Naci Comfort Food: More Vibrant Offerings (Relocated to Greenhills as Cafe Naci)

One of our my best gastronomic discovery last year was Naci Comfort Food.  If you haven't tried Naci yet, you can now visit them at their new home at Fort with a more vibrant and lively atmosphere.  

naci comfort food

Its high ceiling with white modern drop lights, multi-colored chairs, enticing LCD screen and cute decors gave off a light and cozy feel. 
naci comfort food
Aside from the helpful and colorful menu platemats, they also use a tab for their menu which is pretty cool.

naci comfort food

Well, its been quite some time since The Foodies Circle got to dine again so we may have been a little been carried away. 

nats appetizer sampler
Nat's Appetizer Sample: Beef Taco Springroll, Cajun Mozzarella Balls, Glazed Chicken Wings and Classic Salpicao (520 php)
I fell in love with the Beef Taco Springroll on my first time and its still the best for me.  The others are not that far behind either.  The Cajun Mozarella Balls is a fried crunchy ball with cajun spiced mozzarella cheese.  The Glazed Chicken Wings is tasty with a nice crisp.  I actually appreciated this more than my last visit.  While, the Classic Salpicao is simply nice and tender. 

Naci Specialties
peruvian chicken rice
Peruvian Chicken Rice (420 php)
The Peruvian Chicken Rice is a slow baked rice with chunks of chicken and suateed capsicum topped with aoli and slices of lemon.  I found the blend of flavors of this dish and tenderness of its chicken bits more appealing this second time around. 

shrimp jambalaya rice
Shrimp Jambalaya Rice (480 php)
The Shrimp Jambalaya Rice is slow cooked baked rice with curry, coconut cream and shrimps topped with fried eggplant, tomatoes and raisins.  This is different from other versions I've tried but it has its own flare.  

tita ems chowder
Tita Em's Chowder (260 php)
Tita Em's Chowder is thick, rich and creamy.  It's supposed to be served in a bread bowl which is not yet available since they just opened in last April. 

onion soup
Onion Soup (180 php)
The Onion Soup is the classic caramelized onion soup topped with french baguette and generous amounts of melted mozzarella cheese.  

enoki and soba broth
Enoki and Soba Broth (240 php)
My favorite among their soup offerings is the Enoki and Soba Broth.  The seafood dashi broth is refreshingly addictive.  The enoki and seafood is cooked satisfactorily and the texture of the soba is perfect.  

classic caesar salad
Classic Caesar Salad (200 php)
If you havn't noticed yet, I always order the Classic Caesar Salad whenever available.  For me this is an old classic that never dies.  And, this version is what I expect of it.

tofu green salad
Tofu Green Salad (220 php)
The Tofu Green Salad is something new to me.  It is a mixed green salad with crisp tofu crouton, egg and pepper calamari drizzle with Chinese vinegar dressing.  I like the innovation but it didn't leave much impact.

kani mango crunch
Kani Mango Crunch (260 php)
I've loved the Kani Mango Crunch before and it has once again made my heart swooned with its layered greens, ripe mangoes, cucumber strips, crispy wanton and vermicelli.  The sasabi mayo dressing adds the final touch that leaves a brilliant sensation to the taste buds.   

smoked salmon salad
Smoked Salmon Salad (280 php)
The Smoked Salmon Salad with onion rings, cherry tomatoes, mixed green, paermesan shavings and dill dressing is another must try salad from Naci.


grilled mahi mahi
Grilled Mahi Mahi (380 php)
I'm rarely impress with grilled dishes.  But, this Grilled Mahi Mahi is delicious!  There's something magical with the combination of the Grilled Mahi Mahiand the dill cream that makes it light yet flavorful at the same time.  


oven baked bbq chicken
Oven Baked BBQ Chicken (320 php)
The Oven Baked BBQ Chicken is succulent but I found the sauce too sweet for my preference.  For the price, I was yearning for something special.

