Lunch Buffet at Corniche at Diamond Hotel

Corniche is one of the newest restaurants located at the lobby of five-star Diamond HotelCorniche has a sophisticated and elegant interiors.  I also loved that it has large windows so you can appreciate the beauty of nature outside.

corniche corniche

corniche diamond hotel
corniche diamond hotel
This is our seat view
We've been curious about Corniche since it had opened so Kurt and I decided to book our lunch date there.  Upon entering, we were greeted and led to our reserved seats which was near the dessert station.  It had a beautiful view of the outdoors.

Corniche is a spacious restaurant with numerous stations.  What we loved about Corniche is that most of their stations are interactive.  You can actually see the Chefs cooking the food they serve.  Some of the stations even let guests decide what ingredients they want to be prepared for them.
corniche diamond hotel
grilling station
Grilling Station
corniche birthday
We even witnessed someone being sang a birthday song
The Appetizer station had the most offerings.  There was Fresh Seafood, Assorted Sashimi, Assorted Sushi and Assorted MakiAssorted Cheese, PastriesSalad Bar, Pate and Terrine
fresh seafood buffet
Fresh Seafood
corniche seafood buffet
Fresh Seafood
sashimi buffet
Assorted Sashimi
sushi maki buffet
Assorted Sushi and Assorted Maki
We noticed that they have a lot of selection for their Japanese appetizers such as the Assorted Sashimi, Assorted Sushi and Assorted Maki.  We tried some of the Sashimi and Maki selection and they were pretty good.  We would also like to note that they were very quick in refilling these making sure that none of the selections were empty.
corniche cheese buffet
Assorted Cheese
I'm always eager to try out new varieties when it comes to cheese.  Although they had a few options, I'm glad I was able to taste the Sage Derby and the Taleggio Cheese. 
corniche pastries
They had a wide variety of pastries.  I noticed that they made it very convenient for the guests by offering them the option to choose among rolls, toasted bits, fresh whole bread, sliced bread and un-sliced bread.
corniche salad bar
Fresh Salad Bar
fresh salad bar
Fresh Salad Bar
hotel salad bar
Salad Bar
If you want to opt to make your own fresh salad, the Fresh Salad Bar offers a lot of ingredient selections and dressings. 
corniche buffet salad
Salad Bar
They also have prepared international varieties of salad in case you choose that over Fresh Salad.
pate terrines
Pate and Terrines
They tried all their all the selections here such as the Seafood Terrine, Pork Pate w/ Shitake Mushroom Pistachio Nuts, Vegetable Terrine and Chicken Terrine.   I loved the Pork Pate w/ Shitake Mushroom Pistachio Nuts and the Vegetable Terrine.

Fresh Pasta
fresh pasta
Fresh Pasta
Check out the beautiful and fresh ingredients for the Fresh Pasta station.  You can choose your own ingredients kept fresh and chilled by the ice and choose your preferred pasta sauce and have their chefs prepare them for you.

For the soup, we had the option to choose between prepared soups like the Pumpkin Walnut Soup and the  Chinese Pork Balls and Noodle Soup or create your own soup by selecting the noodles and other fresh ingredients you want to put in and have the chefs cook them for you.

Roast Beef and Pecking Duck
roast beef peking duck
Roast Beef and Pecking Duck
The Roast Beef and Pecking Duck was our favorite part of the buffet.  We would've eaten more if only we weren't stuffed already.

indian dishes
They had a lot of Indian Cuisine Selections.  Although Kurt was not a fan of Indian dishes, he enjoyed all of Corniche's offerings.  All them were hot off the pan so they were really delicious!

roti chutney
Roti and Chutney
Other Dishes
corniche dishes
fresh fruits
Fresh Fruits
halo halo
chocolate cream cake

corniche filipino desserts

corniche desserts

corniche juice bar
Juice Bar
Juice Bar
No drinks were not included in our buffet so we were not able to try any.

Overall, we were overwhelmed by their varieties in food selection that we were so stuffed.  We were very satisfied in terms of the food and the service.  The food were all freshly cooked and warm.  Refills were quick.  The staffs were very attentive.  

Update (Nov 30, 2011): My family dined here again and were very satisfied stating that it is the best hotel buffet they've been to.  They would like to note that they coffee and tea selections that came with the buffet are very delicious!  The ice cream selections are specially-made and yummy.   The fruits are of quality and they were fresh and sweet.

Update (May 12, 2012): Visited Corniche again for Culinaria Capampangan by Chef Sau Del Rosario

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Business Address

Diamon Hotel
Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street Manila
Business Hours
Service ChargeNone
Budget/PersonLunch Buffet: 1,420 php
(02) 528-3000

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