Blue Toque: Ultimate Cakes and Sweet Treats

Blue Toque is a new line of sweet creations by Mary Anne Ramos who graduated from Ateneo and then pursued her passion in baking in ISCAHM.  Thus, the name of the brand represents her two alma mater. 

Last month, my friend Berylle brought us some of Blue Toques products for us to try.  Then, we during our visit at Rockwell's 2nd Ultimate Taste Test.  There it was again but with more innovations.  Let me share a few we've tried...

the ultimate
The Ultimate (150 php/slice, 625 php/6", 1195 php /9")
the ultimate
The Ultimate (150 php/slice, 625 php/6", 1195 php /9")
The Ultimate is a multi-layer chocolate mousse cake which has won in the Foodgasm Taste Test 2012 and Ultimate Taste Test 8.0.  It had a rich chocolate ganache top, rich velvety mousse followed by an even richer chocolate ganache layer and then nutty crunchy crust.  This cake melts in your mouth with overwhelming smoothness in every bite.  But, I found this too sweet to eat in just one sitting.

This is also available in The Parvati Store.

nutella mousse cake
 Nutella Mousse Cake (575 php/6", 875 php/8")
We goit to try the Nutella Mousse Cake in sampler size at the Rockwell's 2nd Ultimate Taste Test.  It has the same melts in your mouth sensation like The Ultimate but it delivers a unique twist with the Nutella.  The exquisite taste with just the right amount of sweetness won me over.  

belgian chocolate chip cookie
Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie (195 php /6's, 310 php/10's,  300 php/bitesized)
The Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie is a soft and chewy with large chunks of rich Belgian chocolate.  I love the perfect texture of their cookies because they aren't purely soft, the crust has a slight crisp to too.  It has a manageable extent of sweetness which is attributed to the chunk of rich chocolate.

nutella cookies cream cheese brownies
Nutella Cookies (195 php/6's,310 php/10's,300 php/bitesized)
and  Always Sold-Out Cream Cheese Brownies (225 php/6's,285 php/8's)
The Nutella Cookies are soft and chewy nutella cookies with chocolate chip.  This had a sweeter blend compared to the Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie.

The Always Sold-Out Cream Cheese Brownies is the best Blue Toque product I have tried yet.  It has a delicious sophisticated taste due to the medley of cream cheese and chocolate.  It has the perfect texture.  It was moist, fudgy and creamy. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict 

Blue Toque should keep it up by making more delightful sweet treats that will surely entice dessert lovers like us.  It's great that they offer a wide variety so people can have their own favorites according to their preference.  

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