Lites (Merienda)
steak cheese pizza
Steak and Cheese Pizza (540 php)
The Steak and Cheese Pizza reminds me of philly cheese steak really.  Its got thin slices of beef tenderloin, fresh shitake mushrooms and cheese sauce.  Being a huge mushroom fun, I really enjoyed this.  But, I think the Pecking Chicken Pizza, I had last time is still a clear winner. 

nadines adobo cannelloni
Nadine's Adobo Cannelloni (360 php)
The Nadine's Adobo Cannelloni is a pasta roll filled with classic flaked adobo.  It is topped with Bechamel laced with Adobo Sauce and Mozzarella.  It is also served with foccacio break which makes it a complete meal by itself.  If you enjoy the salty taste of Adobo together with zesty cheese, you'll like this.  I'm still a fan of their Beef Caldereta Lasagna though.

penne al fungi white shrimps
Penne Al Fungi with White Shrimps (360 php)
I'm not usually a fond of white cream sauces for pasta, but the basil mushroom cream sauce of the Penne Al Fungi with White Shrimps is an interesting twist.  Plus, I love shrimps and mushroom so what a glorious meal it is for me.  

Mouthwatering Cakes
I description is 100% accurate!

chocolate ganache cake
Chocolate Ganache Cake (165 php/slice)
The Chocolate Ganache Cake is on top of my list among their cake selections!  It is coated with thick, smooth and rich chocolate ganache that melts in your mouth in every bite.  And, its soft luscious moist chocolate is so heavenly that you just can't get enough until you finish the entire slice.

red velvet cake
Red Velvet Cake (130 php/slice)
The Red Velvet Cake had a nice taste to it which is neither too sweet nor bland.  But, I found it a bit dry.

pistachio sanrival cake
Pistachio Sanrival (120 php/slice)
The Pistachio Sanrival has wonderful delicately crispy, sweet, chewy, and nutty layers.   Being a big fan of the unique nutty taste of pistachio, I'm pleased that their topped with lots of them. 

Premium Cupcakes
Tip: If you buy a dozen, you get 30 php off!
premium cupcakes red velvet
Chocolate Ganache (90 php), Red Velvet (75 php), Caramel Cream (75 php) and Black and White (90 php)
I enjoyed the cake version rather than the Chocolate Ganache cupcake.  I found it a bit dry.  On the otherhand, the Red Velvet is surprisingly way better than the cake.  It's rich with the tangy cream cheese frosting and the cupcake is soft and moist.  At first, I had the impression that the Caramel Cream would be too sweet for my taste but I was wrong!  The light chiffon layer with vanilla cream neutralizes the caramel fudge so its well-balanced.  I used to be really impressed with the Black and White cupcake but now I'd choose the Chocolate Ganache Cake over it. 


Fresh Fruit Shakes
black grape shake
Black Grape Shake (165 php)
My friend ordered and loved her Black Grape Shake.

Smoothies and Shakes
strawberry kiss
Strawberry Kiss (235 php)
The Strawberry Kiss is  not only visually appealing, it tastes even better with its refreshing mysterious subtleties.  But, the price will surely make you think twice.

mocha java chip
Mocha Java Chip (225 php)
Being a coffee lover, I tried the Mocha Java Chip and its amazing!  It had a smooth rich aromatic espresso taste that simply allures my senses.

Signature Iced Teas
tamarind iced tea
Tamarind Iced Tea (120 php)
The Tamarind Iced Tea is a must try if you're want to try a new twist to iced teas. 

Update June 15, 2014: Relocated to their original location in Connecticut Greenhills as Cafe Naci.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I see a bright future for Naci Comfort Food in its new home.  Its a great place to consider when at the Fort Bonifacio area.  They have a lot of variety from breakfast to heavy meals.  They even have a Cohen Friendly menu.  I'd even vouch for their desserts and drinks. 

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Naci Comfort Food
Business Address Unit 3 Two Parkade 7th Avenue,
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
Business Hours
Mon-Thu: 11 am - 11 pm
Fri-Sat: 11 am - 1 am
Sun: 11 am - 11 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-800
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 847-6224 / 09175234315
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