Rockwell's 2nd Ultimate Taste Test: My Experience Plus Critics!

To experience the Ultimate Taste Test has long been our dream ever since we started our food blog.  So, you can't imagine how excited we were last month when The Foodies Circle was invited to the Rockwell's 2nd Ultimate Taste Test.  

rockwells second ultimate taste test
Rockwell's 2nd Ultimate Taste Test Ticket (585 php per person)
As soon as the group filed out ticket stubs for the raffle, we were given our pen, score sheets and our tray.  The Rockwell Tent was filled with fellow critics and 43 food and drink booths.  The group went around together so we were able to try almost all varieties the booths had to offer.  And, we were able to complete our score sheets for the 43 booths.  I don't know if we were just too excited or if we took our job as a critic too seriously but yeah we did it!

dolce gusto
Nescafe Dulce Gusto (Mocha Latte, Chocolate and Espresso)
I was able to try the Mocha Latte, Chocolate and Espresso of the Nescafe Dulce Gusto.  Not only was the machine easy to operate, but the drinks were delicious.  

bayani brew
 Bayani Brews (Lemongrass Pandan Iced Tea and Purple Leaf Iced Tea)
One of the best drinks that we encountered was Bayani Brews Lemongrass Pandan Iced Tea and Purple Leaf Iced Tea which is composed of sweet potato tops (talbos ng kamote) extracts. We were all awed with their brilliant minds for their innovative ideas.  The ice teas were pleasantly refreshing.  

swizzle mobile bar
Swizzle Bar (Caramel Beer and Rainbow Shots)
Not only are Swizzle Bar's drinks pleasing to the eyes, they were delicious too.  I'm not much of an alcoholic myself but the taste was just delightful.  The Rainbow Shots had more of a twist but the Caramel Beer was a nice way to recreate the boring bitter-tasing beer.  

mang pedro taho
Mang Pedro's Natural Flavored Taho (Almond and Ube)
I had the Mang Pedro's Natural Flavored Taho in Almond flavor while fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt choose the Ube one.  I'm so glad I made the right choice.   The Almond flavor was delicious!  I didn't even now it would sooth the taho so well.  On the other hand, the Ube flavor was too unusual to appreciate.  I've always considered myself as a fan of Ube but this one is just out of my league.

Saint Alp's Tea House was also there.  You can check our previous and more extensive review on them here.  

the cheese steak shop
The Cheese Steak Shop Manila (Philly Cheese Steak)
We've been hoping to try the Philly Cheese Steak from The Cheese Steak Shop Manila for quite some time now.  It is after all  a franchise from San Francisco California so we're hoping it is the closest to the real thing.  Well, we appreciated the sweet peppers but we prefer beef and texture of the bread at Elbert's Cheesesteaks Sandwiches.  

chef anton
Chef Anton (Roast Turkey)
Chef Anton's Roast Turkey is hands down one of the best options available in Rockwell's 2nd Ultimate Taste Test.  This was so tasty, tender and succulent.  It was perfect!

Another one that deserves praise is The Plaza's Premium Roast Angus Corned Beef which I ate in excitement and forgot to take photo of.

hillside ranch beef belly
Hillside Ranch (Slow-roasted Beef Belly)
Hillside Ranch's Slow-roasted Beef Belly is another on of my top picks.  It's has a bold meaty taste oozing with its fatty juice.  You can also buy it in packs and reheat it in the microwave which is quite convenient especially for a microwave cooking advocate like me.  

kusina reyes
Kusina Reyes (Aligue Rice)
I'm usually picky with Aligue Rice.  But, Kusina Reyes has done a great job in cooking it with just the right amount of flavor.  

Panchados is mechado on a bread bun.  The concept is new but it wasn't something extraordinary for us.

