Big Kahuna Bar and Restaurant: Lunch by the Surfing Beach of San Juan La Union

We initially intended to go Do-It-Yourself and Backpackers Style just for a little adventure during our North Trip but since my local relatives invited us, we couldn't refuse and decided to join them on our last days.  My aunts and uncles brought us to Kahuna Breach Resort and Spa  for a lunch at Big Kahuna Bar and Restaurant in San Juan, La Union.  

big kahuna bar and restaurant
Since it is a beach resort and spa, it had a wide parking area. 

big kahuna bar and restaurant
Although it was a hot summer day during our visit, walking from the parking area to Big Kahuna Bar and Restaurant offered a beautiful scenic view which got me skeptic. 

big kahuna bar and restaurant
We were approached by the staff who led us to our table.  We passed by a cafe bar which served hot drinks.  

big kahuna bar and restaurant
They have another bar for coffee and liquor.  

big kahuna bar and restaurant
It also had an LCD TV, a billiard table and a view of the swimming pool which is exclusive for their resort guests.

big kahuna bar and restaurant
Finally, we reached our table with a perfect view of the beach.  After they took our orders, we didn't mind gazing into the sea watching surfers have some fun.

big kahuna bar and restaurant
Big Kahuna Bar and Restaurant had a route towards the beach passing by their open kitchen.


Tapas Menu/Appetizers
♥ Calamari (275 php)
For starters, we got the Calamari.  It was a Calamari deep-fried in golden brown crispy batter and drizzled with parmesan and slices of red bell pepper.  It was served their spicy aioli dip.  We, Tsinoy Foodies, loved this dish very much.  We couldn't stop munching on these until the platter was wiped clean.  


kahuna clubhouse
Kahuna Clubhouse (275 php)
The Kahuna Clubhouse is their version of the famous clubhouse sandwich.  It is a double-decker sandwich with bacon and grilled chicken breast marinated in herb and spices with fresh green lettuce, mayonnaise  tomatoes in between whole wheat toasts.  It was also served which french fries which fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt devoured on.

Everyday Combo Meals
everyday combo meals
Combo 3 (good for 4-6 person) (1,200 php)
We decided to try their Combo 3 which was good for sharing.  Combo 3 has an eggplant salad, grilled bangus, grilled squid, pork barbecue, tuna ceviche, chicken inasal and rice served on a native bamboo platter.  I would not recommend ordering this.  Everything was just so-so.  The pork barbecue and the chicken inasal was a bit overcooked and dried.  Quite frankly, we preferred my local uncle's household home-cooking compared to this. 

blue marlin
♥ Blue Marlin (In Season) (350 php)
The grilled Blue Marlin fillet is served with your choice of mashed potato, rice or french fries and buttered vegetables.  We opted for mashed potato.  The Blue Marlin is tender and succulent.  Compared to our last grill dish this was a way better.  

buko juice
Fresh Buko Juice (75 php)
We all had the Fresh Buko Juice which is on our opinion, the best refresher from the sizzling hot weather.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Big Kahuna Bar and Restaurant offers a nice ambiance with a beautiful beach view.  But, I find the hefty price not worth spending for the food quality.  We were so glad that we didn't pay for the food otherwise this would have been a regrettable expense that will tremendously affect our humble backpackers budget.  On the other hand, if you prefer to dine and relax without minding the price, this is a good choice.  This is my aunt's favorite restaurant in La Union.

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Big Kahuna Bar and Restaurant
Business Address National Highway Brgy. Urbiztondo,
San Juan, La Union, Philippines
Business Hours 8am-4am
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge 5%
Budget/Person 250-600
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (72) 607-1040
Other  Website
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