Cafe by the Ruins: Dinner by the Rustic Ruins

During our previous Baguio vacations, we have have missed the chance to dine at Cafe by the Ruins.  So last summer, we decided to stop by Cafe by the Ruins for dinner. 

cafe by the ruinscafe by the ruins
Since we visited during the Holy Week, which is a peak season, the parking slots were full.  It's a good thing that they had more parking spaces outside. 

They had a store upfront selling pastries, jams and juices for those who only want to buy as pasalubong or take home treat.  You'll have to pass by it to go to their restaurant area.

cafe by the ruins

cafe by the ruins

As we reached the entrance, the staff welcomed us and ushered us to our table.  The place was so beautiful and romantic that I could not help but look around.

cafe by the ruins
As I observed the place, I begun to understand why it was called "Cafe by the Ruins".  All over the restaurant, you can visibly see the parts where ruins still lie.  The ruins are damaged with bullet holes but are still sturdy and stable.

cafe by the ruins bread

We sat near the counter where we could smell the fragrant fresh-baked pastries.  I also watched as the servers scrambled to cater to the huge demand of rushing customers.  While waiting, we bought some breads for us to bring home.

cafe by the ruins
The cafe is surprisingly very spacious.  The structure is mostly made of wood with artistic lighting hanged on its wooden foundations.   There were also photos plastered on its wooden walls.

cafe by the ruins
Origamis are also used as decorations.  Atop each wooden table is a napkin holder and some flowers.  

cafe by the ruins
The place was not only artsy, it was also attuned to nature which gave it a serene feel.

cafe by the ruins
As we sat, we all had the menu placed on each of our wooden place mats.


Breads and Spreads
ernies kamote herb cheese
♥ Ernie's Kamote with Herb Cheese (80 php)
We couldn't resist the tempting scent surrounding usso we ordered Ernie's Kamote with Herb Cheese.  It was served warm so the flavors and fragrant was delightful.  We enjoyed its soft and moist texture. 

We bought one of this and the Malunggay Bread for my family.  To my surprise, they were not able to appreciate as much as we did.

Ensaymada (80 php)
The Ensaymada for me was good but not proportionate to its price.  I personally perfer Mary Grace's compared to this.  

kalabasa puree
♥ Kalabasa Puree (100 php)
The Kalabasa Puree was thick and sweet just the way I liked it.  It is topped with garlic croutons which is a great complement.

baguio bounty salad
♥ Baguio Bounty Salad (285 php)
The Baguio Bounty Salad came in one of the most beautiful salad plating I have ever seen.  For the price, I'm amazed with their generosity in terms of ingredients. It had shrimps, poached chicken, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, bananas, mangoes, alfalfa and water crest.   Everything is so fresh and just perfect with the strawberry vinaigrette dressing.  I highly recommend this!

Specialties of the House
Pinikpikan (280 php)
Since we've tried Pinikpikan in Tam-awan Cafe before, we ordered their version of the Pinikpikan just to compare.  The chicken meat here is not as dark as the previous we've tried but it was more flavorful because it had some greens and ginger. It also had the etag (salted pork).  

chicken palawan
Chicken Palawan (280 php)
The Chicken Palawan was recommended by our server so we took his advise.  It is chicken braised in coconut cream with basil and long chili.  If you're fond of coconut cream, then you're sure to love this dish.  Fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt happily finished this dish on his own. It was full of flavor and the chicken meat was tender and succulent.

sinangag rice
Sinangag Rice
Their Sinangag Rice is also as presentable as the rest.  

traditional strawberry shortcake
♥ Traditional Strawberry Shortcake (200 php)
My favorite part of the meal is always the dessert so I was quite excited to see the Traditional Strawberry Shortcake when served.  It had sliced strawberries held by chilled cream and layers of short bread in strawberry syrup.  It was simply delicious.  To be honest, it had more cream than short bread but we loved it that way!

Liquid Refreshments
fresh lassi
♥ Fresh Lassi (120 php)
The Fresh Lassi is carabao yogurt blended with strawberry (my choice of fruit) with salt and pepper.  This is the first time I've tried carabao yogurt and I think I'll have it more often when available.  It is richer than the usual.  
pandan lemon grass iced tea
Pandan-Lemon Grass Iced Tea (80 php)
The Pandan-Lemon Grass Iced Tea is a refreshing beverage.  It is served with honey so you could add some sweetness to it according to your preference.  

aqua fresca de jamaica
♥ Aqua Fresca de Jamaica (100 php)
We ordered the Aqua Fresca de Jamaica out of curiosity.  We were told that it was an extract from a flower that combats high blood pressure, reduces cholesterol levels and is rich in vitamin C.  It came in a glass with a frothy top.  It tasted a bit tarty similar to citrus fruits like pomegrate without the bitterness.  It was a cool refresher and a must try if you're up to trying out new things.  

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Cafe by the Ruins offers a one of a kind ambiance which is rustic and artsy.  I love everything about the place especially its lighting and native decor.  It's a must stop and an excellent choice for a romantic dinner.  The food is a bit pricey but the quality is pretty good plus you get an awesome ambiance.

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