Panzarotti comes with a choice of Pesto, Pomodoro or Blue Cheese sauce.  It reminded me of a calzone except that its deep fried so its more crispy and oily than having it baked.  

skew u angus beef tapa
Skew U (USDA Angus Tapa)
Skew U's USDA Angus Tapa won our oohs and ahhs.  It was savory, tender and succulent.  We can't help but compare it to the Angus Beef Tapa Lady by Jams Foods.   Both of us are in favor of Skew U's version.  You can check out their kebabs too.  

chow fun
Chow Fun (Chicken Fry and Dark Chocolate Buchi)
Chow Fun's Chicken Fry is sensational because it was delightfully crispy with juicy meat.  On the other hand, we found the Dark Chocolate Buchi to be a bit too sweet for out taste.

fruit garden
The Fruit Garden (Tropical Paradise and Berry Dream)
I know we've featured The Fruit Garden before.  But, their new products the Tropical Paradise and Berry Dream with its beautiful packaging is just so wonderful that it needs to be praised all over.  I simply can't choose between the two because each has its own unique way of winning my taste buds.  The Tropical Paradise is light, sweet with a bit of a citrus influence.  While the Berry Dream has a tinge of sourness follow by a mellow sweet taste.  

Mac's Deli Vigan Empanada and Maria's Ilocos Emapanada
There were two versions of empandas: Mac's Deli Vigan Empanada and Maria's Ilocos Emapanada.  Clealy, Mac's Deli Vigan Empanada is the better version.  This made me miss the empanadas in my mom's hometown, Ilocos Sur.  

villa del conte chocolates
Villa Del Conte (Milk Chocolate w/ Hazelnut Chips and Dark Chocolate w/ Coffee Cream Filling)

Villa Del Conte's Milk Chocolate w/ Hazelnut Chips and Dark Chocolate w/ Coffee Cream Filling gets all our approval.  Their chocolates are so rich and smooth, they are sure to woo any sweet lovers heart.

bake buddy cookies
Bake Buddy (Red Velvet Cookies and Coffee Caramel Walnut Crunch)
Bake Buddy's cookies are too soft that it failed to give a chewy sensation.  They were nothing special in terms of flavor too other than being a bit sweet.

moshi moshi green tea cheesecake
Moshi Moshi (Green Tea Cheesecake)
We've featured Moshi Moshi before.  Back then, they only had soft served ice cream.  I'm glad they added the Green Tea Cheesecake in their menu because it is simply irresistible because it delivers a melt-in-your-mouth that makes me feel like my tongue like it is drowning in rich green tea.

everyday mom carrot cake
Everyday Mom (Carrot Cake)
Everyday Mom's makes Carrot Cakes just the way I love them.  They were not too sweet save for the icing.  

sugarhouse christmas loaf
Sugarhouse (Kiwi Swirl Christmas Loaf)
I love the idea of a Kiwi Swirl Christmas Loaf because Kiwi is one of my favorite fruits.  However, the kiwi flavor is a bit overpowered by the sweetness of the loaf.  I was expecting more of a bit zesty taste that will bring it some balance.

It was our first time to try Pinkberry.  We loved its rich tarty taste.  They also offered a wide range of toppings like fruits, rice crispies, chocolate chips and mochi balls.  

frisch liquor ice cream
Frisch Liquor Ice Cream (Carami de Cerveza, Choco Rumboozle and Russian Winter)
Frisch Liquor Ice Cream offers you the initial chilliness from the ice cream followed by the warmth from the alcohol.  It is targeted to those who want to enjoy alcohol in a new form.  

masatami shaved ice
Masatami Shaved Ice (Swiss Cheese, Langka and Peanut Butter & Black Sesame)
I've read a lot of raves about Masatami Shaved Ice from fellow bloggers and we are joining the bandwagon.  We love the fine texture and the variety of flavors.  I liked the Langka flavor the most.  The Swiss Cheese is a good option for those who prefer to eat light flavored and neutral desserts.  On the other hand, the Peanut Butter & Black Sesame is a wave of two strong flavors merged into one.

lullubelle frozen custard
Lulubelle (Brownie Batter and Cheesecake Frozen Custard)
It was our first time to try frozen custard and we loved Lulubelle's Brownie Batter and Cheesecake Frozen Custard.  It is smoother, creamier and richer than the usual ice cream or frozen yogurt.  

Another delicious cold treat are the mochi ice cream by Mochi Sweets.  They have a lot of varieties so I'm hoping to try more of those next time.  

New Zealand Premium Ice Cream was also there.  I enjoyed their White Chocolate & Raspberry ice cream.  You can refer to our old post about them here.  The same is true for Blue Toque.  Check them out here.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Rockwell's 2nd Ultimate Taste Test is a huge success! Congratulations to Sir Anton and Ms. Rachelle for their consistency is delivering the best food events.  We are looking forward to trying out more of these in the future.

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