beef Fingers (495 php)
They really mean it when they say "Jumbo".  The Slow Roasted Herb U.S. Roast Beef Fingers was served in a huge platter.  The Slow Roasted Herb U.S. Roast Beef Fingers was topped with garlic confit and creamy "au jus" and fried onion rings.  It was also served with a small cup of buttered corn.  The roast beef fingers were so soft and it was quite tasty with its herby flavors and creamy "au jus" sauce. 

House Specialties (Great for Sharing)
creamy crabby seafood casserole
Creamy Crabby Seafood "Casserole" & Rice (395 php)
I'm not a fan of casserole dishes but I enjoyed their Creamy Crabby Seafood "Casserole" & Rice.  It was neither too cheesy nor creamy for my taste.  It had bits of crab meat, mixed seafood, double smoked bacon chunks, MoMo special seafood cream, corn, peas, carrots and hollandaise.  I enjoyed it more with a pinch of lemon.

beer battered fish and chips
Old Fashioned Beer Battered Fish & Chips (395 php)
Although I don't drink beer, I'm a fan of beer battered fish & chips.  Their version of Old Fashioned Beer Battered Fish & Chips has made it on my list of bests for its juiciness, tenderness and flakiness.
But, the lack of crunchiness of its crust makes it fall slightly behind the ones offered by Garage 88 Bar and Diners and Chuck's Grub's.  

steak rubbed roast chicken
Steak Rubbed Roast Chicken (395 php)
The Steak Rubbed Roast Chicken is also one of my favorites for the night.  It is a plate served with two pcs. of steak rubbed roast chicken leg quarter with party rice, roasted organic vegetable chicken jus and grilled corn kernels.  The roasted chicken skin was just exploding with flavors and the chicken meat was oozing with its flavorful juices. 

Coffee, Tea and More
decaf cappucino
Decaf Cappucino (120 php)
My brother ordered the Decaf Cappucino and claimed that the flavor wasn't strong enough to meet his preference.

iced cappucino
Iced Cappucino (110 php)
I ordered the Iced Cappucino which came in a tall glass filled with ice.  It was probably the worst Iced Cappucino I've ever had in my life.  It was too bland and watered down.

momo coffee
The MoMo! Coffee (150 php)
Compared to the other coffee that left us with disappointment, The MoMo! Coffee was miraculously good.  (Note to self to order only this coffee variant when dining at MoMo! CafeThe MoMo! Coffee is brewed illy coffee, topped with whipped cream chocolate syrup and chocnut bits. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
MoMo! Cafe is a awesome place to hang out when at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.  No wonder many would rather wait just to dine there.  Their food is served in generous proportions with the freshest ingredients.  They really mean it when they say "Great for Sharing"  so if you want to try those options, bring some company.  The service is excellent too.  Despite being seated at the mezzanine area, our waiter was very prompt to attend to our needs even if that means he had to go up and down the stairs frequently.  

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MoMo! Cafe Ayala Triangle Gardens
Business Address Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave. 
Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours 7am - 10:30 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-600
Free WiFi Yes
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Contact (02) 621-6161
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