The Chicken Rice Shop for Some Chicken and Malaysian Shaved Ice! (Closed)

More and more restaurants are arriving in the Philippines.   "The Chicken Rice Shop", a halal family fast-food restaurant originating from Malaysia, has just opened at Robinson's Padre Faura Wing.  The set up of The Chicken Rice Shop is simple and casual.  Their food offerings are all halal.  Although it is based in Malaysia, their dishes are Asian.  There are Chinese, Singaporean and Malaysian dishes being offered.
the chicken rice shop manila chicken rice shop manila

Main Dishes
We ordered the Family Delight because we think its more affordable that way.  The Family Delight includes:
  1. Roasted Quarter Chicken (choices: Hainanese, Roasted or Braised) 
  2. Half portion of Honey BBQ Chicken
  3. Chicken Rice 
  4. 4 pcs. Nyonya Pai Tee
  5. Ipoh Bean Sprouts
  6. Towfoo with Oyster Sauce
  7. 4 Soup
  8. 4 Iced Tea
roasted quarter chicken
Roasted Quarter Chicken
The Roasted Quarter Chicken had a mild soy-based sauce.  The chicken skin was so tasty and the meat was tender juicy.
honey bbq chicken
Honey BBQ Chicken
The Honey BBQ Chicken is fragrant because of the combination of the sesame seeds and honey.  We loved that despite being dominated with honey, it was not too sweet for our taste buds.  Instead, it was very appetizing to eat.

nyonya pai tee
Nyonya Pai Tee
The Nyonya Pai Tee is very crispy and fun to eat.  Every bite was crunch, crunch and crunch!
ipoh bean sprouts
Ipoh Bean Sprouts
towfoo oyster sauce
Towfoo with Oyster Sauce
The Towfoo with Oyster Sauce and Ipoh Bean Sprouts are simple and light dishes eaten just to compliment the other dishes.

chicken rice shop
Although the other dishes were good and affordable, the very reason we keep coming back to The Chicken Rice Shop is because of their icy dessert treats!  So, how good are these shaved ice selections?  Let's just say that every time I am invited to The Chicken Rice Shop, I've never hesitated.
ais cendol
Ais Cendol (75 php)
The Ais Cendol is a simple dessert originating from Penang.  If you just want to enjoy a light and refreshing treat then try this.
ais belinda
Ais Belinda (75 php)
I've always been a fan of Ais Belinda.  I just find the blending of peanut shaved ice and guyabano as heaven sent!  It's so amazingly good.  I'd crave for this any time of the day!

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The Chicken Rice Shop Menu

The Chicken Rice Shop
Business Address
Ground floor, Padre Faura Wing, 
Robinsons Place 
Ermita, Manila
Business Hours
(Robinsons Place Mall Hours)
10am-9pm / 10pm(fri and sat)
Service ChargeNone