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My sister is a huge fan of Mochiko.  In fact, one of our Chinese Sharpei's is named Mochi. =D   Whenever anyone from our family visits Mercato Centrale (see previous entry), it is compulsory that we have to buy her a box of her choice of flavors at Mochiko.  When Mochiko visited DLSU for our  University Week, my sister did not let that opportunity pass to buy some more too.


Buying it in 6 gives you the advantage of having it in a box for easy transport.  A piece of this mochi ice cream is worth 70 php.  Frankly, I think its a bit pricey.  

As instructed, we always wait for two minutes to let the glutinous rice coating soften a bit.  Upon first bite, I felt that the glutinous rice coating of Mochiko is thick and chewy.  Based on observation, the ball is not perfectly round as there is a part where the glutinous coating is folded.  I find that part a bit tougher to chew.  


I've tried several flavors... 

♥ Avocado
The Avocado is one of the best flavors that Mochiko has to offer.  It possess the rich flavor of avocado and the sweetness is just right.  I always feel refreshed when eating this.

The Azuki is filled with vanilla ice cream and a countable number of azuki beans.  I guess it was my expectation that the ice cream would be flavored with crushed azuki bean that let to my disappointment with this variant.

Black Sesame
The Black Sesame is filled with vanilla ice cream topped with black sesame.  I find this a bit more flavorful that the Azuki.

The Coffee is similar to the mocha ice creams available.  I find this a bit sweeter compared to the rest perhaps to contrast the bitterish coffee taste.

♥ Green Tea
Green Tea is one of the most famous flavors for a mochi.  I love the taste of Mochiko's Green Tea.  This is my alternative option to the Avocado

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Mochiko offers unique mochi ice cream flavors that's great to try out and explore.  With their wide flavor selections, I'm sure you'll find one that will captivate your taste buds.  It's one of the pioneer local mochi ice creams in the Metro that has successfully gained popularity among many.  Its price is a bit on the high side but its certainly worth the try.  

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