The Workshop Bespoke Bakery Cake Pairing with Yardstick Coffee

I've long been a fan of Chef Miko Aspiras.   I just couldn't believe it when he messaged me on instagram inviting me to launch of his new cakes with Yardstick's coffee at The Workshop Bespoke Bakery located inside Le Petite Souffle in SM Mega Fashion Hall.

the workshop bespoke bakery
This is my first time to visit both Le Petite Souffle and The Workshop so I was amazed by the interiors.

The display was awesome.
Who wouldn't be enticed to buy upon seeing these right?

Everyone was gathered for the highlight of the event...

When a young genius like Chef Miko Aspiras demonstrates about his pastry, he doesn't need a spotlight to draw the crowds attention.

Everyone was eager to see his creation.  Isn't his 17 Layer Chocolate Cake drool worthy?  The perfect match for this is Yardstick's Non-Dairy Mocha.  Believe me, the mocha is so smooth that you can't tell that it doesn't have dairy on it.

I really loved the light and subtle flavors of pistachio of the Pistachio Creme Roulade.  I knew the family would appreciate it so I  brought them home some one time.  Indeed, they had so much praise for it.  Chef Miko suggests this cake to be paired with Yardstick's Madagascar Vanilla Iced Latte.

The crowd favorite is the Basque Burnt Cheesecake.  This is indeed so good.  This is best when freshly baked or shall I say burnt?  It doesn't taste bitter and burnt at all.  The caramel isn't too sweet either.  The best coffee drink for this is Yardstick's Burnt Butterscotch Iced Latte with Salted Cream. It sounds intriguing right?  I want to try that on my next visit too.

So here they are: 17 Layer Chocolate Cake, Pistachio Creme Roulade and
Basque Burnt Cheesecake.  Try them all out.  I bet you'll find one (if not all) to be a total indulgence.

Thank you so much Chef Miko for inviting me to try this amazing desserts!
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