Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain: My Delicious Prescription For the Soul (Fort BGC)

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

After our dinner, my little sister suggested we check out Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain which she has already tried during one of her dates.  Everyone was enthusiastic about it since we all found ice cream to be our comfort food.

farmacy ice cream soda fountain manila
It was around 9 pm on a Saturday and Farmacy had a busy buzzing crowd.  The glass windows allows you to see it's unique interiors.  

farmacy ice cream soda fountain manila
Going in, I found the space too narrow.  It had a bar-type seating by the counter and another bar-type seating by the glass windows leaving a 1 person isle in the middle.  The kitchen where I assume they make their homemade ice cream is found on the right far-end which had windows but there's really no space for you to stand and watch.  I'd advise you to visit during none peak hours so you can enjoy the ambiance which was our mistake.  My poor little sister who is a pharmacist was so excited to have her photo taken by an empty bar stool but before I can take a photo of her, she was prompted to get off the stool as it was already assigned

farmacy ice cream soda fountain manila
Space is well-utilized the shelves add to the 19th century pharmacy while extending usefulness to hold their glass wares.  Between the racks, there's a bar which is laid on top of their fridge. 

farmacy ice cream soda fountain manila
There's an ice cream bar where you can try the flavors. We didn't get to try these because we couldn't stand the tight feel and decided to wait outside till we were assigned to a table.  Being a sister company and next door neighbor of Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, it  has a similar concept of having an outdoor seating with wooden table and chairs coupled with bottled candle lights.  You can also use Wildflour's drink frequency card here so you can achieve your free 10th drink faster.

farmacy ice cream soda fountain manila
During the few seconds we were there, I noticed that you can try a small silver spoonful of the ice cream and then drop the spoon on the bottle dedicated for dirty spoons.

black forest sundae
Black Forest Sundae (280 php)
My little recommended trying their Chocolate Ice Cream which is Farmacy's best-selling flavor and she loved its bitter-sweetness.  We didn't want to settle with the plain ice cream options so we chose the Black Forest Sundae instead.  The Black Forest Sundae is a Double Chocolate Ice Cream laid on fudgy chocolate brownies topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate bits and morello cherry.  I personally found this too sweet because of the over-rich and fudgy chocolate brownies and sweet chocolate sauce.  But, my little sisters loved it.

Ice Cream Floats
very berry float
Very Berry Float (270 php)
Being in an ice cream and soda fountain shop, big brother thought it wise to order from their Ice Cream Float selection which had the best of both worlds.  He ordered the Very Berry Float which was an interesting purple concoction with Strawberry Ice Cream and Blueberry Soda.  I loved this but my siblings preferred the Black Forest Sundae over this.  The sweet and sour bubbly Blueberry Soda and the similarly sweet and sour creamy Strawberry Ice Cream were a great duo.

Brown Cow (270 php)
Having the same price as the Very Berry Float, I thought it was inequitably not worth the money to spend for the Brown Cow.  Instead of a homemade soda priced at 120 php,  you get a canned A&W Rootbeer which they priced at 65 php and their homemade Vanilla Ice Cream priced at 130 php per scoop.  This means that if you order the Very Berry Float, you're only paying a premium of 20 php and loss the waffle cone for the glass presentation.   But, with the Brown Cow, the premium is raised to 75 php for a flavor that you can blend at your very home.

Very Thick Shakes
Very Thick Shakes: Black Sesame, Coffee Almond and Pistachio (260 php)
I'm quite fond of milkshakes so I went for their Very Thick Shakes which allowed me to choose three ice cream flavors to be blended.  The server suggested a couple of famous blends by their customers like Double Chocolate, Cookie Dough and Vanilla but they seemed to common and unintriguing to me.  They had 26 homemade ice cream flavors so of course, I took the chance to be playful.  Thus, I decided to take the deviant route with a trio of Black Sesame, Coffee Almond and Pistachio.  It bore a dominant Black Sesame flavor with a detectable hint of Coffee Almond and probably super faint or barely present flavor of Pistachio.  I must say, this is a comforting blend which I'm proud to have created. The roasted Black Sesame gave a nice aromatic hint that's lightly sweetened so I was able to finish my 1 glass and half (from the silver cup) with pleasure. 

Farmacy After Dark
Tequila Sunset (320 php)
My only sister who seems to enjoy alcohol more than the rest of us tried the Tequila Sunset.  It was a great choice since even I appreciate this refreshing drink.  It had a scoop of Coconut Sorbet and Pineapple Sorbet floating atop the mixture of Ginger Ale Soda and tequila.
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Overall, I think we all enjoyed the experience of having to try Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain.  I'd recommend it as a must visit for anyone.  But, I don't think we're enticed to come back.  Their pricing, inadequate service and lack of comfort due to the cramped space doesn't seem to justify another visit. 

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Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain
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