The Iscreamist: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and S'Mores (Teachers Village Maginhawa QC)


While enjoying our meal at Chilli & Ink, I tried checking in on Foursquare which hinted that Iscreamist is is nearby!  I couldn't restrain my voice from excitement since I've been wanting to go there since forever but I know it's far far away from home.  We were heard by the owner and staff at Chilli & Ink who told us to try it out since its very popular in the area.  They themselves have tried it too.  

the iscreamist
Lucky for me, my good friend Sumi agreed to accompany me there.  I was like a little kid frantic to go there after our meal that I even forgot my bag at Chilli & Ink.  =/  

the iscreamist
As we went in, there was a line alright.  As expect, the place was packed too.  

the iscreamist

Seating capacity is only up to 15 persons max.  As soon as there were leaving customers, I reserved the seat while Sumi was still at the counter.

the iscreamist
I guess this lists all their possible ice cream flavors.

the iscreamist
But, flavors vary per day.  You can see the menu by the back of the counter.

the iscreamist
Though limited in space, I loved the blue hue atmosphere of the place with blue orb lights.  It gives a scientific or futuristic or even out of this world kind of vibe.

The Making of Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
I got to watch how the make their Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. 
the iscreamist
Step 1: They pour the liquid nitrogen in the bowl of flavored cream.

the iscreamist
Step 2: Mix fast and hard for a few seconds.

the iscreamist
Step 3: Scoop out the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.

The Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is priced at 150 php.  I really wanted to try it but we were really stuffed and we have a dinner after. 

Dragons Breath
dragons breath

Dragons Breath S'Mores (45 php/4 pcs)
The Dragons Breath are snacks which you can dip on the Liquid Nitrogen and you'll literally breath smoke or mist.  They offer it in three variants: 
  • S'Mores - 45 php for 4 pcs.
  • Mini Macarons - 49 php for 2 pcs.
  • Tiramisu - 65 php for 4 pcs.
We decided to go for their classic Dragons Breath S'Mores which was the cheapest option for the same experience.  The Dragons Breath S'Mores stuck in Popsicle stick and placed on what appears to me as an ashtray hehe.  It is also served with a Styrofoam half-filled with Liquid Nitrogen.  The staff told us to dip it in the cup for 7 seconds then continuously bite it so our tongue won't freeze.  

liquid nitrogen safety
We recall reading this warning so we were quite cautious and unsure on what to do. XD

the iscreamist
Dragons Breath S'Mores (45 php/4 pcs)
Soon, the mist around the Dragons Breath S'Mores faded and Sumi decided to try it out first.

dragons breath smores
Dragons Breath S'Mores (45 php/4 pcs)
She gently held on the end of the stick and dipped it into the cup counting 7 seconds as the liquid nitrogen bubbles.  

dragons breath smores
Dragons Breath S'Mores (45 php/4 pcs)
This was the difficult part for us since we don't know how long to wait before we have to bite on it.  Sumi waited a bit and then bit it.  The Dragons Breath S'Mores shattered and felt into pieces unto the floor.  On the second try, she got it right already.

dragons breath smores
Dragons Breath S'Mores (45 php/4 pcs)
 On my first try, it didn't fall nor shatter but I waited too long that it lost most of its mist.  Well, this is what Liquid Nitrogen frozen Dragons Breath S'Mores look like.

And, this is my second try caught on camera.  Now, I'm usually camera shy and keep my identity secret.  This is one of the extremely rare occasions, you get to see me because I really want to share the experience so enjoy!  I guess this is like Shisha except cooler plus you get smoke of your nose too haha.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The Iscreamist grants everyone an opportunity for a fun and thrilling ice cream and snack adventure with the use of Liquid Nitrogen.  It is a one of kind experience for a reasonable price.  To guys out there who want to impress their date, bring them here and I'm should they will love it.  I'll definitely be back and order their ice cream on my next visit!

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The Iscreamist
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Business Hours 1pm-10pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 45-300
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