I first encountered The Romulo Food Group when  I was invited to try Tito Chef Express three years ago.  It was such a satisfying experience so when I was invited to the grand opening of Lazat Fil-Asian Restaurant & Bar, I had high expectations.

lazat fil asian restaurant and bar

I am familiar that this place used to be Cerchio.  And, now it's rebranded to be Lazat which in Malay means “delicious”.

lazat fil asian restaurant and bar
I love the interiors of the place.   The theme seems to be with related with sqaures and nature. 

lazat fil asian restaurant and bar
The party took place on the second floor with a food buffet and unlimited bar cocktails.
lazat fil asian restaurant and bar
They also have an Al Fresco area which is my ideal chill place.

lazat fil asian restaurant and bar

I could also settle for this area for more privacy.  


bulalo ramen
Bulalo Ramen
 Through their Bulalo Ramen, guests are already hinted with their Filipino and Asian fusion concept.

asian style nachos
Asian Style Nachos
singaporean crispy squid
Singaporean Crispy Squid
The menu is expansive.  All the items were interesting. 

calamares fritos
Calamares Fritos

Old favorites are included. 

thai spring rolls
Thai Spring Rolls

fried chicken bao
Fried Chicken Bao
I really loved the Fried Chicken Bao.


Main Entree
salted egg fried chicken
Salted Egg Fried Chicken
Couldn't stop munching on the Salted Egg Fried Chicken.  I lost count of how many of these I ate.

char kway teow
Char Kway Teow

We had a riceless meal because they offered 3 kinds of noodles!  The Char Kway Teow is the most flavorful.

pad thai
Pad Thai

Perhaps, I am biased to my favorite but I enjoyed the Pad Thai more.

bam i

The Bam-I is also good!

lazat fil asian restaurant

buko pandan
Buko Pandan
matcha cookies
Matcha Cookies
Overall, it was a great night of food and drinks.  No doubt this is another great concept by The Romulo Cafe Group.  Congratulations Lazat!  I will surely come back to try more of your offerings.

Lazat Fil-Asian Restaurant & Bar Menu
Soup | Salad | Appetizers | Main Entrees | Main Entrees 2 | Drinks

Lazat Fil-Asian Restaurant & Bar
Business Address 76 Scout Limbaga Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Lunch: 11am-3pm
Dinner: 6pm-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 351-5279

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I've heard of Eton International School.  I only know it because it offers Chinese so it's a typical choice for Chinese in the area.  But, I was surprised to find out that they established Eton Global Institute Center for Culinary & Hospitality Management.

eton global institute
Eton Global Institute is a provider of international trainings and life-skills programs for Culinary and Hospital Management in Manila. 

eton global institute Eton Global Institute has different programs depending on your preference:
  1. Junior Culinary Club - designed for kids with a schedule of every Saturday morning.
  2. Lifestyle Course - designed for adults with a different theme each week and an average of 5 recipes per week.  
  3. Diploma Course - a 3-6 month professional programs in Culinary and Pastry Food & Beverage Operations, Bar Management and Hospitality Services.  
  4. Special Requests - They can also offer Beginner Class (1 day session), Master Class (2-3 Days Session) and Special Occasions (Individual Classes, Private Parties, Family Celebrations, Professional Parties and Events Catering)
Life Style Course: Breads and Spreads
eton global institute
One Saturday, me and my friends joined in on the Breads and Spreads Lifestyle Course and we had so much fun!

eton global institute
The texture test

First there was a demonstration and then there was a hands-on experience where we had to do everything ourselves.  Each table or team had a chef on standby to assist and inspect.

eton global institute
The team practiced good teamwork.  We took turns in doing different tasks.

eton global institute
What I liked about the class is it thought us the basic foundation (from ground up).

eton global institute
Prior to this, I tried baking using pre-mixes bought from grocery stores.  But, it felt purely mechanical.  I did not understand how breads work.

Here's we understood the science and art of bread-making so we  knew how to measure, tweak and substitute ingredients. 

The schedule is also very systematic.  There wasn't any idle time at all.  While some breads were being baked, we did something else.

Our Italian Foccacia

And, the lessons were wholesome.  We were even thought on how to slice our Italian Foccacia.

Caramel Cinnamon Roll
During the class, we are given a recipe card.  (Perhaps, I will share all those soon). 

It was very well-prepared.  It lists down ingredients alphabetically with quantity and unit. 

It also lists down the procedure step by step. 

Aside from the learning part, we all discovered also how fun and therapeutic doing labor and seeing the fruit of our labor is.
It made us appreciate breads more.

In fact, my team (we named ourselves the "baguettes") are very proud of our masterpiece.

