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Ever since we heard about Sariwon Korean Barbecue opening here in the Philippines last May, we have included it on our wishlist.  So after hanging out at Jamba Juice, we decided to have dinner there.  

sariwon korean barbecue
The origin of Sariwon dates back to 1938, when Mrs. Koo developed her own special recipe of bulgogi composed of 12 different kinds of fruits and vegetables without sugar for her diabetic husband.  Seventy years and two generation later, Sariwon has gained tremendous popularity and has garnered many awards which includes being titles as the "Best Korean Restaurant" by the Seoul  Metropolitan Government.  

sariwon korean barbecue
Sariwon's traditional Korean interiors reflect a serene feel.  Among the many frames hanged on its walls is the Zelkova tree, native tree in Korea that spans 900 and withstands wind, drought and winter.  It reflects endurance, longetivity, patience, tolerance, peace and harmony.  As Sariwon's legacy involves bulgogi or Korean barbecue, all the tables therein are equipped with gas smokeless grillers.  

sariwon korean barbecue
Our dinner at Sariwon began with a simple gesture of pouring hot water over what appeared to us as coin-sized dehydrated towels.  We were amused to watch them as they sprung up and expanded into the usual form.

sariwon korean barbecue salad
Complimentary Salad
Unlike other authentic Korean restaurants, Sariwon serves a Complimentary Salad composed of shredded purple cabbage, lettuces and cherry tomatoes glazed with sesame vinaigrette dressing.  This light salad is the perfect meal starter.  

Complimentary Banchan (Korean Side Dishes)
We were then served our Complimentary Banchan composed of: (clockwise)
  • Kimchi
  • Roasted Anchovies
  • Blanched Spinach
  • Kimchi Raddish
  • Korean Beansprouts 
  • Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Mash
From the Grill
 Galbi 280g (545 php)
The Galbi is a juicy and marinated USDA beef short ribs served raw in a platter together with some garlic cloves, green and red bell peppers and enoki mushrooms to be cooked on the grill top.  We were also given some lettuce and Gochujang (red pepper sauce) to eat it with.

  Galbi 280g (545 php)
We had ours cooked medium so we were able to enjoy its perfect texture and flavor to a great extent.  We all loved this!  This is definitely the best Galbi, I have ever tried.  Even by itself, you will surely be enthralled by the richness, juiciness and tenderness.  This was my favorite for the night!

Dak Galbi (350 php)
The Dak Galbi is grilled marinated chicken cubes served in a hot plate.  It was savory and succulent with a bit of a zing.  

House Specials Barbecue
sariwon bulgogi
 Sariwon Bulgogi 150g (545 php)
sweet potato noodles
Sweet Potato Noodles 
The Sariwon Bulgogi is silky thin beautifully marbled USDA beef served with mushrooms and leeks and sweet potato noodles to be cooked on the table griller-boiler.  

sariwon bulgogi
 Sariwon Bulgogi 150g (545 php)
Since this is the first time for us to encounter such a dish, we eagerly watched as our server prepared it step by step.  He placed the meat on the center and the leeks and mushroom on the side.  Then, a hot pot was poured over the meat.  When the meat is nearly cooked, the mushroom and leeks were places on top of the meat and the sweet potato noodles were added to the side.

sariwon bulgogi
 Sariwon Bulgogi 150g (545 php)
The Sariwon Bulgogi is not as tasty on its own so its best enjoyed with the sweet potato noodles and the fragrant Sariwon sauce.  The sweet potato noodles gained all our approval.  We were all enchanted by its light and soft texture and its mellow sweet taste.  It is one of the best noodles that I have tried. You can tell that they are freshly made everyday!

Other Specialties
haemul pajeon
Haemul Pajeon (350 php)
The Haemul Pajeon is a traditional Korean pancake filled with squid, shrimp, oysters and green leeks.  What made Sariwon's Haemul Pajeon a success is the freshness of its ingredients.   I enjoyed the eloquent flavors of the seafood enhanced by the contrast of textures between the soft batter, chewy seafood and the crunchy green leeks. 

Japchae (350 php)
The Japchae is clear vermicelli noodles topped with black fungus, green onions, carrots, spinach, pork and sesame seeds.  The Japchae possessed an excellent play of textures and flavors.  I was especially impressed by the bouncy vermicelli and the crunchy black fungus.  I also liked the fact that it didn't have a hint of greasiness.

Rice & Noodles
dolsot bibimbap
Dolsot-Bibimbap (380 php)
The Dolsot-Bibimbap is one of my favorite Korean specialties.  Sariwon's version is served with generous amount of vegetables and drizzles with fragrant sesame seeds.  I enjoyed it to the very last bit especially the socarrat at the bottom.

Although they serve a house tea of Barley Tea, their wide variety of drinks convinced us to try some of them.

kiwi shakessojutini
Fresh Fruit Shakes
The Kiwi Fruit Shake (160 php) is served in a tall glass.  I enjoyed its sweetness and richness.  On the other hand, the ♥ Citrus Herb Juice (150 php) is a more light and refreshing option.

Sariwon Cocktails
The Sangria Soju (195 php) is a sweet blend of red wine and soju topped with apple, orange and lemon slices.  It was served in a large cocktail glass.  Although it was sweet, you could really feel the strength of the soju in it.

The Cherry Blossom Sojutini (140 php) is a pink concoction with cherry brandy, lime and soju.  Although this looks more like a ladies drink than the Sangria Soju, it delivers a greater punch than the latter perhaps because of the brandy.

 Sikhye (60 php)
The Sikhye is a drink made of malt and rice.  Although it doesn't look too appealing, it is pleasantly sweet and delicious!  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Sariwon is a must-try when craving for Bulgogi (Korean barbecue) and Galbi.  Their special sauces are unlike any other.  The servers are also nice and attentive.  I heard the price here is more affordable than their other counterparts too.  Best to come in groups since most of the grill dishes are good for sharing.  I will definitely bring my family at Sariwon to share with them my pleasurable experience.

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