Osaka Ohsho: 9 New Cross Cultural Menu

It's been awhile since I paid Osaka Ohsho a revisit.  How timely that I was invited try their 9 new cross-cultural menu. 

truffle gyoza
Truffle Gyoza
Let me start with my favorite Truffle GyozaThe balance between the pork flavor and truffle oil is perfect.

chori gyoza
Chori Gyoza
For those who prefer a bolder and stronger flavor, the Chori Gyoza is for you.

nori nachos
Nori Nachos
The Nori Nachos is an addictive starter.  Its wonderfully crisp without any hint of greasiness.

chicken enoyaki
Chicken Enoyaki
The Chicken Enoyaki is an upgraded version of the usual Chicken Teriyaki.

matcha butter tonkatsu
Matcha Butter Tonkatsu
The Matcha Butter Tonkatsu is a peculiar twist even for an adventurous foodie like me.  I felt that the matcha butter wasn't spread evenly so it I could hardly taste it.

salmon cheese aburi
Salmon Cheese Aburi
The Salmon Cheese Aburi is my favorite among the new menu.

gyoza tantanmien
Gyoza Tantanmien
As opposed to the Gyoza Tantanmien which I didn't find striking enough. 

Japanese paella
Japanese Paella

Another must try is the Japanese Paella because of its rich, flavorful and creamy rice topped with my favorite Japanese seafood selections.

Last but not the least is the Black Pepper Gyudon.  Instead of the usual sweet Gyudon, this has gone on the peppery side.

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