Octoboy: Crave-worthy Japanese Sizzling Pizza and Takoyaki!

For quite some time, I've heard a lot of people raving about Octoboy.  So when the gang scheduled a whole day of pampering at Nuat Thai Tomas Morato, we decided to have lunch first at Octoboy.

octoboy tomas morato
Octoboy is located at the second floor with a flashing red and yellow signage. It has a cute octopus logo that's hard to miss. 

octoboy tomas morato
To make sure you find it, they have a large signage by the parking lot too.

octoboy tomas morato
It has a casual interior with a serene Japanese influence.  It has an open kitchen so you could see the chefs prepare your dishes.  Aside from the inside, there are also tables on the outside where bands play on the weekends from 9 pm onwards.  


kani salad
  Kani Salad (165 php)
Although I love crabsticks, I'm not such a huge fan of Kani Salad because I find the mayonnaise dressing overwhelming.  But, I loved Octoboy's version of Kani Salad.  It's loaded with nori and tobiko on top of the usual ingredients like mango, cucumber and crab sticks.  What made it even more special is the vinaigrette that brings great balance to the Kani Salad.

 Edamame (100 php)
While waiting for the rest of our orders, we kept ourselves occupied with the Edamame.  I've always seen this in Japanese Animes but its the first time for me to try it.  The pinching part to get the beans out is quite addictive.  

Chicken Okonomiyaki (300 php)
Octoboy prides itself with its sizzling pizza Okonomiyaki so I had high expectations for it.  The Chicken Okonomiyaki is unlike others I've tried before.  It was had bountiful toppings such as Chicken Terriyaki, mozzarella, chili sauce, peanut mayo, crispy tofu skin and sesame seeds.  It was an explosion of flavors.  Texture-wise it was soft, saucy and creamy.  It was certainly one of a kind!

yakiudon shrimp
 Yakiudon Shrimp (395 php)
The Yakiudon Shrimp is another one of a kind dish.  It is udon topped with wakame, vegetables, curry mayo and breaded shrimp.  I loved its wholesome and savory taste especially the right amount of zing that tickles my taste buds. 

 Octopus Takoyaki (120 php)
Hands down Octoboy's Octopus Takoyaki is one of the best I've ever tried!  They serve quality  Octopus Takoyaki  that's huge and not airy.  They are filled with real octopus chunks and veggies.  I still can't forget how these tasty, gooey and creamy balls melted into my mouth.  It was awesome!

Chef's Best Choice
grilled saba mackarel with ponu sauce
 Grilled Saba Mackarel with Ponzu Sauce (280 php)
I think I've mentioned before that I always order the grilled saba whenever available because it's my favorite.  Octoboy's Grilled Saba Mackarel with Ponzu Sauce is served with freshness.  It was flavorful even without the ponzu sauce.  Even fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt who is not a fish lover enjoyed it.

crispy gyoza
Crispy Gyoza (95 php)
To add some twist to the traditional steamed gyoza, Octoboy offers the Crispy Gyoza.  I find these quite indulging because contrast of the crispy shell and tender meat is superb.  The crispy shell also locks in the flavors which is unleashed in every bite.

kashi maki
Kashi Maki (Midnight Mint, Oolong Berry, ChocoLocco and White Matcha)
For their dessert selections, Octoboy has partnered with My Pink Wasabi in serving the Kashi Maki.  Octoboy sure is smart to put up a menu of Kashi Maki in every table because we were successfully tempted to try it out.  

kashi maki menu

We were able to try four variants:

  • Midnight Mint - It's a chocolate cake coated with cocoa powder and filled with dark mint traffule in the middle.  It is also topped with mint roe.  This was delicious but I didn't find it as intriguing as the rest.

  • Oolong Berry - This is dominantly strawberry in taste as it is topped with strawberry roe although it is wrapped in white chocolate and filled with white chocolate ganache in the center.  It is said to be infused with Oolong tea but we all could hardly distinguish it except for the fragrance.

  • ChocoLocco -This is a nut crusted chocolate cake filled with milk chocolate and cashew nut paste.  This is the favorite of my companions but I didn't enjoy it as much since I didn't like the contrast between the dry and rough nuts and the milk chocolate.  The taste reminds me of my favorite chocnut chocolate bar though.

  •  White Matcha - We all agreed that this is the best flavor.  It had a nice balance between the white chocolate, pistachio and green tea.  

These Kashi Maki  treats are so luscious that popping one just isn't not enough.  To tell you the truth, we loved it so much we even forgot to share it with the boys. =p

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Octoboy's Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki are definitely one of the best (if not the best) here in the Metro.  Since there's none like it, you just have to visit Octoboy whenever you can.  I've sure you'll agree with me once you try that they are crave-worthy!  Their other Japanese dishes infused with their own twist are also worth a try.  Their pricing is surprisingly very reasonable despite their premium quality.  Better come in groups because their serving size is great for sharing.  They have a FREE WiFi so its a great hangout even for some snacks.   And, if you want to enjoy some night life with some booze and music, drop by on the weekends around 9 p.m. with your friends.  You can also share the experience with others by ordering for delivery or renting their food cart for events.

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