Foodie Galore At Tokyo Cafe SM Mall of Asia (Closed)

Whether its for a family dinner or hang out with friends, Tokyo Cafe has always been one of our favorite options.  It offers a cute modernistic ambiance which gives of a cozy feel.  In fact, last saturday, I spent long hours just eating and hanging out with foodie friends.
tokyo cafe
tokyo cafe
tokyo cafe sm moa

After dining at Tokyo Cafe for several times, let me share with you all the food I've tried out at Tokyo Cafe during my own personal visits with family and friends and during my visit last Saturday with foodie friends.  

Japanese Fair
oyaku ju
Oyaku-Ju (238 php)
When the Oyaku-Ju was ordered by my family, they all said it was okay.  When I ate with fellow foodies, they too said the same.  I think the Oyaku-Ju is good but it was outshone by the other better options that Tokyo Cafe as to offer.
Unaju (393 php)
The Unaju is one of the best meals at Tokyo Cafe.  All the of foodies agree that this was very delicious.  It was tasty and soft.  I'm very particular when it comes the fishy stench when it comes to an eel dish and I am very happy to say that the way this was cooked was done perfectly.  It is one of the best eel dishes I've tried. 
kalbi ju
Kalbi-Ju (241 php)
The Kalbi-Ju had a salty taste to it because of the Yakiniku sauce.  My fellow foodies liked this.  However, having a lower tolerance for saltiness, it was a bit salty for me.  But, I was impressed that the meat was very tender is fun to chew.  

katsu ju
Katsu-Ju (240 php)
The Katsu-Ju was served in perfect golden breading.  The crispiness of the breading was done just right.  The cutlets was also very tender and the sauce complements it well.
ten ju
Ten-Ju (238 php)
The Ten-Ju has generous servings of delicious deep fried shrimp tempura.  The crunchy shell and the tender shrimp inside makes it a popular option among many.  My little sister orders this every time.

Salad & Soup
mango chicken salad
Mango Chicken Salad (191 php)
As soon as the Mango Chicken Salad was served, my family and I had the impression that the it was so fresh and beautiful.   My family always order salads at different restaurants but this is the first time we have with this combination of ingredients and it was delicious!  We just loved how the grapes and mango complemented the taste of the chicken salad.  


creamy ebiko pasta
Creamy Ebiko Pasta (270 php)
The Creamy Ebiko Pasta was recommended by Jerome who frequented the place too.  Surely, it did not disappoint us when we all tasted it.  All of us foodies agreed that this is very delicious!  The sauce is very tasty that even if you eat it with the shrimp, its still very good.  

hamburg shrimp
Hamburg & Shrimp (293 php)
Whenever I dine at Tokyo Cafe, someone always orders one of the bugersteak varieties.  Last Saturday, we ordered the Hamburg & Shrimp.  I've always loved the tender juiciness and rich meaty taste of the bugersteak at Tokyo Cafe.  This time was no different from the rest.

chicken cheese roll
Chicken & Cheese Roll (260 php)
The Chicken & Cheese Roll was ordered for our appetizer.  I enjoyed it because upon first bite, you'd feel the crispness of the breading.  Then,  the mozzarella cheese will ooze out as you bite the tender chicken meat.

chicken in a basket
Chicken in a Basket Family Pack (7 pcs) (420 php)
The Chicken in a Basket  is a popular dish to order whenever dining in groups at Tokyo Cafe.  A great thing about Chicken in a Basket is that you can choose the size depending on how many you are.  Last Saturday, there was six of us so we opted for the Family Pack.  Noticed the pricing gets lower, the more quantity you order. =) I was so stuffed by the time this arrived that I took the smallest wing part.  The breading of the Chicken in a Basket was very tasty.  It was unlike any fried chicken I've tasted before.  I've tasted something similar but not as  perfect as the crunch and the taste combo factor here.  

Coffee & Smogee
coffee jelly smogee
Coffee Jelly Smogee (131 php)
While waiting for the others, I ordered the Coffee Jelly Smogee which was recommended by their staff.  I had fun chewing the jelly that hardly noticed the time passing by.  

milk oreo shake
Milk Oreo (130 php)
When we decided to order food around three hours later, I ordered the Milk Oreo as a kicker.  I opted for this non-expresso based smogee since I already had enough of caffeine.  

Cappucino (107 php)
My mom loves coffee so she orders one after every meal.  She ordered the Cappucino.  She said it was pretty good.   The froth was done just right too.

Here's what my fellow foodies ordered:
caramel smogee
Caramel Smogee (131 php)
Mango (130 php)
Matcha (130 php)
tokyo afogato ice cream
Tokyo Affogato (Ice Cream in Expresso) (185 php)

azuki parfait
Azuki Parfait (123 php)
I am a big fan of green tea ice cream with azuki beans so when I saw the Azuki Parfait, I just couldn't resist that temptation.  This cool treat  just made my day.  

choco banana almond crepe
Choco Banana Almond (130 php)
One of my companions ordered the Choco Banana Almond so I had the chance to try Tokyo Cafe's crepe for the first time.  To my surprise, their crepe was actually pretty good.  It was light and airy so it was fun to chew.  


japanese cheesecake
Japanese Cheesecake (125 php)
Our friend ordered the Japanese Cheesecake out of curiosity admitting that he has never tried one before.  He was surprised that it was light and spongy in texture unlike the heavy cream cheese based cheesecakes he is used to eating.  I've always like the Japanese Cheesecake.  But, I guess it was not for everyone.

Tiramisu (150 php)
Everyone agreed that the Tiramisu  was the best dessert for the day.  It was served chilled and melts in the mouth.  The layers of expresso and mascarpone cheese was heavenly!  

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