Gavino's Japanese Donuts and More vs Mister Donut Cafe: Pon De Ring Battle

Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines

Don't we just love to compare?  So I just thought of adding a new category of comparative review which I will tag as "Battle".

pon de ring battle
I hope you like this style inspired by my favorite childhood fighting game. *Sorry I won't hint it out haha!  My ahia (older brother) and I used to play this a lot as our bonding activity.  Back then combos, we're really simple because controllers had few buttons.  And yet, I was so young and mukulit that ahia gets frustrated when I randomly pressed all the buttons just to make those combos.  I was like that for years before beginning to discover and memorize a couple of moves.  (Believe it or not, walk through and cheat guides then was rare)

I just love Pon De Rings.  In case you haven't seen, heard or tried one yet, they are Japanese style donut.  It's a hybrid of a donut and a mochi so it delivers a whole new experience.  There are currently two competing brands in the Metro.

So let the Pon De Ring Battle between Gavino's Japanese Donuts & More and Mister Donut Cafe Begin!

mister donut pon de ring
Mister Donut Cafe Pon De Ring
The packaging is the same as that of a typical donut.  It is pretty good in keeping the Mister Donut Cafe Pon De Ring intact even after transport.

mister donut pon de ring
Mister Donut Cafe Pon De Ring: Sugar-Raised, Pistachio, Sanserival, Peanut Butter, Whitee Almonds and Glazed) (clockwise from top left)

In terms of flavors, Mister Donut Cafe Pon De Ring can be divided into two categories: Classic and Premium.

For Classic flavors there are: Glazed and Sugar-Raised .

While the Premium flavors include: White Almonds, Sans Rival, Cheese, Wafer Flakes, All Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Gummy Bears, Candy Stars, Double Dutch, Rocky Road, Pistachio, Peanut Butter, Honey Sunflower, Cookies and Cream, and All Chocolate.  My personal favorite is the Pistachio.

The flavors of the Mister Donut Cafe Pon De Ring whether Classic or Premium are without fillings and only have coating on top and toppings like caramel, nuts and candies.  What's nice about the coatings and toppings is that they are light and not too sweet.  However, in terms of texture, its not very chewy.  In fact, the texture is almost not distinct from the ordinary donut.

gavinos pon de ring
Gavino's Pon De Ring
Gavino's box is also carton made just like Mister Donut's.

Gavino's Pon De Ring: Cinnamon Sugar, Green Tea Glazed, Red Velvet Pistachio, Green Tea Cheesecake, Triple Chocolate and Choco Almond (clockwise from top left)

gavinos pon de ring
Gavino's Pon De Ring: Mint N' Chips, Green Tea Cheese Cake and Green Tea Glazed (clockwise from top left)
Like Mister Donut, Gavino's have two types of Pon De Ring: Regular and Premium.

The Regular flavors are: Sugar Raised, Glazed, Choco Glazed, Green Tea Glazed, Choco Sprinkle, Strawberry Sprinkle, Vanilla Sprinkle, Nutty Choco, Cinnamon Sugar and Choco Crunch.

For the Premium flavors they have: Red Velvet Pistachio, Choco Almond, Ensaymada, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Gummy, M&M's, Triple Chocolate, Green Tea Cheesecake and Mint N' Chips (Christmas special).

Unlike Mister Donut, Gavino's Pon De Ring whether Regular or Premium have creamy fillings inside.  The texture is soft, sticky and chewy even after long and even after a day.  The chewiness is really similar to a mochi.  My personal favorite is the Green Tea Cheese Cake.

Gavino's Japanese Donuts & More            Mister Donut Cafe


For Mister Donut Cafe the price for the single Classic is 29 php and Premium is 39 php.  That is exactly the same with Gavino's.  For Gavino's, the single Regular is 29 php and Premium is 39 php.

For Mister Donut Cafe the price for the half dozen Classic is 160 php and Premium is 220 php.  While for Gavino's, the half dozen Regular is 162 php and Premium is 222 php.  Gavino's is just 2 php higher which is an immaterial amount.

For Mister Donut Cafe the price for a dozen Classic is 300 php and Premium is 220 php.  That is the same as Gavino's once again.  For Gavino's, a dozen Regular is 300 php and Premium is 420 php. 

While the pricing may seem similar, in truth, Mister Donut is more expensive because it only has two items for Classics and the rest are the more expensively priced Premiums.  On the other hand, most of Gavino's items are Regulars and they even have a delicious and rich filling inside their Pon De Rings which is of course, more expensive than the air and dough of Mister Donut's Pon De Rings.

Gavino's Japanese Donuts & More          Mister Donut Cafe

Other Considerations
Gavino's Japanese Donuts & More have more branches which makes it more accessible.  Most of its branches are only food stalls.  But, seating is available for its Greenhills Town Center branch.  While Mister Donut Cafe only has one branch.  But, Mister Donut Cafe offers a typical cafe ambiance with WiFi and it's open 24 hours a day.

Tsinoy Food Battle Winner

Before I announce the winner, I just want to share how much of a game geek I was...  When we were young, our mom never let's us in any store with kitchen products fearing we might break stuff so she always leaves us with our yayas to play arcade games.  Ahia would always go for the fighting games.  (They are the same ones we have at home but he says he likes the buttons and joystick better.  I never understood why.) On the other hand, I preferred shooting and racing games.  Because the "Shoot the Duck" and "Grand Prix: F-1 Race" was of course lame compared to the games in the arcade.  I was always delighted to put my own "AAA" on the top score lol =))

And... The winner of the Pon De Ring Battle is Gavino's Japanese Donuts & More!

Store Name Gavino's Japanese Donuts & More Mister Donut Cafe
Branches Greenhills Town Center
Unit 5 Greenhills Town Center
#2 Granada St., Brgy. Valencia,
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Unimart Greenhills 
Landmark Makati
Robinsons Magnolia Food Court
Robinson's Galleria
Lucky Chinatown Mall  
Banawe Quezon City
Il terrazo 
Robinsons Place Manila
Market! Market!
SM Megamall
SM Southmall
Rustan's Fresh Katipunan
SM BF Homes Paranaque
Alabang Town Center 
SM Fairview 
SM Clark  
Greenhills Arcade
N. Western Street cor. Service Rd.
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills,
San Juan, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10 am- 9pm (mall hours) 24 hours
Payment Options Cash   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 29-420 29-420
Free WiFi No Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None None
Contact (02) 477-9275 (02) 570-9773
Other  Facebook Fan Page Facebook Fan Page
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