The Frazzled Cook: Lunch Zomato Foodie Meet Up (Tomas Morato Quezon City)

If there's one word to describe me on a usual day... it would be "Frazzled".  (Now, you know why this author has maintained anonymosity even to the 1000th post!)  So for a change how about I take a splendid time with fellow foodies and let The Frazzled Cook take charge.  

If you've been reading my blogs, you'd know my philosophy on dining is for sharing.  And, I really think that's why I love the Philippine foodie community the most.  You get to meet so many people and everyone is just so warming and sharing.   I guess that's why despite being a wallflower, I never worry about what it's like to go to one food event after another.  

Now, I know there are non-foodie people.  But, there are a lot of foodies so I consider it as one of the biggest mix of people.  There are practically foodies from all walks of life.  

So in a food event, you'll see so many foodies.  There's the ordinary foodie like my long time IG friend Niel (which bothers me because he suddenly quit), social media influencer foodies, Zomato top reviewers as part of what they call Zomato Foodie Meet-up (Zomato FMU), Looloo top reviewers as part of what they call Looloo rendevous, food bloggers like me, media and more!  

Oh and there's no exclusivity!  One person can be a Zomato top reviewer, Loloo top reviewer, a social media influencer and a food blogger as well.   I know others who are like that but I'm not.  I am just you're ordinary food blogger who has a Zomato account but not much reviews on it so I don't usually get to join a Zomato FMU.   I always intended to be more active as other bloggers on Zomaot though cause Zomato has a good incentive for bloggers with its Spoonback System.  It allows bloggers to have a link to their blogs under every review.  There's also a separate ranking category for bloggers.  But since my work doesn't permit me to have much time to make more reviews, I would be excited to get rare Zomato FMU invites just so I can meet the top Zomato reviewers.  This time is not different.  

So after some food styling and some food shots (which includes vlogging now to my surprise!) we got proceeded to our late lunch.  I have to confess, I am a first time guest at The Frazzled Cook.  

Sizzling Squid (495 php)
For my initiation, the first dish I tried is the sweet and saucy Sizzling Squid.  What a superb starter!

Soups & Salads
♥ Herbal Chicken Salad (275 php)
If you've been following my IG stories and IG posts, I've been having this coming-of-age thought all of a sudden.  This may be funny because this is so easy for many but let me share with you something I've been promising myself since forever:

1.  Learn photography - Yes, I don't know anything about it until now.  But, every time I go to events and see someone really good especially my street photography mentor Sir Ted Claudio, I've been really wanting to learn.

My resolve:   You see, I really have poor self-discipline so in order to start change, I have to make an indirect change to push me to go out of my normal and comfort practice.  Thus, I sold my old camera real quick by selling it at a giveaway price.  Testing out new cameras in manual mode.  I am viewing more photos in IG and 500px.

2. Adopt a healthier lifestyle 

My resolve:   Subscribed to the nearest gym so I wouldn't have any excuse.  As for diet, yes I eat more greens!

So I am happy to share that I happily devoured on this Herbal Chicken Salad with basic vinaigrette the most!

Pizza & Paella
Truffle Mushroom Pizza
One of the special gestures made by The Frazzled Cook especially for us is to let us try the Truffle Mushroom Pizza.  I felt like we hit the jackpot with this one because it was so rich in truffle flavor!  Fellow truffle lovers, do try this when it officially becomes part of the menu.    

Meat & Poultry

Wagyu Salpicao (595 php)
I recall when the whole "wagyu" craze hit Manila, I used to be so excited to have more and more of it.  It was more premium than our local beef in terms of texture and price.  Soon, my excitement faded as it was the same one after the other.  But, guess what?  When I popped one of these Wagyu Salpicao cube unto my mouth, it surprised me that it was not just the soft almost melting into your mouth sensation that got me popping one cube after another.  It was every component of the dish: (1) the generous garlic bits, (2) the fragrant rich garlic taste that has seeped well into the oil were the wagyu cubes swam (3) the soft wagyu cubes (4) the salt, pepper and the balancing subtle hint of mint and bitterness from the dried parsley bits. 

Chicken Cordon Bleu (395 php)
You can already diagnose my impression of the Chicken Cordon Bleu just by visual inspection.


 Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa (325 php)
So moving on with a new found favorite salmon dish: the Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa.   This has pushed the usual Baked Salmon dish to second in rank.

Seafood Paella for 5 (600 php)
Let me make you a number 1 rule when dining at The Frazzled Cook: Replace rice with paella so you don't go home with regrets.  Just look at the Seafood Paella There seems to be a seafood party going on! You can expect a celebration of flavors as you welcome them in every spoonful.

 Paella Negra For 5 (635 php) 
While I hate to make comparisons, I must say this time the Paella Negra  is the winner amongst the two.  Every black grain delivered a rich squid ink taste.  On some occassions, I even though that squid ink flavor is hardly detectable by the most delicate tongues.  Yet, The Frazzled Cook has worked wonders by magnifying the taste making us wanting and worshipping such dish till the end of our meal.

 Truffle Pasta Family (515 php)
I would have been a devoted worshipper for the Paella Negra, if only we weren't served the Truffle Pasta.  It was like a holy grail for both truffle lovers and bacon lovers and I happen to be both!  It is actually mellow to the mouth as every component created a harmonious melody of flavors.  

Overall, thank you The Frazzled Cook for the excellent hospitality and for Zomato for inviting me.

The Frazzled Cook
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Business Hours 10am-12am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 500-1,000
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Contact (02) 374-6879
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