Ramen X: Affordable Authentic Japanese Ramen For Everyone

From the same owners of Ramen Bar and Yakitori Kitchen (see previous entry), comes Ramen X.  The first branch of Ramen X is located just beside the entrance of Trinoma Garden.  Ramen X is currently on its soft opening.  They want everything to be perfect before approaching their regular operations.  
ramen x
Being a a Philmugger for so long, this is the first event I've ever participated in.  Although its far from our place, I convinced Kurt to go with me.  Coincidentally, Kurt and I were lining up by the entrance of Trinoma Mall when we saw ailes, a co-blogger .  We also saw my Philmugger brother by the entrance of Ramen X with my sister.  We all dined together.

ramen x

ramen x

ramen x

The ambiance of Ramen X is bright, modern, spacious and fun.  We all appreciated and loved the design. 


We noticed that their Special Ramen bowls are ceramic while the Regular Ramen are plastic and black and red in color.  
shoyu ramen
Shoyu Ramen (99 php)
The Shoyu Ramen is a soy based noodle soup topped with Roast Pork, Egg, fish cake, vegetables and green onions.  It was complete in terms of ingredients.  The serving size was very generous given its price.  It was pretty tasty too.  The texture of the noodles are okay.  Kurt enjoyed this.

Special Ramen
chikuwa 7 ramen
Chikuwa 7 Ramen (129 php)
My brother and Ailes both ordered the Chikuwa 7 Ramen.  Ailes loved the Chikuwa when we dined at Yakitori Kitchen (see previous entry) so she ordered this dish.  Based on the name, the Chikuwa 7 Ramen is a soy based ramen with topped with 7 Chikuwas and green onion.  The Chikuwa 7 Ramen was the best dish among all our orders.  Aside from the soy taste, its soup had a flavorful seafood taste.  

kimchi ramen
Kimchi Ramen (129 php)
The Kimchi Ramen is soy-based noodle soup topped with Kimchi, Egg, Roast Pork, fish cake, vegetables and green onions.  The Kimchi Ramen is actually the Shoyu Ramen plus the Kimchi.  I enjoyed it!  I find it more delicious than the Shoyu Ramen because of the blending of the saltiness of soy and spiciness and sourness of the Kimchi.

oishi ramen
Oishi Ramen (129 php)
The Oishi Ramen is the most featured dish in their menu.  In addition, we all know that "Oishi" means delicious in Japanese.  Naturally, we all had high expectations for this dish.  If you notice, all the ramen we ordered is soy-based, but the Oishi Ramen is a special blend of soy and miso.  It is topped with Roast Pork, Egg, fish cakes, beef, vegetables and green onions.  The taste is more on soy than miso.  My sister did not enjoy it because she was looking for a more flavorful taste like the Chikuwa 7 Ramen.  However, my brother and I were able to appreciate its simple balanced flavor.  

Ramen Toppings
Kimchi (30 php)
The pricing for the ramen topping like the Kimchi is really good.  You can just add whatever toppings you like.  If you ask me, I think the Roast Pork (2 slices) at the 30 php is very cheap!  Since this are served in a separate plate, it is not limited to just the ramen.  You can eat the Kimchi as a side dish to your rice bowls like I did.  =)
Egg (15 php)
Rice Bowls
Gyudon (89 php)
Gyudon is my favorite Japanese rice topping.  I always order Gyudon whenever available.  The Gyudon was served with thinly sliced beef strips which made it very tender and easy to eat.  I liked that the sweetness was just right as expected from an authentic Japanese Gyudon.  However, it could use a little more helping with the sauce so it would be more proportional to the rice.  At the same time, the rice wouldn't feel so dry to eat too. 

braised pork
Braised Pork Tamago Rice (89 php)
The Braised Pork Tamago Rice is braised pork bits with egg and topped with green onions.  The pork bits were really tender that you hardly need to chew.  Unlike the Gyudon, this dish was overflowing with sauce.  However, on most parts, I found it too salty for my taste.  There was a portion where it was sweet.  But, Kurt finished enjoyed this and finished this quick too.

Too bad, they don't offer any desserts yet.  My little sister was craving for something sweet so I ordered some soft drinks but apparently no one appreciated my logic so we had to move on to another dessert place before going home.  (I'll share that soon) 


Ramen X is a pay-as-you-order restaurant.  Simply pay at the counter, get your number and wait for a few minutes for your order to be delivered at your table.  Staffs are very courteous and nice.  At an early stage, I could see that their staff are already well-trained.  
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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Ramen X offers authentic Japanese ramen at an affordable price.  I don't think you can find a ramen anywhere as cheap as the price offered at Ramen X.  Ramen X is a potential market leader among ramen places.  However, we feel that the rice bowls can still be improved.  The ramen toppings concept at Ramen X is brilliant.  It makes eating ramen not only affordable but fun and customizable.  So if ever you pass by Ramen X, don't be intimidated by its beautiful interior and think its only for those with deep pockets.  Ramen X offers affordable authentic Japanese ramen for everyone. =)

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Ramen X Trinoma Menu 

Ramen X Trinoma
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Trinoma Mall, Edsa Corner North Avenue, Quezon City
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 79-150
(02) 628-1603
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