Ramen Ichiban-Kan: Hidden Authentic Japanese Ramen House in Malate Where Japanese Expats Eat

Ramen Ichiban-Kan is the favorite Japanese Ramen House of the family.  We've been patrons of this for many years now.  In fact, if you ask them which ramen house they could visit everyday, hands down their reply would always be Ramen Ichiban-Kan.

 ramen ichiban kan
Aside from the big yellow sign, there are no other clues that will hint you to it.  But, it's actually just opposite the side of Ukkokei Ramen Ron also in Mabini Malate

ramen ichiban kan
Although quite spacious, it only houses a few wooden tables to afford its diners some privacy.  Most diners here are Japanese expects. 

ramen ichiban kan

ramen ichiban kan
Upon being seated, you will be asked for your choice of tea: hot or cold.  It will be served together with a hot wet towel.

Ala Carte
Gyoza (170 php)
The Gyoza is perfectly cooked.  It is also plump and juicy inside.  Although I usually find the ones with thinner shell more likeable, this one soothes me just fine. 

The condiment for making you Gyoza dip is also found on the side of the table.

ichiban kan ramen
Ichiban-Kan Ramen (200 php)
The Ichiban-Kan Ramen comes with the basic ingredients: naruto (fish cake), chopped negi (leeks), nori (seaweed) and menma (bamboo shoots).  As you can see, their ramen are Tokyo-style.  Their broth is light and refreshing.  They noodles are good too.  It's probably hand-pulled.  For the Ichiban-Kan Ramen, the noodles are thin and firm.

For the Miso Ramen and Shio Ramen, the noodles are flat.  You should try their Miso Ramen It's not as strong as others but very soothing.  The Shio Ramen is also as satisfying.

seafood ramen
Seafood Ramen (320 php)
The Seafood Ramen has a mellow sweet broth which my youngest sister loves very much!  Their ebi tempura is cooked excellently too from the batter to the tender shrimps within.

shrimp tendon
Shrimp Tendon (320 php)
The Shrimp Tendon is an excellent rice bowl option with a lightly sweetened sauce.

kimuchi fried rice
Kimuchi Fried Rice (230 php)
Their Kimuchi Fried Rice is by far the best one we have ever tried.  It is a must order for us in every visit!  Sometimes, we visit and take out there just for this.  This alone can bring delight to our faces.

curry set
Curry Set (300 php)

Another favorite option for me is their Curry Set which includes Curry Rice individually priced at 270 php and a Kakuni Ramen individually priced at 320 php so I think this is the best bargain from the menu.  They make use of the finest quality Japanese rice, their curry blend is superb, the kakuni ramen is similar to the Ichiban-Kan Ramen but with an extra kakuni (pork belly slice).

miso soup
Miso Soup
 All sets comes with a bowl of their delicious Miso Soup that is filled with onions.

ichiban kan bento
Ichiciban-Kan Bento (430 php)
My brother's favorite is their Ichiciban-Kan Bento which comes with Yasai Itame (mixed vegetables), Sanma Yakizakana (Grilled Pacific Saury), 2 pcs. Ebi Tempura with oshinko (pickled raddish), Rice with oshinko (picked plum with sesame) and menma.

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Ramen Ichiban-Kan is one of the best non-mainsteam authentic Ramen houses in the Metro.  Their dishes are at par with expensive Japanese hotel restaurants.  This is a must visit if you're looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience.

Update (August 22, 2015): It's their anniversary promo from August 22-25,2015 so yes we're eating there every single day. =)

Tip: They offer 50% of every year on their anniversary month. 

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Ramen Ichiban-Kan
Business Address 2101 A. Mabini St., 
Malate, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-4am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 250-600
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 524-4779
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