The Sandwich Guy: Affordable Sandwiches, Pasta and More

I rarely have the time to go out and catch up with old friends.  As a foodie, the only way I know how to hang out is to eat out.  But, things turned out to be much more challenging since my dear friend turned out to be a health-conscious one.  Lucky for us, there's The Sandwich Guy at SM North Edsa.

the sandwich guy
The Sandwich Guy is a kiosk type booth at the center of the 3rd level at The Block.  It adopted a green and orange theme with hexagon shapes from tables, chairs and even their products.

the sandwich guy
Their booths are cute and cozy.  It's not only ideal for a casual meal but its also great for a short chit chat with your companion.


All Time Favorites
the sandwich guy tsg bigtime
TSG Bigtime (150 php)
I decided to trust the public opinion and go for the TSG Bigtime under their All Time Favorites section.  It also seemed like the grandest choice among their selections.  The sandwich was properly wrapped it their special wax paper when served.  Since I was sharing it with my friend, I had it cut into halves.  The TSG Bigtime, like all their sandwiches, had a hexagon shape.  This led me to conclude that their wheat breads are custom made since you can't find those anywhere else.  Wheat bread is rich in fiber which absorbs cholesterol and promotes a healthy digestive system.  The bread had grill marks similar to a panini.

the sandwich guy tsg bigtime
TSG Bigtime (150 php)
The TSG Bigtime is a double-layered sandwich.  The top layer had lettuces, cucumbers, roast beef and cheese sauce.  While the second layer had cucumbers, bacon, ham, mayonnaise and cheese.  As the name implies, this is a huge sandwich that is sure to satisfy you hunger.  Not only is it loaded with ingredients, it is also bountiful in terms of flavor.  The organic vegetables were fresh and crunchy.  My friend who is fond of the cheese sauce enjoyed this sandwich and finished it way before I did.    

seafood pesto
Seafood Pesto (80 php)
The pasta seemed really affordable so we tried the Seafood Pesto.   It's a peso pasta with crab sticks, tuna and slices of cheese.  It is served in a plastic container which makes it ready for take out.  The serving size is quite generous for the price.  The taste is just right too.  

cheesy bacon potato
Cheesy Bacon Potato (95 php)
The Cheesy Bacon Potato is a bowlful baby potatoes drenched in cheese sauce and topped with bacon bits.  If you love cheese sauce, you'll surely enjoy this dish.  However, I felt that we made a mistake in ordering this because our sandwich already had cheese sauce and it became too monotonous for our taste.  So perhaps, its better to choose a side dish with a different ingredient next time.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The Sandwich Guy offers affordable sandwiches, pasta and other dishes that makes it competitive against fast food chains.  Their concept is nice because only a few establishments are focused on healthy meals.  This is perfect for those who are on a diet too since one whole wheat bread has only 65 calories as compared to one cup of rice which has 205 calories.  And, since they have a wide selection of sandwiches, you can choose the one that will fit your diet plan.  

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The Sandwich Guy SM North The Block
Business Address 3rd Level, The Block, SM City North EDSA
North Avenue corner EDSA
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 70-200
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Contact (02) 571-3628
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