Being a regular work day, I rushed home to change into a red outfit for a very important event - my uncle's 70th birthday at High Street Cafe.

high street cafe
You see, my mother side is a huge family.  We are so many that we rarely get together as a whole because then we would consume an entire restaurant. 

Fresh Seafood Station
seafood station
For most of us, it is our first time at High Street Cafe.  Because their buffet rate is high, we had high expectations.  Our expectations were already satisfied just by the sight of their Fresh Seafood Station.  It has huge lobsters!

Sushi Bar
And, it has the longest Sushi Bar.

sushi bar
It has a variety of rolls.  But, the rolls seem similar to one another.

sushi bar
Plus, fresh Salmon sashimi along with other sashimi options.  My only disappointment was that it didn't offer Mackarel that night. 

Bread Station
With so many choices, I'm not surprised that we all overlooked the Bread Station.  Although we didn't get to try their pastries, I'm happy to share that they have "gluten-free" options.

Cheese Station
cheese station
Cheese selections are not as grand as the other stations.  But well, it has one.

Deli Meat Station
la prudencia spain ham
It has the finest deli meat selections from La Prudencia of Spain

deli station
There are so many choices... I didn't get to try them though.

shangrila fort

Grill Station
high street cafe buffet
I think one station that distinguishes High Street Cafe from the rest is their Grill Station.

high street cafe buffet
On most eat all you can and hotel buffets I've tried, I usually find the grilled selections either cold, tough or dry.  But here, everything is cooked juicy, tender and still warm.  The marinade and sauces are a delicious and flavorful too.

The highlight is their ♥ Wagyu Steak!  You can have it cooked according to your preference.  I believe that some portions where better than the others.  I unfortunately got a really tough part and so did my celebrant uncle.

Main Course Station
There's a main course station with a mix of international cuisine.  During our visit, there's ♥ Mac and Cheese♥ Angus Belly and ♥ Angus Beef Cheeks and some sort of ♥ Mediterranean Chicken.  We loved all of those!

high street cafe buffet
There are also fusion dishes like the Steamed Bun with Lechon Kawali.

Noodles Station
high street cafe buffet
Although it has a lot of noodle soup variants, the Laksarap comes with a tempting image that lured us all to try it.

You can choose the ingredients you want for the Laksarap.  But, it comes in only 1 size - this huge bowl which I did not finish because it was tad too salty.  I felt like I was drinking salt with a hint of coconut milk.  I checked its ala carte menu, it charged 650 php for this.  If I ordered this for that price, I'd be very disappointed.

Chinese Station
high street cafe buffet fort
High Street Cafe's Chinese Station really stands out from the rest.  Although found at the far end portion of the restaurant, it is huge and circular. 

Chinese selection begins with its Dimsum Carousel.  I forgot the options.  I was just certain it didn't have Shrimp Har Gaw that night.

peking duck
Peking Duck Station
I believe the highlight should have been the Peking Duck Station.  But at around 8:00 PM, they already ran out of Peking Ducks with no refills through out the night. 

chinese dishes
You can skip these cooked dishes...

claypot rice
And, save room for the ♥ Claypot Rice which everyone was raving about throughout the night.

Fruit Stand
fresh fruits
For a healthy ending, you should pass by the Fruit Stand

Dessert Station
bread pudding
I don't think you'd be able to resist their dessert selections though.

It's a bit odd that there are tag prices on its Cake Selections

shangrila cakes
So my 10-year old nephew reasonably thought that they charge extra for those.  I had to go with him to clarify.  And, the staff pointed out that they only charge if you want to take out.

It offered Filipino desserts.  I didn't have the tummy space to try them.

The Gelato Station was noticeably more popular.  It even ran out of Vanilla Gelato.  Just like everything else that ran out for the night, this too was not replenished.  I don't understand why its system is like that.  Isn't refills expected from buffets? 

molten lava cake
 Molten Lava Cake
I wanted to have my Molten Lava Cake in ala mode style.  The usual flavor for ala mode is Vanilla but since it doesn't have that anymore, I opted for the ♥ Ricotta Orange Gelato.  The Ricotta Orange Gelato complemented their rich, dark and bitter sweet fudgy Molten Lava Cake well.

Remember the The Cafe of Hyatt City of Dreams' Chocolate Fondant I've happily shared before?   This is at par with that.

shangrila the fort

shangrila the fort
I didn't get to try many of their cakes because we were all full from the cooked dishes.  If I were to pick two of my favorites, it would be the  Green Tea Mousse and

berry cake
 Berry Cake
this beautiful Berry Cake.

