Wai Ying Dimsum: Quick and Affordable Chinese Fastfood (EGI Taft Tower Manila)

Taft Avenue, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

I've been to Wai Ying Fastfood in Binondo before.  But, this is the first time I've tried Wai Ying Dimsum in EGI Taft Tower.

wai ying dimsum

It has a dimsum-making area upfront so you can't see the dining area until you enter EGI Taft Tower.  I'm told that they make them 3 times a day so if you're dining during that time, you might catch and watch it.

wai ying dimsum
Like most Chinese fastfood places, the ambiance is simple as it is designed for eat and go.


beef congee
Beef Congee (120 php)
As it is the rainy season, the Beef Congee is my recommendation for a warm, heart and fulfilling soul food.

lemon chicken
Lemon Chicken
My companions all loved the Lemon Chicken.  This is a great alternative to the usual sweet and sour dishes. 

curry beef brisket
Curry Beef Brisket
The Curry Beef Brisket here is different from the one in Binondo.  This is lighter and my friends liked it that way.

sweet sour pork
Sweet or Sour Pork

The Sweet or Sour Pork is as expected a hit among my friends.  I personally find it too sweet for me just like the Lemon Chicken but that's because I'm not too much of a sweet foodie.

fish fillet cream corn sauce
Fish Fillet in Cream and Corn Sauce
You can order the fish fillet with three kinds of sauce: Black Tausi, Sweet and Sour Sauce and  Cream and Corn Sauce.  Selection depends on your preference.  If you like it salty, pick Black Tausi.  If you like it sweet, pick the Sweet and Sour Sauce.  If you like it sweet and creamy, there's the Cream and Corn SauceIf you're with kids, I'd suggest this for them.


The Asado is sweet, savory and tender.  This is a classic favorite for many.

soy chicken
Soy Chicken

The Soy Chicken is my favorite at Wai Ying Dimsum especially with their special sauce.

fried rice
Fried Rice (100 php)
The Fried Rice is my little sisters favorite at Wai Ying Dimsum.  She can eat this alone and everyday.

hakaw sharks fin dumpling japanese siomai
Hakaw (80 php), Siomai (75 php), Shark's Fin Dumpling (75 php) and Japanese Siomai (80 php)
Of course, we wouldn't dine in at Wai Ying Dimsum without ordering dimsum.  My favorite is their Hakaw.  I used to visit Wai Ying Dimsum with an old friend and order Hakaw and their Beef Chongfan which is the best in the world according to my friend.  My least favorite is the Japanese Siomai which taste a bit off to me.

asado roll
Asado Roll (70 php)
hot salad roll
Hot Salad Roll (75 php)
My friends were new to the concept of the Hot Salad Roll.  If you haven't tried this, try it and you might just love it like they did.  I personally like the Seafood Roll more.

hk milk tea
HK. Milk Tea Cold (55 php)
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Wai Ying Dimsum has already gained recognition as a Chinese Fastfood favorite of Filipinos and Tsinoys alike.  I can't think of an alternative in the same league in the same area.  Can you?

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Wai Yim Dimsum Taft
Business Address Unit 101 EGI Taft Tower 2339 Taft Avenue (Beside De LaSalle University) Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 7am-2pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 150-500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 246-9069 ext:293
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