Jack's Joint Burger Shawarma Pizza: New Middle Eastern Fusion Hang Out (Jose Abad Santos Tondo Manila)

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

I'm always on the look out for share-worthy food finds.  And, its usually the budget-friendly places where I can experience satisfying cheap eats that I appreciate the most.  One of latest discovery that fits that criteria is Jack's Joint

jack joint
Jack's Joint is located along Jose Abad Santos in front of Philippine Cultural Highschool.  Thus, it is just walking distance from 168 and 999 mall. 

jack joint
Seeing the black and white motif and the font mislead me into thinking that it is an English pub.  But, it turned out to be a middle eastern joint where you can smell and watch as the meats are being grilled. 

jack joint

Like in sports bar, there is a TV turned on.  And, there's free WiFi too.  Being located near schools, residents and commercial areas, the diners are a mix bunch.

half pounder burger
Burger Half Pounder + Cheese (120 php + 15 php)
The Burger Half Pounder + Cheese is a steal deal for its price.  The burger patty looks whole but upon biting into it, we noticed that it is actually 3-layers binded into one.  Taste-wise it was pretty good.

half pounder burger
Burger Half Pounder + Cheese (120 php + 15 php)
Even the buns are soft and tasty that my friends enjoyed it.

Rice Meals
chicken steak
Chicken Steak (130 php)
The Chicken Steak is tender but a bit dry.  It was spiced just right.

chicken pirzola
Chicken Pirzola (130 php)
 This is my first time to encounter a pirzola dish so I have no clue on what it should taste like.  The Chicken Pirzola is a fragrant dish with a sweet and savory marinate like that of a barbecue.

special kebab
 Special Kebab (180 php)
The Special Kebab is well-spiced, tender and succulent.  I loved this!

shawarma rice
Shawarma Rice (95 php)
The Shawarma has a sweet blend with a light spiciness.  Since it is thinly sliced, it is very easy to chew.

shawarma pizza
Shawarma Pizza (285 php)
The Shawarma Pizza is one of their most interesting offerings.  On it own, I didn't find it appealing.  But, their yogurt sauce and hot sauce does wonders for this dish.

4 cheese pizza
4 Cheese Pizza (280 php)
The 4 Cheese Pizza is good enough considering the very affordable price.

Yogurt (50 php)
The Yogurt is sweet and tangy.  This is a great palate refresher.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
As there are hardly any Middle Eastern places in the area, I'm sure many will be happy to pay a visit at Jack's Joint Burger Shawarma Pizza.  The price is so reasonable that even students can come here frequently.

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Jack's Joint Burger Shawarma Pizza
Business Address 1300 Jose Abad Santos Avenue,Tondo, 
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 50-200
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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