Cucina: Spanish-Filipino Cuisine in Glorietta 4 Food Choices

Cucina is a Spanish-Filipino Cuisine restaurant located at the Glorietta 4 Food Choices  To be honest, I could understand how they could offer affordable Filipino dishes, but Spanish Cuisine has always presented itself in higher price range for me in the past.  Thus, I can't help but wonder how good their Spanish dishes are.  



Cucina has a carinderia (canteen) style set up where cooked dishes are displayed with their price indicated therein.  They also offer budget meals that are complete with drinks.

seafood paella
Seafood Paella (125 php)
seafood paella
Seafood Paella (125 php)
Being intrigued by Spanish cuisine and being a fan of paella, I opted to order the Seafood Paella.   I was intrigued when I was served two platters.  The first one was a plate full of seafood with some sauce in it.  Is it just me or does it look more like a gumbo?  The second one has a cup of flavored rice.  I mixed the two together and ate them as one.  Although it tasted fine, it was nothing similar to the authentic paella.  The very word "paella" means pan in Old French.  Yet, these did not look like they were cooked in shallow pan cooked over fire.  It made me miss the toasted rice which I always looked forward to when enjoying a paella.  The seafood were all tender, I didn't even need to show.  I guess the re-heating process made them a bit overcooked.  Then again, for its price how can I dare complain right?

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Cucina offers affordable dishes of Filipino and Spanish cuisine.  The food is fulfilling as a tummy filler and taste-wise they are flavorful.  However, don't compare them to the authentic or set your expectation to high and keep in mind that their cheap eats.  

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Ambiance Meals
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Cucina Glorietta 4 Food Choices
Business Address
3F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 70-150
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None


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