Salamanca Food Hawkers and B.A.G.A. Manila

If ever you're in the vicinity of Makati craving for something grilled, barbequed or simply looking for a fun place to hang out after a tough day at the work place, head over to Salamanca Food Hawkers at A. Venue Open Parking, Makati Avenue.

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The place is the home of B.A.G.A. Manila (Barbecuers and Grillers Association).  Aside from barbeque and grill, there are cheesesteaks, noodles and cupcakes are just some of the other choices you could.  Aside from having tons of food choices, you could also just sit back, relax and enjoy the free live entertainment or just simply shop around the various stores nearby.

Jepoy's Bibingkahan
bibingkacharcoal for bibingka

cooking bibingka
Bibingka (40 php)
Traditionally cooked Bibingkas and Puto Bumbongs.

Ogre Burger
ogre burger
Ogre Burger (99 php)
burger pattie

If you're not a burger fan don't let their name deceive you they have a lot more to offer than just burgers.
hungarian sausage wrapped in bacon
Hungarian Sausage (99 php)
pork american ribs
Pork American Ribs w/ Rice and Buttered Vegetables (165 php)

Phillymignon Cheesesteaks
philly cheesesteaks
chicken drumsticks
Chicken Drumstick (120 php) Steak Sukiyaki (120 php)
australian rib eye cheese steak
Australian Rib Eye Cheesesteak (180 php)
baby potatoes
Baby Potatoes (45 php)

If you're looking for imported quality imported meat then this is the place for you.

Shawarma (75 php)
Kebab (75 php) and Kebab w/ Rice (95 php)
shawarma salad
Shawarma Salad w/ Pita (95 php)
Middle East inspired food are available here.

Mongol Yang
stir fried beef
Stir fried beef (100 php)

filipino street food
Tenga/Isaw/Hotdog/Tofu (30 php) and Barbeque (50 php)
There's also a lot of different foods you can feast on like:



filipino food

They weren't called B.A.G.A. Manila (Barbecuers and Grillers Association) for nothing right?

bukosan miguel beer


Double Delight's Polvoron and Polvoron Cupcakes

double delights polvoron

double delights polvorondouble delights polvoron

double delights polvorondouble delights polvoron

These yummy and attractive polvoron cupcakes are the perfect pasalubong or gifts for your loved ones.

There's also some FREE live entertainment every now and then.

After a meal it's better to stand for 30 mins to avoid getting a big belly so while you're standing you could also check out some of the things these stalls can offer.

bazaarclothes bazaar

nail art design

Try visiting this place when you have the time, with its clean open aired space and wide array of foods this is definitely a great hang out spot for people who just wants to have a good time.

Since it is located in a parking lot, parking is not a problem.

philippines food hawkers

Salamanca Food Hawkers
Business AddressA. Venue Outdoor Parking Area, Makati Avenue, Makati City, Manila, Philippines
Business HoursThurs 5:00 pm-3:00 am
Payment OptionsCash
Service Charge
D'DenDar Thematic Event Organizer