The Parvati Store: Desserts for the Sweet Tooth

After sampling every almost every dish at Carinderia Buffet (see previous entry), Sumi invited us for a stroll at SM North Edsa so they could also tour us around.  Their original intention was to watch a movie but somehow we ended up looking for a place to eat once again.  Since the boys wanted to drink coffee and us girls wanted to eat dessert, we took a compromise and headed for The Parvati Store.

The Parvati Store's concept is to offer a collection of home-made goodies and treats which they believe are to have the best quality.
Cake Display
The Parvati Store has a simple yet cozy ambiance.  It has a cake display and large dessert fridges.  If vacant, I'd advise that you seat at the side couches which are more comfy.

I really thought our tummies were full after hours of buffet dining.  In fact, I thought the purpose for our stroll was to loosen up.  But, we ended up ordering a lot of cakes.  I guess, we couldn't resist the temptation.  There were so many dessert selections on the menu, I even saw Tayabel's Pistachio Sans Rival (see previous entry) available there for a much lower price than my 50% OFF voucher purchase. 

dark chocolate cake by frank and carols mini
 Dark Chocolate Cake by Frank and Carol's Mini (135 php)
The Dark Chocolate Cake is a moist, rich and bitter-sweet chocolate cake.  We all loved this and it was the first to disappear.

coffee indulgence by m cheesecake and pastries slice
 Coffee Indulgence by M Cheesecake and Pastries Slice (150 php)
The Coffee Indulgence is a cappuccino cake.  It basically has four layers: coffee powder, cream cheesecake, coffee cheesecake and the chocolate crust.  Fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt enjoyed this and finished this fast.

mango torte by dulcelin gourmet
 Mango Torte by Dulcelin Gourmet (95 php)
It wasn't my first encounter with the Mango Torte.  It is already popular and it is also our family favorite.  The refreshing taste of frozen mango is enjoyable for me.  This is a great mix to the bunch becuase it's a break from all the richness.

strawberry shortcake by dulcelin gourmet
Strawberry Shortcake by Dulcelin Gourmet (120 php)
I love Strawberry Shortcakes.  This version is pretty competitive. The filling in the middle is sweet which makes it a great contrast to the tangy strawberry topping and icing.  The consistency is okay.  It is a bit light and fluffy.

tiramisu by cake us bakeshop
Tiramisu by Cake Us Bakeshop (160 php)
We were all surprised at how huge this block of Tiramisu came to be.  Unlike others, this one is quite heavy.  We found it quite challenging to finish it.  But, in terms of flavor it was pretty good.  It had a strong coffee flavor and was not too sweet.

Complimentary Coffee
We were about to order drinks, when the server informed us that there's Complimentary Coffee for every 100 php purchase.  This seems to be a silent promo because we can't find a single sign anywhere.        Although the Complimentary Coffee is a bit watered down, it was brewed coffee and a great complement with desserts.  Since we ordered at five cakes for four persons costing more than 600 php, we were curious if we could get a refill.  But, we were informed that only a cup per person is allowed. All of us concluded that their policy must not have been formulated to entice a person to order more than 100 php. =p  What do you think is it for then?

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The Parvati Store is a great hang out for desserts.  It the best place for those who have a sweet tooth like me.  The place is cozy and they have a FREE WiFi too.  I'm sure it's a place, I'll go back to.  What do you think I should order next?

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The Parvati Store
Business Address
Trinoma Mindanao lobby(below National Bookstore), 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm(mall hours)
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Free WiFi Yes
Contact (02) 901-1428
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