Chilli and Ink: The Real Deal Intensely Fiery Hot Wings and More! (Closed)

When my friend Sumi asked me to accompany her at Chilli & Ink in Teachers Village,  I was a bit skeptic because I thought it was a full-blown tattoo shop.  It was my understanding all along that I would be accompanying Sumi for a Henna tattoo and we would somehow be given a pica-pica snack as part of the service haha  XD

chilli and ink
As we viewed it's facade with food posters, I began to understand that is also a dining place. 

chilli and ink

This is the first time I've been to a tattoo shop but I'm guessing tattoo art displays are typical for those right?  The color ember red for its walls are appropriate with its branding as a chilli wings and tattoo shop.  There is a bar table in this area as an extended dining area.  If you're seated here then you back would be facing the Tattoo shop area.

chilli and ink
They also have a Hall of Flames for those who became the fastest in conquering their Hot ng Ina Nyong Lahat Challenge.  If you don't beat the time record but finish  your meal, you get to put your name on the Survivors.

chilli and ink
It's a typical hole in the wall type of place with small red wooden tables and black matching wooden chairs.  Even though we visited during the mid-afternoon, the place was packed with diners. Most of the diners are girls just like us. 

chilli fingers
Chilli Fingers (100 php)
The Chilli Fingers are fried rolls with our local siling haba (long green pepper) with cheese would be spicy.  Some of these are slightly spicy while some are bitterish.  It's like picking the lottery but I guess that just added more to the fun.  It is served with mayonnaise.

Chilli Con Carne
nachos with chilli con carne
Nachos with Chilli Con Carne (180 php)
The Nachos with Chilli Con Carne is enjoyable snack to munch on because the Chilli Con Carne gives an exciting hot kick to the taste buds.

Although the normal serving portion is five pieces., you can request them for a smaller serving of three.  Don't hesitate asking the staff for suggestions on what to order as they are very friendly and knowledgeable about their offerings.  Most of our orders are Chicken wings simply because we love them!

garlic parmesan
Garlic Parmesan (220 php/5 pcs.)
The Garlic Parmesan is a fried wings covered in Parmesan and garlic powder.  This is a zesty and salty one making it advisable to be eaten with rice.  Unlimited rice is unbelievably only 25 php from 2 pm to 6pm so better grab that great deal!  You can also fully appreciate the crunchy coating and juicy chicken meat with this.

spicy mango
Spicy Mango (150 php/5 pcs.)
I was really impressed with the Spicy Mango!  It is initially sweet and tangy followed by a slight hotness.  This is lip smackin' good!
Binagoongan (150 php/5 pcs.)

The Binagoongan is chicken wings rubbed with sweetened bagoong or shrimp paste.  The strong  sweet and salty flavor of this makes it a must to eat it with rice. 

hot ng ina nyong lahat
Hot ng Ina Nyong Lahat (150 php/5 pcs.)
My ultimate favorite is their Hot ng Ina Nyong Lahat.  It is covered in all red chilli sauce with chilli seeds on it.  I've never had a fiery hot wings as intense as this before.  Whew the spiciness spread and lingers in the mouth even after I've swallow it.  This is only three on their hotness level though.  You should try their Hot ng Ina Nyong Lahat Challenge which is level four.

Fish Fillet
California (220 php)
Another interesting variant to try is the California which is fish fillet served with mango and wasabi sauce.  The crunchy-coated soft fish fillet is irresistible when dipped!  

wasabi fish fillet
Wasabi (180 php)
I don't know why I was expecting a wasabi-mayonaise type.  But, I liked this more!  It is wasabi paste spread over the fish fillet.  Although Wasabi can also be applied to the chicken wings, we both agree that it's a better match with this. 

caramel cupcake
Caramel Cupcake (50 php)
For a sweet ending, try their light and cotton fluffy Caramel Cupcake.  I'm not a fan of anything caramel but I enjoyed ever little bit of this.

iced tea
Iced Tea (35 php)

Update (Sept 2014): Read a post on their Facebook Fan Page "we will be temporarily closing to transfer to a bigger place where we can serve you better."  Went there and this was posted...

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I've got Chilli and Ink tattooed on my mind as one of the best chicken wings place in the Metro!  And, I thought it was just an add-on to the Tattoo Shop.  Silly me cause both their food and tattoo service are pride-worthy.  Their spiciness is the real deal.  Expect intense fiery hot wings as indicated on the menu.  Other variants are also fun and a must-try for foodies.  Bring your friends along too because the food is not only affordable, the serving size is also good for sharing.  If you're alone, not to worry too because they offer Budget Meals for as low as 99 php, you already have a complete meal with drinks.  They also offer FREE WiFi and the staffs are nice so it's the perfect hang out too.

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Chilli and Ink
Business Address 51B Magiting Street, Teachers Village, East Diliman
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 12 pm-10 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 100-300
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 501-0000
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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