high street cafe cappuccino
Cappuccino (160 php)
The Juices are free.  But, wine and coffee have an additional charge.  This is actually our first time to encounter a hotel buffet that charges additional for coffee.  This cup of Cappuccino is priced at 160 php.  According to the staff, the reason why it is excluded is because they now lowered their buffet rate.  It used to be 2,480++ php for a dinner buffet rate and that night we were priced at 1,980++ php only.  Do you think that's fair?  Well, my uncles' thought it was. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Based on majority feedback from the Tsinoy Foodies clan (around 50+ of us), our dinner at High Street Cafe is money well spent.  Service is good!  The servers are happy to abide with any requests.  They even prepared a birthday surprise for my uncle with a cake and a song.  However, I think they should really work on the refills.  It's a bit disappointing to find out that they run out of food half way through their buffet hours.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating High Street Cafe Rate
Ambiance Breakfast (6 am - 10 am) 1,200++ php
Lunch (11:30 am - 2:30 pm) Mon-Fri 1,550++ php
Lunch (12 pm - 3 pm) Mon-Fri 2,200++ php
Dinner  (6pm-10pm):
Mon-Fri: 1,980++ php
Sat-Sun: 2,200++ php
=Favorites or Recommended 
High Street Cafe
Business Address Second Level, Shangri-La at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Business Hours 6am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 1,500-2,500 php
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 820-0888
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It's been a very long time since the girls of The Foodies Circle met.  I haven't seen the girls since last year!  Naturally, a hangout together is long overdue.  And, there's no better place to chill over good food and chill than Applebee's which we have long wanting to try.

We all rarely go to Eastwood so coming from the side, we didn't see Applebee's at first.  Good thing they had a sign by their stairs pointing us to go up.

When we got up, we were surprised to see how big and spacious the place was.  The interiors gave a hint of a laid back kind of bar.

After the first portion, there are more booths that for many would be more comfortable and well-suited for dining.

Yet, it still keeps the same dim and yellow hued lighting.  Some parents would find it to be too dark as a family restaurant but then for me, some family restaurants like Tony Roma's is even darker. 


fried sweet and spicy pickles
Fried Sweet & Spicy Pickles (195 php)
There were a lot of interesting appetizer options.  But, we were really intrigued by the Fried Sweet & Spicy Pickles.   Upon trying this out, we felt that we made the right choice.  The boys were more delighted than us since this is an amazing bar chow.

grilled watermelon and spicy shrimp salad half
Grilled Watermelon & Spicy Shrimp Salad Half (445 php)
Applebee's menu has an extensive menu including greens.  So glad they have salads because I always aim for a balance meal.  The Grilled Watermelon & Spicy Shrimp Salad swooned all of us.  I like the ying and yang between the grilled watermelon offered a sweet fruity flavor and the spicy shrimp added a nice kick together.  Together with the feta cheese, yogurt dressing and almond, this salad is the bomb!

buffalo chicken salad
Buffalo Chicken Salad Half (325 php)
If you like a very bold spicy, sweet and salty flavors to go with your greens, get the Buffalo Chicken Salad.  But, most of us found the taste to be strikingly sharp for our taste buds.

spinach artichoke grilled chicken cavatanni
Spinach Artichoke and Grilled Chicken Cavatappi (495 php)
Since I'm crazy for spinach dips, seeing the Spinach Artichoke and Grilled Chicken Cavatappi instantly lured me to order it.  However, we all felt that the spinach being fried in this case was too subtle to create a good balance against the creamy artichoke sauce.

Chicken and Fish
teriyaki balsamic glazed salmon
Teriyaki Balsamic Glazed Salmon (675 php)
If there was an order we would not have made, it would be the Teriyaki Balsamic Glazed Salmon.  The thick salmon slice was not cooked as evenly as we would have hoped.

Local Favorites
applebees liempo adobo
Applebee's Pork Liempo Adobo (485 php)
So I suggest ditch the Teriyaki Balsamic Glazed Salmon for the wholesome Applebee's Pork Liempo Adobo.

Sandwiches, Tacos and More
bbq brisket taco
BBQ Beef Brisket Tacos (545 php)
The BBQ Beef Brisket Tacos is served quesadillas style with dips and sauce.

triple all meat burger
Triple Meat All-In Burger (795 php)

Okay if you're looking for an instant heart attack, get the Triple Meat All-In Burger!  Just kidding!  But, wow this is one bad-ass burger with USDA beef burger patty, double smoked bacon, honey barbecued shredded beef brisket with cheddar cheese.

banofee chesecake
Banofee Cheesecake (350 php)
We all yearned for an evident banana taste from the Banofee Cheesecake.  We can't help but feel disappointed that the banana component is just the banana chips.  I suggest that you order this for sharing because the cheesecake is very rich and dense. 

smores creme brulee
S'Mores Creme Brulee (375 php)
I highly recommend the S'Mores Creme Brulee as a meal ender.  The slightly burnt marshmallows and rich dark chocolate fudge with caramelized crisp is wonderfully comforting to eat.  I never thought that smores could presented like this!  It is fun, appealing and delicious!


Local Crafted
brew kettle
Brew Kettle (110 php)

Sweet Adventures and Refreshers
applebees drinks
Strawberry Banana Colada (195 php), Fresh Mango Shake (175 php), Blueberry Cheesecake Shake (195 php), Fresh Lemonade (150 php)

Happy Birthday Surprise for Achie Joan (At Applebee's There's Always a Reason to Celebrate!!!)

We surely had a great time over Applebee's New Menu for 2017.   I have so much more to try so I'm coming back with the family next time!

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Applebee's New Menu 2017
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Sizzling Entrees | Chicken | Fish | Sides | Local Favorites |
Sandwiches | Tacos | Burgers  | Desserts
=Favorites or Recommended 
Branches Eastwood
CityWalk 1, 1110, C1-B Eastwood Ave, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 801-9662

Ground Floor, W Global Center, 9th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 566-6800 
Business Hours 11am-12am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 400-1,500
Free WiFi No

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