Seattle's Best Coffee's Orange White Chocolate Mocha

Last month, as we passed by Seattle's Best Coffee Mall of Asia, we noticed this new interesting flavor called "Orange White Chocolate".  It can be hot as mocha or cold as a Javakula.  It was stated "must try!" so I was easily convinced.  I felt like drinking it hot that day so I ordered the Orange White Chocolate Mocha.

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orange white chocolate
It looked so delicious with the orange syrup on top of the whipped cream.  At first sip, I was appreciating the dominant taste of the fragrant orange.  I'm not usually fond of artificial orange flavoring, but their orange syrup has exceeded my expectations.  It didn't taste too artificial and it had the tangerine-ish sweetness to it.

orange white chocolate coffeeorange white chocolate javakula
However, as much as I appreciated the orange flavor, I loved to taste the presence of mocha too.  It felt like I was drinking orange milk  shake with a hint of mocha.  My idea of the stated "perfect balance of deliciousness" is a balance of the orange, white chocolate and mocha.   The dominating orange flavor made the drink sweet with only a slight tinge of mocha to contrast.  Perhaps, I should ask them if they could reduce the orange syrup next time or play it safe and order a Raspberry Mocha Javakula instead.

Overall, this drink is recommended for those who prefer flavored light mocha or latte.

How about you?  Have you tried it yet?

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