Authentic Japanese Style Barbeque at Gyubou Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant

We've always been passing by Gyubou Yakinuki Japanese Restaurant for quite some time and was very curious about it so we finally decided to try it out.  Upon entering, we noticed that the interiors indicate that it has authentic Japanese influence.  There were wooden tables, round pillows to sit on, Japanese lantern being hanged and Japanese customers.  
Gyubou Yakiniku

Gyubou Yakiniku malate

malate yakiniku

japanese magazines
Aside from the dining area, there was a cashiers counter and a bar.  There were magazine stands filled with Japanese magazines which we enjoyed while waiting for our orders to be prepared.  Since its a Yakiniku Restaurant, there is a exhaust above every table.
japanese salad
Complimentary Salad
After they took our orders, we were given a complimentary bowl of salad.  Although it was simple, it was delicious and went well with the other dishes.  Then, a big steel pot filled with charcoal was brought to the table.  It was new experience for me since I'm used to the casual-looking stove. 
charcoal yakiniku

yakiniku grill

chicken yakiniku

us jo karubi
US Jo Karubi (450 php) *Picture is for two orders
The US Jo Karubi is a beautifully marbled meat.  The marbling in the meat is caused by intramascular fat.  The fats add tenderness, juiciness and flavor in the meat.  I really enjoyed this because it was so soft and tasty in every bite.

us jo rouse
US Jo Rouse (450 php)
My mom and sisters preferred the US Jo Rouse.  Unlike me, they prefer their meat to be lean.  The meat is also tender even without the marbling fats.

wagyu liver yaki
Wagyu Liver Yaki (450 php)
The Wagyu Liver Yaki is the best dish that we ordered.  All the beef liver I have encountered before are hard and dry.  But, the Wagyu Liver Yaki was so tender that it almost melts in your mouth.  Aside from that, it was also rich in flavor.  I will definitely order this again on my next visit.

chicken yaki
Chicken Yaki (150 php) *Picture is for two orders
The Chicken Yaki is okay but nothing special.  It was tougher, dry and less tasty compared to our other orders because it was white chicken meat.  It is the healthier option though.

japanese egg soup
Egg Soup (200 php)
I loved the Egg Soup.  It was light yet delicious.  It tasted like broth with egg, onions, sesame seeds, carrots and green onion.

Japan Fish
japan hokke hiraki
Japan Hokke Hiraki (280 php)
Whenever we go to a Japanese Restaurant, we always order the Japan Sanma.  But, we noticed that Gyobou Yakiniku Restaurant has other alternative choices to offer so we tried the Japan Hokke Hiraki instead.  The Japan Hokke Hiraki was worth the gamble.  It was soft, juicy and also tasty in its own special way.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict

Overall, we loved every dish!  The service is great too.  The dishes are a bit expensive but that's because you're getting quality food.  I've tried eating at other Japanese style grilled barbecue places before but I was never this satisfied.  I always ended up eating less because of the oiliness of the fats.  At Gyubou Yakinuki Japanese Restaurant,  I assure you that you won't feel any of that.

gyubou point card
Oh! They also have a rebate type of promotion.  Upon paying for our bill, we were given our very own point card.

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Gyubou Yakiniku Restaurant
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