Yakitori Kitchen: Authentic Japanese Yakitori and More (CLOSED)

I find it an odd coincidence that I've been trying out authentic Japanese cuisine lately.  Just after dining at Gyobou (see separate entry) for an authentic Japanese Yakiniku, a friend invited me to try a new yakitori place at Burgos Circle called "Yakitori Kitchen".  It is in the same area of Casa Marcos where we have eaten before. 
yakitori kitchenyakitori kitchen

The word "yakitori" literally means grilled bird.  Traditional yakitori consists of all parts of the chicken seasoned with salt and yakitori sauce.  Soon, it expanded with more offerings such as grilled seafood, pork, beef, seafood and vegetables.  The yakitori is served in bamboo skewers to preserve its aroma and flavor after being grilled with charcoal.  
yakitori bgc

Yakitori Kitchen has an ambiance similar to an authentic yakitori shop you'd find in Japan.  It has wooden tables and chairs and Japanese lanterns.  It gives a cozy laid back feeling that makes it the perfect place to hang out after work or anytime of the day when you want to drink a couple of beers that compliments their yakitori well.  

yakitori bgc

sakejapanese alcoholic beverage
They offer a wide range of imported beers and liquors that goes well with their yakitori.  

miso soup
Upon being seated, we were offered a complimentary soup.  It's a clear soup which has chicken broth.
japanese restaurant bgc
I love their table set up.  They even have this wooden holder where you can place your bamboo skewers as you eat.  

Chahan (Fried Rice) (150 php)
The Chahan is pork served with rice and leeks.  I liked that their Chahan has a mild meaty flavor but not overpowering so it compliments their yakitori selections well.  The serving size is already good two persons.

curry chahan
Curry Chahan (180 php)
Their Curry Chahan is their version of Japanese curry flavored fried rice.  It is very delicious!  If you like Japanese Curry or prefer a flavorful fried rice, then this is a more adequate choice.  Like the Chahan, this can be shared by two persons already.   

The chicken used by Yakitori Kitchen is special because it is the same type of chicken exported and used in Japan.  Their chickens are bigger and tastier so they are able to offer all parts of the chicken in their menu just like in Japan!
Momo (Chicken Leg Meat) (100 php)
The Momo is one of the best Yakitori options in their menu.  The chicken leg meat is very tender and juicy and it has the right amount of skin that adds flavor in every bite.  You certainly can't miss this out!

Kawa (Chicken Skin) (80php)
The Kawa is a must try for all chicken skin lovers out there like me!  I really admire the way there were able to prepare the chicken skin.  It was pure chicken skin so it was not oily or fatty at all.  In fact, it was surprisingly crunchy and tasty. 

Seseri (Chicken Neck Meat) (120 php) and Bonchili (Chicken Tail) (150 php)
It was my first time to try the Seseri because it was rarely offered.  Unlike other parts of the chicken, the chicken neck is made up of muscles so it gives a unique sensation by being a bit chewy.   It was very fun to eat and I love the taste too! 

Look at the size of the Bonchili!  It's larger than our ordinary local chickens right? Probably because our local chickens can never be as plump as those, I've never tried a Bonchili before.   The Bonchili was served hot of the grill so it melts into your mouth releasing its sinfully yet flavorful taste.
chicken liver
Lever (Chicken Liver) (70 php)
I have always loved chicken liver and because of that I am also very particular in the way it is cooked.  If a chicken liver is under cooked, it is disgusting to eat.  If it is overcooked, then it will be tough and dry.  The way Yakitori Kitchen cooked their Lever was perfect!  It was so soft and tender that it almost felts in your mouth unleashing its strong unique taste.  I really enjoyed this!

Jagabei (Potato wrapped with bacon) (140 php)
The Jagabei is a  good combination because the potato as a staple food is a good contrast to the flavorful bacon.  You can eat this alone even without rice.  Expect this to be a heavy stomach filler. 
shitake mushroom yakitori
Shitake (Shitake Mushroom) (150 php)
This is one of the best dishes we had!  Upon being served, its piquant aroma was teasing me to try it.  Of course, I couldn't resist and took the bait and immediately tried it.  It did not disappoint!  The Shitake was grilled with excellent timing that it was soft, juicy and savory.

chikubei yakitori
Chikubei (Chikuwa wrapped in Bacon) (120 php)
The Chikubei is probably the best dish wrapped in bacon that I have tried.  Chikuwa is a seafood roll similar to the ones used in chinese hot pot or shabu-shabu.  I really liked the pairing between the chikuwa and the bacon.  The chikuwa gave a mild natural and sweet seafood taste while the bacon gave a strong smoked meaty flavor.

Update: (As of March 1, 2012) This is now closed and replaced by Wrong Ramen.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The experience is worth it!  Try Yakitori Kitchen to experience authentic Japanese Yakitori whether with friends or with family.  Their special 
yakitori sauce is really authentic and unsweetened unlike the sweet ones we are used to.  The dishes are freshly grilled at an excellent temperature and timing.  Despite using topnotch quality ingredients, we were surprised to see that their prices are very affordable.  

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Yakitori Kitchen Menu 
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Yakitori Kitchen
Business AddressForbes Town Center, Burgos Circle
Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig Metro Manila
Business Hours 12pm-2pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 250-600