Zark's Burger: Taking on the Jawbreaker Challenge

I've been to Zark's several time during college days.  Although located on the second floor with a discreet signage, it's credibility for making unique hearty burgers has established its reputation among Lasallians and more.  But, it never crossed my mind to take the Jawbreaker Challenge until recently when my friends all decided to go and try.  I arrived a bit late due to the road closing in Quirino because of a cave-in.  So when I came in, fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt and the rest were clenched on their stubs as they were ready to begin.  

zarks jawbreaker day 7
Zark's was crowded with a long line for take outs.  We watched as they prepared one burger to another without taking any breaks.  We felt so lucky that Richie got a hold of some stubs for us.  He's definitely one of the coolest foodies around!

zarks jawbreaker day 7
Every table had the Jawbreaker burger on their table.  I guess no one wanted to be the wuss in the group right?  Especially when the photos of the successful challengers are posted on the wall just to intimidate you.

zarks jawbreaker day 7
After we handed out our stubs, we got our Jawbreaker Burger served with fries.  The Jawbreaker Burger is the BIGGEST burger I have ever encountered.  Aside from the noticeable oozing cheese sauce, it had two spam slices, strips of bacon, three thick and heavily seasoned beef patties and veggies.  

Everyone had their own way of eating it.  We Tsinoy Foodies are very traditional.  No matter how thick the burgers are, we squeeze them tight and bite through them so we can appreciate all those grueling layers.  

zarks jawbreaker day 7
Kurt's empty plate
As much as I want to conquer the challenge, I have to admit that I even failed to finish my burger.  I ate around 3/4 of it and paid 50 php for take out and gave it to the nearest beggar.  On the other hand, Kurt had proven himself worthy of being a foodie as he was able to finish his Jawbreaker Burger and french fries despite having lunch before he left home.  But, he was not able to finish it within five minutes which makes all of us failed challengers. =p

Would I want to take on the challenge again?  Yes of course!   I'll try and try until I finish the burger and then beat the time.  On the other hand, I firmly believe that Kurt can beat the time the next time around.  We'll keep you posted when we do. =D  

How about you?  Any Jawbreaking stories to share?

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