Mother's Cafe & Crepe: Mazazu Crepe Now in the Philippines

After taking the Jawbreaker Challenge at Zark's Burger, the group decided to supposedly burn all those calories by shopping at the End of Season Sale at SM Mall of Asia.   Upon reaching the mall, I somehow felt that we were bound to eat sooner or later when our first stop was not a store but a drink stand.  As expected after three hours of shopping, we were again on a food spree as we were enchanted to try the wonderful crepes and drinks at Mother's Cafe & Crepe.  

Mother's Cafe & Crepe is known as Mazazu Crepe in other countries.  It originated from Japan in 1998 and has now more than 40 stores in Japan with stores opening in Singapore, Korea, Canada, Hongkong, China, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and now in the Philippines.  

mothers crepe and cafe philippines
The Mother's Cafe & Crepe store can be found on the second floor on the outdoor area by the Movie Theater.  The space is quite limited housing only a few tables.  But, all their treats and drinks are good for take out too which I find convenient for movie snacks and drinks. =D

Mother's Cafe & Crepe's authentic Japanese crepes are unlike any other.  They are healthier because their crepe mix is mixed with bran making them high in dietary fibre.  Each crepe contains 50% of the dietary fibre commonly found in cereals.  It is also fortified with minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc.  They also use a light-tasting and low-fat whipped cream which contains only 26% fat contest and its all vegetable fat so its low in cholesterol.  

Mother's Cafe & Crepe has a lot of crepes and drinks selections.  And, if that's not enough for you, they even allow you to create your own crepe.  As much as we wanted to try them all, we all fell dazed just by looking at their menu.  We were lucky that the owner Mrs. Adeline Ong Santiago was very hands-on as she was there to manage her store during our visit so she hinted us on what to order.

Deluxe Crepe
almond choco banana deluxe crepe
Almond Choco Banana (125 php)
We had the Almond Choco Banana served in a plate because it's easier for sharing.  When eating food with bran, I usually could tell the difference by there texture.  But, Mother's Crepe was different.  It was silky smooth, a bit moist but not soggy and mildly chewy.  I let it linger for a bit appreciating its perfect consistency in every mouthful.  The toppings are also wonderful as the chocolate sauce, sweet banana slices and crispy almonds were just match-made to blend together with the lightest whipped cream ever.  

Premium Crepe
strawberry and banana premium crepe
 Strawberry & Banana (155 php)
The Strawberry & Banana are light and refreshing.  They use Driscoll's strawberries to assure the best quality in their strawberry so it's really sweet and huge in size.  I love Driscoll's strawberries so we buy them whenever available at SNR but they are expensive so I really appreciate Mother's Cafe & Crepes effort in sourcing them into the country just to provide the best for their customers.  I love the simple contrast of flavors between the Strawberry & Banana with the complements of the choco sauce and light whipped cream.  This is my favorite among all our orders.

Ice Crepe
caramel strawberry cheesecake soft
 Caramel Strawberry Cheese Cake Soft (255 php)
If you like it heavy, the Caramel Strawberry Cheese Cake Soft is the loadful of sweet treat for you.  It has strawberries, raw milk vanilla soft serve, whipped cream and cheese cake glazed in caramel sauce.  They use Japanese cheese cake that's light and fluffy baked by Mrs. Adeline herself.  It was so delicious that my friends were asking if they sell the cake alone. =p  All together this is a meal in itself already.  

Delica Crepe
bacon egg delica crepe
 Bacon Egg (130 php)
Although sandwich is healthier for the diet, I've never been a fan of the gourmet or submarine sandiwches because I find them too dry for my preference.  But, the Bacon Egg is my type of healthy meal at an affodable price too.  They use free range eggs by the way.  The eggs are wonderfully cooked using a special Japanese technology that keeps the yolk golden and creamy similar to those serve as a topping in authentic Japanese ramen.  A bite of through the soft crepe, crunchy lettuce, flavorful bacon and creamy egg is just awesome!  Although I usually find dessert crepes more enticing, this just changed my perspective.  

Soft Cream
raw milk vanilla soft cream
Raw Milk Vanilla Cup 6 Oz (120 php)
If there's one food in the world I can't live without it would be Ice Cream so I certainly couldn't miss their soft server ice cream.  To appreciate the flavors of the Hokkaido milk, I opted for the Raw Milk Vanilla flavor.  This was creamier than the usual ice cream but the sweetness overwhelmed me as I was near to finishing my large cup.  I guess this is best meant to be shared but gluttony struck me. >.<

green tea orange float melon soda
Orange Float 16 oz. (95 php), Melon Soda Tapioca 16 oz. (85 php) and  Green Tea Milk 16 oz. (95 php)
The Orange Float is orange soda with their Raw Milk Vanilla Soft Cream.  The Melon Soda Tapioca has fragrant melon taste with chewy tapioca.  While the Green Tea Milk has a clean green tea taste made creamier with milk.  I liked that it wasn't too sweet like the other commercialized ones.  

milk tea
 Jasmine Green Tea with Cream Cheese 16 oz. (90 php) and Milk Tea 16 oz. (85 php)
The Jasmine Green Tea with Cream Cheese possess a strong tea aroma and flavor topped with delicious cream cheese and green tea powder.  Tea lovers like me will surely fall in love with this drink!  This is definitely one of the best tea drink available here in the Metro.  On the other hand, I found the Milk Tea too light for my taste.  Perhaps, those who prefer it milky will enjoy this more.  

caramel latte
Caramel Latte (95 php)
Mother's Crepe & Cafe serves Key Coffee, a coffee brand that's popular in Japan.  The Caramel Latte is adequate for those who prefer their coffee light and sweet. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Mother's Cafe & Crepe is an must-try food stop for delicious meals, drinks and desserts.  Variation and customization is something granted when visiting Mother's Cafe & Crepe so you'll surely get what your craving for.  Try it and I assure you that their crepes are unforgettable and will leave you wanting for more.  Since  Mother's Cafe & Crepe is found just near the SM Movie Theatres, they are the best option for  movie snacks and drinks too.

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