Although we know we have much to learn by practice and experience.

Overall, we loved the experience!  I'd happily come back to Eton Global Institute for more classes!

Eton Global Institute 
R.V. Marzan Building
1633 Makiling St. Cor.
Dimasalang Sampaloc,
Manila, Philippines

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Lately, I've been experimenting with my time schedule.  So after work, I tried squeezing in attending a yoga class.  One day I was feeling extra energetic so I did two classes back to back: Vinayasa 1 and Rocket Yoga.  And... then I ended up in the mood to try H.I.D Burgers.

hid burgers
If you frequently gas up at the Caltex Station along Buendia, then you've probably noticed H.I.D Burger's Makati branch.  But, I don't so I recently just discovered this place. 

hid burgers makati
To my surprise, H.I.D Burgers Makati branch is packed during meal hours.

hid burgers makati
The crowd is a mix bunch from couples to group of friends. 

hid burgers makati

I was hungry so as soon I was able to raid a seat, I began lining up to order.

hid burgers makati

They had a tempting challenge but someone tipped me about their sort of secret menu.  You can choose any burger and upgrade it to "Go Raclette" for an addition of 40 php.

hid burgers makati
And, you could also add on some Twister Fries which is also not on the menu for an addition of 45 php.


hid burgers makati
If you want the attention of the crowd, order any burger just like my H.I.D BLT Combo (155 php) and then "Go Raclette" (add 40 php).  Of course, everyone was looking at it while the server poured the hot raclette on top of my burger. 

hid blt go raclette burger
H.I.D BLT Combo (155 php) Go Raclette (add 40 php)
For the price I didn't think that my burger would be this big and this cheesy!!!

hid blt go raclette burger
H.I.D BLT Combo (155 php) Go Raclette (add 40 php) Twister Fries (45 php)
Had I known, I would have brought some company to share with.  I look around and although in groups, everyone had their own burger.  I guess it's because H.I.D's burgers is very reasonable so even if you don't finish it, it's still wise to just take home the rest.

hid blt go raclette burger
H.I.D BLT Combo (155 php) Go Raclette (add 40 php)
You can use their plastic gloves or like me just use knife and fork.  Because just look at the size of their beef patty plus sausage plus bacon.  And, they only have 1 size!  This is the standard size.

hid blt go raclette burger

And, their bacon is not the fatty small cut.  It is a big, long and lean strip.  There are several pieces of it too.

Hot Wings
honey sriracha mild
Honey Sriracha Mild (180 php/6 pcs.)

This is first time I've encountered honey and srircha wings.  Although I prefer an intense spiciness, sometimes mild to appreciate the flavor is good too.  The honey was evident but I didn't feel any spiciness at all from the sriracha.  It also didn't feel like chili but more of pepper.  It was surprisingly good.  The size was the biggest I've encountered.  And, the outer coating is perfectly crunchy while the meat was juicy!  I think I enjoyed this more than the burger.

cheesy bacon wedge fries
Cheesy Bacon Wedge Fries (160 php)

Another must try is the Cheesy Bacon Wedge Fries.  How can we resist a cheese and bacon combination right?  Order this for sharing because again they offer generous serving!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
While I'm not sure if H.I.D Burgers really stands for its transliteration of "Healthy"... but it is "Irresistibly Delicious" for a shockingly affordable price.  If you want a really heavy meal without breaking the bank, you can go here.  And, be sure to bring some company too because the serving size is generous!

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating H.I.D Burgers Menu
Ambiance Menu
=Favorites or Recommended 
H.I.D Burgers
Branches HID Cainta:
Tel.#: (02) 217-8086
Address: Phoenix Gas Station, Imelda Ave., Brgy. San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal

HID Angono:
Tel #: (02) 633-6447
Address: J&H Building Quezon Ave, Manila East Road, Brgy. San Isidro, Angono, Rizal

HID Regaldo Fairview:
Tel.#: (02) 463-6766
Address: Regaldo Highway Fairview, Quezon City (Near AMA Computer School in front of Satoricon Metal Craft)

HID Marcos Highway:
Tel.#: (02) 696-0648.
Address: D'Lucas Commercial Center, Marcos Highway, Brgy. Masinag, Antipolo City

HID City Golf:
Tel. #: 987-4963
Address: City Golf Plaza, Dona Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

HID Makati:
Tel.#: (02) 215-0427
Address: Caltex Station, Sen. GIl Puyat Ave. (Buendia), Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City

H.I.D Burgers Upper Antipolo
Tel.#: ‎(02) 706-4839
Address: Hebron Gas Station
E. Rodriguez Avenue, Provincial Road
Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo City
Business Hours 11am-2am
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 150-400
Free WiFi No
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