Lucky Star 88 Seafood Restaurant: Authentic Mainland Chinese Cuisine (Pasay)

It was a rainy night but it still didn't stop the family from celebration my uncle's birthday.  We were invited to celebrate it at Lucky Star 88 Seafood Restaurant in Aseana China Town.  

lucky star 88 seafood restaurant
Aseana China Town is a new compound in the South with establishments that are grand and pricey! Aside from Lucky Star 88, there's Bonrich Dimsum Tea House, Tycoon KTV Deluxe Club, Nak Won Korean Restaurant and Goldenage Health Spa.

lucky star 88 seafood restaurant
Lucky Star 88 is huge but it was barely occupied when we dined.  That didn't discourage us.  Besides, I really like the name.  It reminded me of my favorite Taiwan Drama "My Lucky Star" and also favorite comedy Anime" Lucky Star".

assorted combination cold cuts
Assorted Combination Cold Cuts (900 php)
I must have had cold cuts more than a thousand times.  But, this Assorted Combination Cold Cuts stood out because it had crispy wanton and a salad to go with it.  The cold cuts were also delicious.

lucky 88 seafood restaurant
I have no idea what this soup was but it was good!

lucky 88 seafood restaurant
Pork Knuckles
This Pork Knuckles was just okay.

fried noodles with assorted meat
Fried Noodles with Assorted Meat (480 php)
Poor Fried Noodles with Assorted Meat, it seems in every lauriat dinner it is always the least favourite.  

braised lamb in hot pot
 Braised Lamb in Hot Pot (1,280 php)
It is the first time we had Braised Lamb in Hot Pot.  It was spicy and soft so I enjoyed it.  I liked
that it also had tofu skin which is my favorite but rarely get to eat.

fried pigeon
 Fried Pigeon
Since we were little, we always look forward to having the Fried Pigeon.  I recall those days we even love eating the brains in its.  As we grew up, we realized it had too much cholesterol so we don't have them as much.  

lucky 88 restaurant
This vegetable, I don't know the name in English.  I only know the Chinese name.  My mom always seems to be very happy whenever she buys this from the market saying its a special day so I guess I grew to love it.

live shrimp
♥ Live Shrimp
The fresh seafood here is expensive.  But to be fair, the Live Shrimp  is really good.

lucky 88
This is another first.  The dessert is Glass Jelly with slices of pineapple and melon.  

fresh fruit
Fresh Fruits
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Our elders doesn't seem to feel that our bill at Lucky Star 88 was justified.  But, I enjoyed the new dishes but they are not as enthusiastic.  Having an interest in psychology, I do acknowledge that it is scientifically proved that people prefer familiarity in everything though and food is no exception.

Lucky Star 88
Business Address Bradco Ave, ParaƱaque, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 500-1,500
Free WiFi No
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