Mio Gelati: Gelato-filled Mochilato (Branch Closed)

After our meal at Taza De Oro Food Garden (see previous entry), my friend Sumi and I decided to take advantage of our rare visit at Madison Square in Greenhills by trying out something new.  Since we both like gelato, Mio Gelati was our mutual option.

mio gelati
Unlike other gelato stores, Mio Gelati only has one main store.  According to their staff, they've been around since last year.  Although their place is limited in space, their lighting and glass windows are successful in enticing passers-by.

mio gelati
I loved the way Mio Gelati utilized their space.  The large round photos on its walls were really appetizing.  The small tables are cute and it made the dining area look cozy and spacious.

mio gelati
Upon seeing the selections, we instantly laid our eyes on their Mochilato.  I've tried Mochi Ice Cream (see previous entry) and Mochi Yogurt Ice Cream (see previous entry) before, so I wanted to try Mochi gelato this time.

There were six Mochilato flavors available: Salted Caramel, Matcha Green Tea, Vanilla Nutella, Mango and Cream, Strawberry and Chocolate.

matcha green tea and salted caramel mochilato
Our Mochilato♥ Matcha Green Tea (75 php) and Salted Caramel  (75 php).
I had the Matcha Green Tea and I loved it!  Although the Mochi coating was a bit too powdery on some parts, the thickness of its sticky rice is consistently thin and chewy.  What impressed me more is the Matcha Green Tea gelato inside.  The serving size is generous and it was delicious!  The flavor is almost at par with the Matcha Green Tea Ice Creams served in authentic Japanese restaurants at hotels.  The taste of  Matcha Green Tea is rich and clean.   Compared to other gelato, I enjoyed their version which had a light consistency and a right blend of sweetness.  

My friend was also impressed with their Salted Caramel.

Update (January 2015): This branch is closed but you can find them in Bellysima and other Mercato Centrale markets.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Mio Gelati offers quality gelatos in terms of texture and taste.  I would definitely come back to try more of their interesting gelato flavors.  I was tempted to buy a buy of Mochilato for my family.  However, we've been told that they don't provide dry ice so the box of Mochilato could only last for an hour within an air-conditioned vehicle without melting. 

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Mio Gelati
Business Address
Ground Level, Madison Square,
Madison St. cor. Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila
Business Hours 1pm-10pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 75-300
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (0917) 582-7124
Other  Email: Miogelati@yahoo.com Facebook Fan Page
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